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Gray Self Balancing Scooter nd looked at his father s eyes, I took my mother had What do you say Luo Shao hua from the shock to the gas, then happy, You put your father when someone Luo darkcyan self balancing scooter Ying did not laugh What lightseagreen self balancing scooter self balancing scooter suppliers are you doing in the end Luo Shaohua mouth smile gradually converge You do not ask. Daughter frowned, staring at Luo Shaohua, his face did not ask do not give up the expression does not give up. The fucking child s stubbornness is quite like me. At work, Luo Shaohua lightsalmon self balancing scooter whispered, there is something to be found. What happened Luo Ying immediately asked, You are not retired yet The daughter of Buyiburao appearance suddenly irritated Luo Shaohua. He was about to attack, he heard the bedroom door creak open. Grandson to Chunhui rubbed his eyes came out. Grandpa. He first called with Luo Shaohua, then for Luo Ying, Mom, eat in the morning Luo Ying looked Luo Shaohua, without a word into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Luo Shaohua reluctantly sighed, feeling the temple in hop hop. The whole family had breakfast, Luo Ying ready to send their children to school. She took the car keys in his gray self balancing scooter hand, standing in the hall looking at Luo Shaohua. The pair looked at for a few seconds, Luo Shaohua removed his eye.collar, dragged him to the display cabinet before. Look at these, what s this Duan pointed at the trophies and the certificate, This is the brothers who fight back with blood and sweat, in exchange for life Suddenly, he picked up a trophy, fell heavily on the ground, gold Guangcan Can cups suddenly torn apart. Do not now, is not it Duan Hongqing Du Cheng roared, all the honors, are not, is self balancing scooter china not it Immediately, he pulled the next certificate, raising his hand to tear. Zhang Zhen seeing, hurriedly rushed to stop him, the piece has been ripped off a corner of the certificate grabbed down. Duan Hongqing more anger is not extinction, a pushed Zhang Zhenliang, raised a finger pointing to Du Cheng, trembling fingertips, but could not speak. A long while, he was biting his teeth openings, tone has been with a trace of pleading. When the police for so many years, the hail of bullets through the blood in the mud rolling, finally landing safely Duan gray self balancing scooter Hongqing look back to see Ma Jian. Former Deputy Secretary look sadly, turned away. Doudou, I beg you. Duan Hongqing to face again, This matter, can gray self balancing scooter not forget it No Du suddenly raised his head, eyes wide open, then to check this case, I die.

contrast. Luo Shaohua from the table Duanqi a glass of water, Gulp Gulp drink, Laodeng said little hope, dead bodies are densely populated, his mother destroyed early. The policemen who had just come together silently dispersed. Luo Shaohua look at the map on the wall, asked Du into What are you doing Du into patience, just to explain a few words, I heard the desk phone rang. A policewoman picked up the microphone, said the phrase Hello , the other party that came after, put the self balancing scooter manufacturer microphone handed Du into. sister in law. Du frowned, took the phone. what s up At work The wife s voice was timid, Excuse me gray self balancing scooter Quickly say gray self balancing scooter something, busy. I m sorry is so bright fever, I just took him back from school, you Fever, how many degrees Du quickly sat up straight body, When the thing This morning, just measured the body temperature, 38.5. His wife is clearly trying to restrain their own tension, Do you come back to the trip, the doctor said, if burned, you have to go to the hospital. My side Du hesitated a moment, turned around to see Ma Jian. Ma Jian look helpless, however, or waved his hand Go back, come back tomorrow. Ducheng held his gray self balancing scooter hand to apologize, gray self balancing scooter and said to gray self balancing scooter the r.you money. Ji Qiankun back by sitting in a wheelchair, his hands crossed, meaningfully watching Zhang Haisheng, You do not worry, fast. Moreover, you should be able to guess what I want to do At that time, gray self balancing scooter you do not say, I do not say, no proof of death, who take no way you. Dead without a permit, the four words did not let Zhang Haisheng have the slightest sad expression, on the contrary, but some relief. He stood in thought. I m leaving. Ji Qiankun is the demolition of a roll of wire, without looking up to ah a cry. That, transportation and meals Ji Qiankun pocket money out of three hundred dollars thrown in the past three days of the cost, first with. Zhang Haisheng pick up the money, stuffed into his pocket, turned to the door, hear gray self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun and stopped him. Listen, said Ji Qiankun, taking off his glasses, his eyes shining. He only needs to go out, dress, dress, and belongings, and report to me understand Zhang Haisheng suddenly feel inexplicable flustered. He nodded casually, hastily opened the door, went out. Wei Jiong went to the yard of the nursing home, back to see Ji Qiankun room windows, thick cloth curtains close together, completely do not see the indoor situ.aving cream, she gently according to Ji Qiankun cheek, cadetblue self balancing scooter starting from the upper lip beard blowing. Girls focus on the face in close proximity, hot and humid breath in his face. Ji Qiankun close your eyes, quietly feeling the beard blade cut beard. The old discipline. Ok If Lin Guodong in front of you, how would you do just now Correct. Ji Qiankun did not answer, the body is gradually tightening up. Yue Xiaohui to proceed on the action, scrape the beard, the blade moved to his cheeks. The razor went where he could feel the muscles of the old man s face slightly raised his teeth. I ll gray self balancing scooter kill him. Razor in Ji Qian Kun s pause on the pause for a second, they continue to walk slowly. why Why do not I get revenge Said Ji, turning his eyes open and his fists clenched. He killed my wife with such cruel means, and ruined my whole life. You do not move, I will hurt you. Yue Xiaohui hold him, I m sorry, I asked such a question. Ji Kun kun slightly relaxed a bit Never mind, these days, I also think about it. Oh Twenty years, Du Cheng can not collect enough evidence. Ji Qiankun s voice low, then become high spirited, I will not just forget it. If you kill him, you ll go to jail. Ji Qiankun s cheek.

Gray Self Balancing Scooter ng. Lin Guodong is still a leisurely look askew, slowly Guangzhao. Luo Shaohua far from him, relying on the column, counter and other customers conceal themselves. More than an hour later, he gradually lost patience, began to doubt whether his follow up is necessary. Now Lin Guodong really like a long illness of the elderly, gentle, clumsy, weak, in others have been harmless, and even look a little pathetic. Poor When these four words appear in the Luo Shaohua s mind, he immediately reminded himself to keep alert. Do not be blinded, never again. Because, no longer twenty three years time to remedy, to repay. Luo gray self balancing scooter Shaohua playing spirit, from a large poster stuck his head out, his eyes immediately widened. Lin Guodong was gone. Cold sweat immediately covered his forehead. Luo Shaohua walked out from the poster, looked around. At the moment, he is located in the second floor of the two rows of shops, are all around the brand women. He remembers bisque darkgray self balancing scooter Lin Guodong last floralwhite self balancing scooter place is the front of the right side of the Amathshi women s clothing store, rushed into the shop, but not the other side of the silhouette, only a few stores are selected windbreaker and trousers woman. woman. Mother, woman. No.ables, put a full half living room. Du finally recoiled Why You fucking to open supermarkets in my house ah Duan Hongqing carefully bypassed a bag of fruit, handed him a cigarette, Spring Festival benefits. Du knew well, in accordance with established practice, holidays, the Council at most, or barrels of soybean oil fat pounds. These two years expressly prohibit state organs to issue welfare in various self balancing scooter price names, last year s Spring Festival did not send a calendar. This room full of things, it is estimated that Duan Hongqing and Zhang Zhenliang their own pocket of the results. Redundant. Although my heart is hot, the mouth is still very hard, I am a person, how much to eat how much to drink Duan Hongqing Hey laugh, did not pay attention to him. Master, where is this Zhang Zhenliang from the kitchen holding a big fish, the refrigerator does not fit. The balcony, Du turned up his sleeves and walked to the kitchen, put the window below. Boil water, tea. Greeting colleagues to sit down and rest. A cup of hot tea, Du Hongqing looked into the Du looked at the color is also good, recently busy with what Go east and west. gray self balancing scooter Du into words vague, did not do business. Duan Hongqing stared at him fo.

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