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Hoverboard Segway Self Balancing Scooter erce the plastic bag, surprised to find a person at the exposed foot, then the police. golenrod self balancing scooter Early rushed to the colleagues have been pulled up at the scene cordon, probably because of the rain, the crowd is not much. However, the scene or leave a lot of footprints. Ma Jian frowning watching the mud was stepped on the pulpy, waved his hand to play it. Knowing that little sense, the exploration staff or in the observation site, paved several pieces of wood, and guide personnel to enter. A civilian police hoverboard segway self balancing scooter has always been holding umbrella squatting in the water tower, under his protection, with dead bodies of black plastic bags and the ground is still kept dry. Photographs fixed evidence, the police began to conduct on site investigation. Heavy rain and the stampede of the villagers to make progress in the exploration is extremely difficult, more energy on the body of that bag. It is the human right thigh, right leg and right foot, has begun darkorenge self balancing scooter hoverboard segway self balancing scooter to rot. Ma Jian looked at his right foot on the silver white thin high heeled sandals, pensive. Luo Shaohua also came over Ho, the first extraction of the clothes on the body ah. Ah. Ma Jian turned around and asked Du Cheng, into the child, do not go hom.so with a meaningful smile. Kid, he said, burning hoverboard segway self balancing scooter the cigarette lightly. What do you know Wei Jiong in the heart cursed his careless, seeing has been unable to conceal, had nothing to do. The end of October 1992 that case, the victim is the mother of Yue Xiaohui. Du Cheng suddenly stunned, stared at Wei Jiong. A long while, he shook his head with a wry smile, his face is still an incredible expression. Do not be so clever Du thought for a moment, to himself, No wonder she was so intent on this case. burlywood self balancing scooter He self balancing electric scooter walmart looked at Wei Jiong What do I need I would like to know the case, Wei Jiong paused, if possible, I want to find out the murderer who killed her mother. Why Du suddenly smiled, Because of love Wei Jiong did not hoverboard segway self balancing scooter laugh, look serious, Yue Xiaohui asked his father, because he was allergic to perfume, so her mother never Nevada self balancing scooter apply paint, that is to say, Lin Guodong not kill her mother s murderer. and then Yue Xiao Huiming know to help the old discipline will not revenge for their own revenge, but she insisted on going to check down because she felt that it is worth it. Wei Jiong paused, look more determined, Well, it should be Somebody does something for her. Du Cheng convergence of a smile, lo.

{as if the sun on his head, hot, bright, with a never ending temperature and hoverboard segway self balancing scooter enough to resist the power of the dark, like this is full hoverboard segway self balancing scooter of tan self balancing scooter looking forward to the spring. Like a new life. Just like hopethen try to stretch back, arms slightly open He seemed hoverboard segway self balancing scooter to stretch, as if trying to stretch the body completely, the release of some kind of depressed for a long time. This action lasted a few seconds, and then, as with the beginning of a sudden, Lin Guodong and relax, turned and threw away. Luo Shaohua finally see what he has been watching, an instant, my heart a cold. Lin Guodong stroll in the pedestrian street for a whole day, during which also hoverboard segway self balancing scooter eat a duck soup fans, desktop fried chicken. Dinner, he entered a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, ordered a package. Hamburg, fried chicken and French fries for him is a fresh food, Lin Guodong peel wrapping paper, looked at the hoverboard segway self balancing scooter hands of chicken sandwich, lettuce bread, but also curiously lifted layer by layer, but also looked at the point of the neon meal Signs on the palegreen self balancing scooter display, it seems that the size of the hamburger and the product phase is quite doubts. But this did not affect his appetite, bite the first mouth, Lin Guodong face showing a contented expression. Luo Shaohua hiding in the restaurant opposite a lamp post, has been hungry to stomach pain. He did not dare go away to buy self balancing scooter food, for fear of Lin Guodong will disappear w.

Hoverboard Segway Self Balancing Scooter ally flying off, many ink spots scattered, fell on the windshield, doors and seats, and soon disappeared. Luo Shaohua eyes to the front windshield near. An ink dot adheres to the right side of the visor. The viscous liquid dripped and fell on the back of the visor. Immediately, an invisible hand to wipe the shade above the ink point Luo Shaohua looked at the piece of sun visor, slowly reach out and turn it down. In the lower right of the sun visor, a dark brown dot is clearly visible. Luo Shaohua breathing rapidly, he removed the sun visor, carefully hides into his arms. Car window, Liu Zhu looked at his every move, his face more doubts. lime self balancing scooter I said police comrades, you hoverboard segway self balancing scooter take this removed, how do I explain ah You first look for a change, to buy a line, looking for hoverboard segway self balancing scooter my reimbursement. Luo Shaohua pointing to his chest, I used after you. Lin Guodong he Liu Zhu olivedrab self balancing scooter panic up, I do not care, ah, this kid no matter what happened, oil money had to give me alas He suddenly cried, pointing to the direction of the district entrance to come Luo Shaohua turned and saw a three year old man wearing a black trench coat, carrying a brown bag came over. Liu Zhu ran in the past, grabbed a man s a.turned around and saw the middle aged man looked at his face suspiciously. He turned, pulled out from his pocket police certificate, held to the front of men. I m a police officer. Oh Middle aged man tilted his head to see police officer card, and look at Luo Shaohua, You know Lin Guodong Do not know. hoverboard segway self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua pointed to the window of room 501, how do you and him Middle aged man realized that Luo Shaohua will not be partial, immediately excited, You say what is this thing That s right, you give evaluation of management Middle aged man named Liu Zhu, monosodium glutamate factory is the auto repair class, and Lin Guodong mother of some friendship. Two years ago, Lin Guodong want to learn to drive, his mother to find Liu Zhu, asked him to borrow a car to Lin Guodong. hoverboard segway self balancing scooter Liu column due to sensibilities, put an idle truck lend Lin Guodong practice. Vehicle wear and tear can not be seen from the surface, the odometer can also be done hands and feet. Therefore, the past two years, Lin Guodong has borrowed a dozen cars, in addition to each of the benefits will give Liu column, the two sides without incident. However, the consumption of gasoline is unable to cover up the fact. A few months.

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