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Indiana Self Balancing Scooter ground, to death can not wash the murderer charges. Kill him. He and his colleagues will suffer a lifetime sharper image self balancing scooter reviews of shame and imprisonment. However, no. Lin Guodong tightly staring at the muzzle pointing to their own, can clearly feel that the police in front of the Indiana self balancing scooter body is emitting a burst of strong like a while intended to kill. The air seems to have a mass of black gas, winding, rolling, and quickly hit themselves. He will kill me, with the most simple and direct cold and incomparable way. This is good. Without having to undergo arrest and prolonged detention. Do not have to endure as a lamb like trial to be slaughtered. Do not reveal the secret of the heart. Not in a wee hours, kneeling on the icy land, hear the voice behind the cheap 2 wheel self balancing scooter clear pull bolt. Just turquoise self balancing scooter kill me. Lin Guodong bent bent back to maintain the position, close your eyes. However, Lin Guodong waiting for that sound of gunshots did not appear. On the contrary, his ears came the rapid footsteps, while feeling the air passing over his face. Not enough time to respond, his head was a heavy blow. Luo Shaohua punch will be Lin Guodong down, then, mercilessly kick up in him. Lin Guodong curled up his body, instinctively with his arm not know the truth, If you are here with me at the moment, you will find that I Indiana self balancing scooter paint the Madame Butterfly I am the most suitable self balancing scooter battery person, Suddenly she stopped and her eyes moved to another place Actually, I really miss you by my side. Stunned for a few seconds, Yue Xiaohui shook his hair, his face restored as ever You do not persuade me to persuade no use our time is running out, Du Cheng can not wait, and I can not. Lin Guodong must be law as soon as possible. She put up a finger in front of the screen, the attitude of resolutely Do not give me a call.If the right time, I will open the phone video mode, the Lin Guodong the whole process of committing the crime are recorded.You have to smart self balancing scooter specs do is Indiana self balancing scooter as soon as possible If I could, maybe I could save it. Yue Xiaohui smiled and Indiana self balancing scooter said To be honest, I do not want to die, if there is a chance She added to the tone, become solemn, I will explain to you why I do. At this point, headphones came a vague muffled sound, as if a door was shut. Yue Xiaohui also looked at the front syncline. Suddenly, her face looked tense up, the whole person to hide Indiana self balancing scooter back hide. He came out. Yue Xiaohui to face the screen, the speed began to speed up, I.

lm lake Zhang Zhenliang has suggested that 10.28 murder and murder case motive is to imitate. It seems that in addition to this possibility, the high degree of restitution of crime without a better explanation. Indeed, the police had Liang Qingyun social relations were investigated and found that her interpersonal relationship is relatively simple, not with people grudges, and no financial disputes, because the relationship between men and women causes the possibility of the victim can also be ruled out. Du Cheng does not deny that this is imitation, but the problem is why the murderer to imitate From a psychological point of view, one of the functions of imitation is to make the original performance of the underlying behavior is not expressed. Then, there is such a possibility a person who originally had internal impulse to kill, in the Xu Mingliang homicide case to stimulate or inspire, imitate his way to kill a woman, to be shot by the murderer pay tribute. At that moment, he might have regarded himself as he. However, this possibility in the Du into view, can be excluded. In the early 1990s, people s values were relatively simple, although the initial performance of the idol wo.y, hold Luo Shaohua knee. I know you, you name Luo, right Lin Guodong s words earnestly, I saw your photo in the newspaper, wearing a big red flower that. Luo Shaohua painfully close your eyes Lin Guodong said is the task force collective meritorious service award ceremony. To shut up. Lin Guodong while observing his Indiana self balancing scooter face, while gently to his feet from his chest moved to the ground, stand up and sit, kneel in front of Luo Shaohua. You let me, when things did not happen today, okay Lin Guodong looked up at Luo Shaohua, eyes both pleading, there are threats, so that we all safe, is not it Do not even think about it Indiana self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua eyes of the refocused. He bowed his head, staring Lin Guodong tightly, You killed five people, do you think so forget it Lin Guodong surprised a moment, then he realized that Xu Mingliang also counted in the victim. I have changed, really changed Lin Guodong Luo Shaohua clinging to the legs, You believe me, I will not kill, really not a Get out of here Luo Shaohua kicked his feet open, he lost his balance, leaning on the shoe, could not breathe heavily. Can not believe him, absolutely can not be killed a few days ago that woman is still lying in the morg.Wei Jiong hear stunned, pondering for a long time, they think of a problem. Why are you following him I want to seize Lin Guodong. Yue Xiaohui turned his head, eyes full of tears, I want to do something for Ma Jian. Wei Jiong stared at her I still do not understand. Yue Xiaohui reluctantly smiled. She lowered her head, immediately lifted, eyes staring at the opposite building. Lin Guodong in order to escape the city, only to a person for help. This person is Luo Shaohua. On the Luo Shaohua on the means Zhang Zhen Liang bombs do half the action, it necessary Du looked at him, nodded. The distance has been the past two days, Lin Guodong still at large. In self balancing scooter battery view of the departure of the city s traffic arteries have been the police control, it is certain that Lin Guodong still hiding in a corner of the city. Lin Guodong home search results show that his identity card, bank cards and passbooks are left at home. Then, Lin Guodong who carry the cash should be small. Moreover, there is no ID card, he could not buy train tickets, tickets or coach tickets. Once exhausted, he was difficult to survive. Lin Guodong to the character, even to the point where the mountain is running out of water, and.

Indiana Self Balancing Scooter background, seems to be a homeless. Luo Shaohua stepped forward to grabbed his hair, the man raised his face, Indiana self balancing scooter Oh yo to call up. Not Lin Guodong. Nevertheless, anger is still thrown from the heart of Luo Shaohua. He kicked his feet to the man, the latter fell to the ground, while avoiding, while loud sound. The line. Always silent Du Sheng pull Luo Shaohua, first to Luo Ying to the hospital. Fourth People s Hospital in the corridor, Du Cheng, Zhang Zhenliang, Luo Shaohua waiting for the news of Luo Ying, or sit or stand, cherish their minds. That year, because Du Cheng insisted Xu Mingliang is not the murderer, and repeatedly asked to review the case, eventually leading him and Ma Jian, Luo Shaohua and others against. Even if the Du into being sent to other cities after the redeployment, the three have West self balancing scooter also become strangers. Especially in Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua have retired, Du Cheng and they almost cut off contact. Tonight Luo Shaohua suddenly find their own help, so that Du into a very unexpected. In this regard, Luo Shaohua the same explanation. He just felt that at that moment no one would understand Luoying s dangerous situation better than Du, even if Lin Guodong s existence.egan to be filled with a variety of sounds. Morning news, wash the face of the sound i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews Indiana self balancing scooter of water, drink soy milk squeak, whistling hair dryer, toilet flushing sound, Luo Ying urged her son to the voice of Chunhui. Luo Shaohua busy in the kitchen Indiana self balancing scooter and dining Indiana self balancing scooter room, eyes always fall on her daughter and grandson. Since her daughter divorced, Luo Shaohua addition to taking care of his wife, Luo Ying and Chunhui to the daily diet also wrapped in him. He does not think it is a burden, but happy in them. When the police for more than 30 years, after retirement, you can make up for Jinfeng Niangliang owed. Clock points to Indiana self balancing scooter seven, my daughter and grandson have already eaten breakfast, wash finished. Busy morning time can come to an end, Luo Shaohua sitting at the table, picked up a fritters, just bite, I heard his cell phone issued a bite sound. Luo Shaohua rubbed his finger, pick up the phone to view text messages. Glanced, he stopped chewing, shocked. Immediately, he stopped living in the door for Luo Ying. Yingying, a brass self balancing scooter taxi today to send their children. Luo Shaohua reluctantly swallowed the mouth of the fritters, I want to use the car. Well Luo Ying, a little surprised back, I ll Indiana self balancing scooter give you. No. L.

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