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Golenrod Self Balancing Scooter office, is full of years of thick dust. Suddenly, his hand stopped, his eyes suddenly stared. Immediately, he removed from the top of a long strip of objects. This thing wrapped in newspapers, both ends wrapped with a yellow tape, the same coverage with a layer of thick gray. Wei Jiong picked up it shook, a large group of dust Pu Susu to fall. Newspapers on the font is also exposed, is October 29, 1992, People s Daily. Newspapers have been yellowed, brittle, a little pulled on the broken open. Some dark brown things appear in the newspaper below, feels the metal cold and hard feeling. Wei Jiong breathing rapidly, he torn off the newspaper, that thing finally show the whole picture. Is a hand saw. Du into a good car, the pace hurried across the road, looked up at the front of the shop signs LeoCafe. He turned around the sidewalk and Arkansas self balancing scooter headed for the entrance. Just two steps, he saw the other side of the floor of the glass window Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua sitting at the table, in front of a cup of coffee did not move. His hand sandwiched golenrod self balancing scooter cigarettes, soot has been burning a long length, falling on the table at hand. He seems unaware of this, just stare at the cup of hot smoke, the whole.He he s behind you Shut up The man knew not good, his face Florida self balancing scooter has become hold up the liver color, left hand is still trying to catch the girl s hand. Girls have no fear to be added, she watched Lin Guodong standing in the window, condescending to look at the man still working hard, high in the hands of the knife wielded. A dazzling coldness, the man s body suddenly down the meal. Immediately, his eyes widened, the face of the muscles violently shaking up. Let go ah The girl finally shouted out, You quickly let go That s the second option. But he can not. The man looked straight golenrod self balancing scooter at the girl, the face has begun to distort. He moved his left hand, moved to the girl s right wrist, tightly hold. Is a coldness. The sound of the chipping of the tip to the bone is particularly clear in the night sky. Lin Guodong see only piercing the golenrod self balancing scooter half of the knife, it seems very dissatisfied with their own. He tried to pull out the knife, however, was broken bone stuck knife is difficult to shake. He thought, holding down the handle with both hands, forced Idaho self balancing scooter down to pressure. Each pressure move once, the man s body will tremble. He maintained the original position, with both hands to the girl s wrist fir.

ing home will organize the old people stay in the dinner party, the Chinese New Year bell ringing when there will be dumplings to eat. However, according to the old personality, is not Minato this lively. At this moment, he will probably be a person sitting in the room alone, and slowly eat their own hand made dinner. Thought of this, Wei Jiong feel a little sad. Filled with coffee table in front of the snacks, fruits and drinks, so he gave birth to a trace of faint uneasiness. At eleven o clock in the evening, parents began to prepare golenrod self balancing scooter dumplings. And noodles, golenrod self balancing scooter mix stuffing, while busy, did golenrod self balancing scooter not forget to throw a new underwear Wei Jiong, so he quickly put on. Wei Jiong look at his mother a red shirt pants, secretly funny Mom you pretty lust. Benming years. Mother hands covered with flour, said with a smile, Figure auspicious. Benming forty eight years You a brats, even your mother do not know how old age Mom picked up the rolling pin, as if to beat him, Hem, not old, right Wei Jiong grinned to hide in the bedroom, put on a new shirt, his mind was gone cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter God. Remember correctly, the old discipline this year, 60 years old, is Benming years. Twinkling of an eye to the midnight, steaming du.ying on the desktop of a stack of information, see them come in, put the line of sight in the past. how is it Of course there are found. Yue Xiaohui hands of the paper bag, there is a perfume and butterfly lady is very similar may be topaz used. So, at least three victims have had the day of the incident paint the perfume. Ji Qiankun looked very excited, Li Lihua went to the mall that night, probably also bought a perfume at least tried. Du into the golenrod self balancing scooter interest to come up with two perfume bottles from the bag, open golenrod self balancing scooter the bottle, scrape together in the past smell, then even hit two sneeze. Yue Xiaohui was amused. She grabbed the hands of Du perfume pink self balancing scooter bottles, raised his arm. With the two Qing Xiang, a burst of fine hair as the fog slowly fall in the air. Everyone instantly was suddenly rising into the sky surrounded by the aroma. No one to speak, it seems that all the taste in the taste beige self balancing scooter of the diffuse in the whole body. Moment, Du into the suction nose, opening said very good smell, ah, really damn not sure why someone will kill because of this. Wei Jiong see Ji Qiankun. The old man sitting motionless in a wheelchair, his hands holding the stainless steel handrail, head slightly low, eyes h.e, make him feel more and more anxious. Under the fury, to kill heart Dunqi. Lin Guodong s hand touched the girl s hair, then firmly on hold, forced to gear best self balancing scooter pull down. The girl s head was pulled to the side, exposing the white long and tall neck. Well, even if the blood spewing, this is an attractive body, fully able to meet their own. Lin Guodong raised his sword Suddenly, the ear came a roar, distant but clear. stop Lin Guodong hand stopped in mid air, subconsciously turned his head to the stairs looked. However, there is no shadows, only to hear the heavy footsteps and splash, splash, the regular impact. Lin Guodong and the girls are shocked. A few seconds later, a thin figure appeared in the entrance of the 7th floor. In the weak light, can see that he is a boy in his early twenties, half rickets the body, the hands still dragging a steel bar. Lin Guodong boy s voice mixed with intense breathing, intermittent, You you let go of her Boys step forward, in the hands of the steel drag on the ground, a block of reinforced concrete block self balancing scooter news and the ground issued rustling friction sound. Let her go Lin Guodong suddenly puzzled how do I know my name The boy went one step clo.

Golenrod Self Balancing Scooter s face becomes pale. You what are you doing Go forward Lin Guodong pushed the girl, Do not shout, or I kill you Girl looked at the sharp knife, there is no resistance, turned forward. Lin Guodong grabbed the left arm of the girl, the knife golenrod self balancing scooter top in the girl s waist, while observing the movement around, while holding the girl walked to that building. Girl quietly remove the chest cell phone within the grid, open the WeChat interface. Wei Jiong standing under the car, quickly in the midnightblue self balancing scooter 249 bus inside the patrol. Passengers are also on the look of anxious boy curious, have turned to him to seek the advice of the eyes. However, no face is Wei Jiong want to see. The bus leaves the station. Wei Jiong jump on the roadside waiting for a taxi, the driver said continue to open, chasing the next one. Taxi speeding away. Wei Jiong has dialed the phone golenrod self balancing scooter into the Du. As soon as the phone was connected, he asked, Where is she Black Mountain Road and Matsuyama Road between, I m coming, Zhang Zhenliang will bring the equipment to. Du into the voice of the impatient, We can certainly find her, where you are not allowed to go, and so I news I have come out, she and Lin Guodong just in the 249 ro.d the door. Who An impatient voice spread out. The young policeman opened the door and carefully tapped into his head. Too low room temperature immediately made his body from a layer of goose bumps, at the same time, the kind of fear of the taste of straight jump nostrils. Colts. He tried not to see the green white corpse on the dissecting table, and the throat became dry. First put the conference room. Ma Jian waved, We wait a while and then in the past. The young policeman hurriedly agreed to quickly close the door and leave. Ma Jian turned, his hands on his hips, staring at the autopsy dead body. The corner of the cabinet type air conditioning machine whirring to turn, a large group of golenrod self balancing scooter white vents emerge at the outlet. Indoor temperature is very low, Ma Jian s forehead is covered with fine sweat, the body of the blue black striped short sleeved shirt is golenrod self balancing scooter also sweat more than half. Du standing in his opposite, his hands around his chest, his face livid, frowning. Forensic squatting on the ground, from the body bag carry out a human leg, before golenrod self balancing scooter and after a lot, on the dissection stage. For the 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 time being, we can only make it this way. He took a step back and took off his mask. This.

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