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I1 Hover Self Balancing Scooter Reviews , Will not step back Zhang Zhenliang thought, suddenly shaking a bit. Master, self balancing scooter he raised his head, i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews his face white. What do you mean Du into the back by sitting in a chair, meaningfully looked Zhang Zhenliang. Luo Shaohua down at home with his wife and daughter over the entire Spring Festival holiday. Which makes him and the relationship between Luo Ying greatly improved. The daughter is no longer pay special attention to his whereabouts, the end of the first month in the morning of the holiday morning, Luo Ying even the darkmagenta self balancing scooter car keys back to him. Luo Shaohua is grating to the grandson to Chun hui skin, to see the keys thrown on the table, looked up and looked at Luo Ying. Do not you drive today Do not open, no way to stop. Luo Ying hanging eyelids, If you go smart-self balancing scooter out, then open it. When he finished, she picked up the bag, went to the hall for shoes. Just go out, and turn copper self balancing scooter back, to throw a newspaper on the shoe. Dad, today s newspaper. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, put down half of the eggs stripped, got up and went to the shoe next maroon self balancing scooter to open the newspaper looks. Luo Ying to see his focus on the way, both doubts and funny, rebuke This old man, kinda very concerned about national affairs. Luo Shaohu.teering wheel, one hand holding the phone, the receiver came the voice of Zhang Zhenliang rapid. You just said, Lin Guodong did not get on the train Did you find the station We are all in contact with the marshals to prevent him from getting mixed up in the other cars, he said. I know. Master, where are you I immediately went to the cafe. Let small high to continue to locate Luo Shaohua mobile self balancing scooter 2 phone, if the location changes, immediately told me. Well, Master, be careful. rest assured. Du hung up the phone, turn the steering wheel, from the Hing Wah North Street, Da Wang Road. Just turned the corner, he heard the front came a loud noise. He instinctively lower the speed, stunned to look at one hundred meters away from a street shop smoke big smoke. Signs on the roof, TheOne a few letters clearly visible. Du ruthless step on the gas, driving to the cafe in front of the door, saw a few people are screaming from the door came out. He cursed loudly, unlock the seat belt, jumped out of the car, ran to the cafe. The porch is a mess. Soil, flowers everywhere. The glass door was blown apart, leaving only the metal frame hanging. Du into cover nose and mouth, in the smoke slowly into the room.

can not help you to the dormitory. Oh, nothing. Yue Xiaohui stop rejection scarf, reach out to, give me. Not for the time being. Wei Jiong to the library direction Nunu chin, can help you carry it there. Yue Xiaohui look at the past Candle volunteers i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews Yes ah, the content of social practice. Where What about you Stray animal rescue station. Yue Xiaohui narrowed his eyes and laughed, I like what cats and dogs. When he finished, the girl thought of something like a racking his head Oh, I forgot to buy cat food. What about that Not afraid. Yue Xiaowen indifferent to say, big deal tomorrow morning slipped out to buy. There are two land law classes in the morning. It s okay to have my roommate cover up for me. Said, two people have come to the bus next to the bus. Several volunteers chatting around the car have to cast curious eyes. Wei Jiong pretending not seen, the shopping bags handed back to Yue Xiaohui. Thank you The girl waved at him friendly, I can not see tomorrow morning can not be surprised. Wei Jiong and her waved goodbye, turned on the bus, looking for a position near the window, watching the girl back away. 1 30, full of red candle volunteer service team bus to ivory self balancing scooter start on timeput the basket on the table in the hands. Two bedroom door is also closed, from time to time a slight snoring came from the room. Luo Shaohua sat down at the table, while adjusting the breathing, while watching the clock on the wall. Five twenty five in the morning. Outside the window of the sky is not as strong as black as ink, faintly appear a bright white horizon. Luo Shaohua atmosphere gradually stable, he got up and went to the kitchen, took out a lightslategray self balancing scooter white porcelain plate from the cupboard, back to the table, open a plastic bag in the basket, the smell of fried dough sticks blowing. He put the dough sticks neatly placed in the plate, and took out i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews a few cups of milk, one by one into the straw. Subsequently, he returned to the kitchen carrying basket, the classification of a few vegetables into the refrigerator. After all this, he looked up again at the clock five forty. The family will get up at least six o i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews clock. Luo Shaohua sitting back to the table, open the semiconductor radio, lower volume, quietly listening to a file health care programs. Gradually, the sky a little lit up the window, the car sound, the voice is also increasingly clear. This is a haze of weather, the city is.ive minutes before the wheelchair into the shake. Through the glass door, Wei Jiong vaguely see the hands of Ji Qiankun waved a bit, it seems that something thrown into the door of the pot. Wei Jiong turned around to see Yue Xiaohui, who is using the same surprised eyes looking back at him. Is Luo Shaohua appointment is Ji Qiankun Things i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews more and more people scratching their heads. In the impression, Ji Qiankun and Luo Shaohua did not come into contact, let alone meet. So, why do two people meet in this cafe Yue Xiaohui first sit still, i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews she pulled out the phone Do you want to call the old Ji Wei Jiong shook his head. Ji Qiankun had turned a blind eye to their own, these days is no information. It seems that he is doing a do not want to let themselves and Yue Xiaohui know things. At i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews the moment brown self balancing scooter to call Ji Qiankun, he certainly will not answer, even if the answer, it is bound to not tell the truth. hold on. This one is a full i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews ten minutes. Cafe floor windows are made of brown glass, coupled with the reflection of the sun, completely indistinguishable indoor conditions, but no way to know Luo Shaohua and Ji Qiankun to meet the situation. While Wei i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews Jiong and Yue Xiaohui is about to lose p.

I1 Hover Self Balancing Scooter Reviews puzzled, You do not know Well, Wei Jiong tried to suppress the fear, I would like to ask you, i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews how is the demarcation of suspects i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews may live range Oh, this is very complicated, midnightblue self balancing scooter the phone probably would not say. Du hesitated, or you find time to me, I tell you. it is good. How did you find out Not at the moment. Wei Jiong smacked Za became dry mouth, Nothing. Hang up the phone, Wei Jiong suddenly forget where they are. He stared blankly at the crowd as he watched the balloon in his hand, looking at the smiling face of the ignorance of the world. In the midday sun, his eyes are only a dark. Overwhelming darkness. The twenty seventh chapter fails Chen Xiao lock the door of the office, looked at his watch wrist, is already at 9 07 pm. The entire office buildings are empty, dark corridor, only the elevator LCD screen there is a slight red light. She felt a little flustered, with the faint light of the phone screen, walked quickly to the elevator. Sensor i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews lights, Chen mood also slightly relaxed. With a bite sound, the car door opened silently. Chen Xiao into the elevator, slowly Shen to the i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews first floor. Came to the street, she was relieved, the burning sensation in the stomach began to becom. }

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