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Honeydew Self Balancing Scooter w Ducheng suddenly raised the tone, I paid the price for this case, not a little less than you Ji Qiankun some surprised to raise his head, stared at Du Cheng. In short, even if we now know the identity of the murderer, this is still honeydew self balancing scooter not the end, I want him to court, let him accept the legal sanctions, rather than lynch execution. He re faced Ji Qiankun, serious expression mediumturquoise self balancing scooter So, you must not mess things up to finish the case, is my last wish.Even if you honeydew self balancing scooter want to take their own, I will not spare you. Ji Qiankun tightly close your eyes, immediately opened Well, I promise you. He pointed to the door You go. Outside the nursing home, Du Cheng Wei Yue and Yue Xiaohui on the side of the call, on the side of the room to see Jiqian Kun window. The sun is still strong, the glass on the reflective so that he is difficult to see the indoor situation. Du Cheng shook his head, opened the door, sitting in the cab. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui side by side sitting in the back. The girl has been watching Du into. Wei Jiong is a thoughtful look, always staring out honeydew self balancing scooter the window. Du turned, rushed them smiled. Although the old discipline has just been thanked you, but from honeydew self balancing scooter my point of view, Du into the face f.nal and Technical College after graduation has been at home unemployed. From January 1991 onwards, following his mother in the spring market farmers sell live pigs. Xu has a self use white liberation of a small truck, and Xu Mingliang from 1990 June to obtain driving qualifications. After identification, Xu Ming liang left hand fingerprints and 8.7 kill dead body body of the fingerprints can be extracted for the same identification, Xu Mingliang s left index finger does have a sharp cutting marks. Xu Mingliang after the case, refused to admit that he had committed more than murder. After the trial, Xu committed guilty of their crimes confessed. The case has been transferred to the C City People s Procuratorate, will soon appeal to the C City Intermediate People s Court. August 22, 1991, C City Intermediate People s Court, the Criminal Division. Although Xu Mingliang murder case before 9 o clock, just after 8 o clock, the trial court door was surrounded was packed. In addition to the media to honeydew self balancing scooter come to interview, there are a lot of people come to hear the wind. However, since the case involved rape, only the family of the victim and other minorities were allowed to sit in the courtroom.

ct, is to help me. Yue Xiaohui looked at the concrete floor, he certainly and Lin Guodong. what Killer is almost in the imitation of Lin Guodong.Although he does not know his motive, but sooner or later I will find out. Yue Xiaohui Shuaishuaitou, red Wei Jiong smile, at least I help old Ji and Du Cheng, learned A lot of things. Wei Jiong looked at her I will help you. Hey, do you dare not help me. Yue Xiaohui s face reddened, bright and lively eyes, hey, we will go together when the police how Wei Jiong some surprise The police Yes ah, in deeppink self balancing scooter addition to violence Anliang, more power and prestige ah. Yue Xiaohui crooked head, but also to help others to seize all those bad guys. You want it far enough. In the next year or so, we graduate. We still think about things in front of us. Wei Jiong stood up with a smile, For example, our stomach to the cafeteria, and then too late. OK. I went to the reading room and took the bag, Wei Jiong raised his foot to the door, you wait for me for a while. Ah. Yue Xiaohui honeydew self balancing scooter sat did not move, by the way I thistle self balancing scooter also took up, just behind you in the ramp on the table. Wei Jiong should be a cry, through the small door, down the stairs, went straight to the second flo.moment, then looked up and saw a box of cigarettes stood on the instrument panel, to take out a light. Zhang Zhenliang some impatient how Do you think Du into a spit a cigarette, thought, spoke and said mobile phone positioning to the 8th floor, people should be in the 8th floor, but the system has both smoke and smell, they are not afraid of being found That is not a problem. Zhang Zhenliang a wave, put people hold, and consequently easy. He finished, he picked up the walkie talkie, briefly ordered 8, No. 3, upstairs. Du turned to look out the window, saw the back of the car jumped a few young men, the pace hurried into the 4 Building 2 unit. Zhang Zhenliang watched them disappear in the corridor, a few minutes later, walkie talkie came a deep male voice arresting group has been in place. Zhang Zhen Liang picked up the walkie talkie moment action agile point. Then, he took out a cell phone from his pocket, handed Huangfa youth. As I have just said, if you dare to play tricks, I let you eat cyan self balancing scooter bread for life. Huang made a young man raised his head, not opening the first hit a big yawn. I I dare He took over the phone, open the call log, select a number, set aside. Car police a.ably standing in situ. Not kill the scene Zhang Zhenliang look around, how this girl scared like this Du did not speak, sucking his lightgodenrod self balancing scooter nose, turned and looked at the elevator, just to see the girl crashed into the elevator, behind the rush of the boy. Down to the first floor of the elevator, the car door just opened, Yue Xiaohui rushed out and went outside the building, helping the wall big vomit. Wei Jiong hurried out with, want to come forward to help her pat back, and feel wrong, looked up to see the door of the park there is a small supermarket, said the sentence, you wait for me ah , ran in the past. When he ran back carrying a bottle of water, Yue Xiaohui has stopped vomiting, back on the honeydew self balancing scooter wall, hand clutching his chest breathing. All right Wei Jiong unscrewed the water bottle, handed Yue Yuehui hands, a little better Thank you. Yue Xiaohui pale, voice is feeble, dirty, you hide away a little. She holds a mouthful of water, rinse mouth, and spit out, raising his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. A lot better, she forced Wei Jiong to smile, Do not worry. What s the matter with you Wei Jiong handed her a bundle of paper towels, Uncomfortable I do not know. Yue Xia.

Honeydew Self Balancing Scooter ook darkhaki self balancing scooter his head, I only know her surnamed Qin. then you Then tell you slowly. Ji Qiankun smiled, What time is it today Quick. Wei Jiong look at the watch, a moment to go there to write reviews of what the president. smart self balancing scooter Reviews Yes ah. Wei Jiong put down the cup, straighten the body, facing the eyes of Ji Qiankun, This is my last social practice lesson. In other words, Ji Qiankun honeydew self balancing scooter paused, remove the eyes, You will not come again That is not necessarily. Wei palevioletred self balancing scooter Jiong from his face to see a deep disappointment, a soft heart, no class, I will see honeydew self balancing scooter you. Hey, that does not have to. Ji Qiankun bowed his head, Shan Shan blankets on the dust, You a young antiquewith self balancing scooter man, not worthwhile for my old man wasting time. No, ah, old Ji. Wei Jiong some embarrassed to grasp the hair, honeydew self balancing scooter You are very interesting I also like to chat with you. Interesting Ha ha ha. Ji Qiankun stared in surprise, then laughed, I live most of my life, this is the highest of my evaluation. honeydew self balancing scooter Really, I do not think you re like any other old man. Oh. I do not know why, Ji Qiankun look a little bleak, of course not the same. He turned to look out the window, half face was gradually sunset the sun dyed gold, the other half of the face is hidden i.enty minutes after the meeting The police should be a cry, have to speed up eating. First eat, and has begun to organize materials, ready to make a report at the meeting. Ma Jian even smoke two cigarettes, quietly sorting out ideas, from time to time in the notebook record points. Ready to stop, Ma Jian out of the conference room with his men, walked along the corridor to the elevator. Just a few steps, suddenly heard behind a piercing cry. That is the direction of forensic dissection room. Ma Jian stopped, his head drooping, his eyes slightly closed, his hands clenched into the fist. Behind the colleagues also stopped, watching the captain olivedrab self balancing scooter slightly trembling back. The sound of the clenched teeth is clear and recognizable. For a moment, Ma Jian raised his head, re move the pace, walked quickly forward. Analysis will be honeydew self balancing scooter opened for more than two hours, the Secretary, Deputy Mayor and Politics and Law Committee secretary s face does not look good. No wonder, from last November, the murderer has been raped, killing four women, the city honeydew self balancing scooter is caught in an unprecedented panic. However, from the police to obtain clues and detection progress, there is no clue. The atmosphere at the meeting was.

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