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Idaho Self Balancing Scooter pour a small glass of water, placed in front of him, when the right ashtray. Du into a mouthful of two to suck out most of Idaho self balancing scooter the cigarette. He pinching the cigarette butts, take a look at Wei Jiong Well, boy, what are you looking for me Ok You do not just look at me so simple, otherwise Yue Xiaohui will come. Du into the door to the mouth of Nu Nu, So I Xiangliang expenditure. Wei Jiong blush, and my heart whispered the Idaho self balancing scooter sentence the old fox. Du officers, you bring us the files not all Oh Du Cheng raised Kentucky self balancing scooter his eyebrows, reaching for the action of smoking also stopped, Why do you ask At the end of October 1992, there have been a rape murder case. Wei Jiong courage, look into the eyes of Du into, and before the series murder is very similar. Du stared at him for a few seconds, frowning How do you know the case Internet search information to see when. Wei Jiong decided to spread a lie. I think the murderer in two cases is not a person, no information to the old discipline do you think Du Cheng hanging eyelids, and from the cigarette out of a cigarette. I also think is not a person. Wei Jiong blurted out, immediately regret it. Because Du immediately turned his attention, forestgreen self balancing scooter his face al. }

ily disheveled hair quickly becomes clean Futie. Yue Xiaohui with a towel to Ji dry Qian dry hair, but also a neat comb. Ji Qiankun with the rest of the hot water to wash his face, the whole person becomes spirited. You see, so much good. Yue Xiaohui step back, looked at with satisfaction Ji Qiankun. Old Idaho self balancing scooter man embarrassed smile. It s hard for you. What kind Yue Xiaowei shook his hair indifferent to the rejection, again eyes fall on Ji Qiankun covered with jaw on the hawthorn. See her roll up just put down the sleeves, Ji Qiankun immediately aware of the intent of Yue Xiaohui, quickly said This I myself on the line The girl has picked up the thermos and went out. A few minutes later, Ji Qiankun looked up, his face covered with a hot towel, comfortably lying in a wheelchair. Yue Xiaohui while stirring the shaving cream, while looking at an old razor. I do not think there are people using this stuff. Electric is not used. Ji best self balancing scooter for kids Qiankun s face in the towel below, the sound lazy, it seems asleep, have to change the battery. Well cool. Yue Xiaohui open razor. Blade Hanguang shiny, looks very fine maintenance. She tried the thumb on the edge, very sharp. Yue Xiaohui opened Ji Qiankun face that course, go out on. Wei Jiong does not look at her, but staring at the open roof, and gradually dark Idaho self balancing scooter down the sky. Yue Xiaohui staring at the boy s face, his cheeks began to thin, fine hair on the chin to come out of Hawthorn. He looked worried and worried. Although still reticent, but in front of the Wei Jiong made her Idaho self balancing scooter feel strange. Du into the side of the news Not yet. Wei Jiong shook his head, to collect 23 years ago the evidence, too difficult. Yes ah. I have a few days and evidence of law textbooks read several times, more and more feel that there is no confidence. Yue Xiaohui suddenly smiled, At that time, if lawngreen self balancing scooter I have this momentum, sure to get out of. Wei Jiong also laugh. However, that smile fleeting. Old Ji self-balancing scooter should thank you. Hey, what can be grateful. Yue Xiaohui or look like Taitailielie, Old Ji and Du Cheng, the two old men, are worthy of our Idaho self balancing scooter help. Wei Jiong silent for a moment, opening asked Your mother s case, also intends to check it Of course, it goes without saying Yue Xiaohui s voice firm, regardless of his ends of the earth, as long as living in the world, I must find him Well, said Wei, as if to himself, sure to find him. So, to help the old discipline, in fa.ator sounder. Highlight could not help but laugh, whispered You old fox. Du smiled copper self balancing scooter silently, indicating a bright walk in front, followed by their own, staring at the signal frequency lights. Two people lightly, in the dark corridor slowly forward. Concrete floor has been seriously worn, showing a sand, step up a Idaho self balancing scooter rustling sound. Two people try to slow down the action, one by one to detect the three households, the signal frequency light and no significant change. Du Cheng Lala bright sleeves, turned and walked to the fire channel. Even the next five layers, still not close to the signal source. Du has been some slight asthma, forehead also has a fine sweat. Highlight listen to his breathing is different, turned and whispered Lao Du, do not take a break Du into waved his hand, pointing to the bottom of the stairs without a bottom No, continue. Highlight light sigh The old things you take it, set I Idaho self balancing scooter told you. That much embarrassed. Less to this set. Highlight has been carrying a positioning device to walk to the staircase, I asked me to eat back ah. Du smiled, back against brass self balancing scooter the darkseagreen self balancing scooter wall, reaching for his pocket to smoke, touched the air was aware that half a pack of cigarettes have been give.

Idaho Self Balancing Scooter rian road began to gradually scarce. Girls still maintain a leisurely pace of walking. A few minutes later, she turned to the right and entered an alley. Lin Guodong followed. This is a single line, both sides are residential buildings. Although there is no street lights, but the residential windows pouring out of the light, still make this road a little light. Girl in front of him ten meters or so, remove the headset, bow down on the phone Idaho self balancing scooter screen pressed. Lin Guodong to look at the end of the alley is a dark building, seems to be a site to be built to be suspended. He looked around, in addition to their own and that girl, alley no longer others. He accelerated the pace, while walking out just bought the kitchen knife, remove the packaging, stuffed into his pocket. Do not know whether the girl lives near, if you do not start, I am afraid we should lose the opportunity. A few seconds later, he and the girl is only one step away. The girl heard the footsteps behind him, subconsciously turned Lin Guodong the knife arrived in her chest. do not move Lin Guodong as far as possible to make their voices look fierce and low. The girl Idaho self balancing scooter did he was frightened, the whole person back step back, hi.n. Idaho self balancing scooter Suddenly, Ji Qiankun to pound the cup fiercely to the ground. Tiles flying, hot tea scattered. Du into a surprised at the same time sounded Ji Qian Kun hysterical roar All this will not happen The sound in Idaho self balancing scooter the cramped indoors slowly dissipated, the room is dead silence. Wei Jiong s hands in his trousers pocket, face expressionless watching Ji Qiankun s back. Yue Xiaohui still maintained a squat position, but the body becomes stiff because of self balancing scooter site uk panic, there are a few pieces of broken tiles. Du into the look is very complicated. He looked at Ji Qiankun, without a word from the corner to pick up the broom and dustpan. Just put the pieces of glass to Shoulong together, Yue Xiaohui took over his hands the tools, silently clean up the ground. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, his eyes staring at the water stains, his hands clenched into Idaho self balancing scooter the fist, the upper body is still slightly trembling, his face is a lonely and angry expression. Du into security self balancing scooter a sigh, stepped forward, patted Ji Qiankun shoulders old discipline, I understand your feelings You do not understand Ji Qiankun unceremoniously interrupted him, You do not know what to call for no way, you do not know what is desperate I kno.

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