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Indianred Self Balancing Scooter isappeared. Ji Qiankun realized that the razor has been arrived in their own pipe. He opened his eyes, just to see indianred self balancing scooter the ceiling, in front of another Mongolian Yue Xiaohui towels to re cover in his face. Wait a few self balancing scooter china days. Yue Xiaohui s voice becomes distant, you want, we want, will come. Ji Qiankun lying in a wheelchair, waiting for her to go on, or have action. However, the surrounding is always a silence. A moment darkhaki self balancing scooter later, he took down his face towel, stood up. The room was empty. Chapter 30 Awakening Lin Guodong out of the gate, the plastic bag thrown into the trash. Tonight the wind is a little big, the air has a moist flavor. He looked at the clouds rolling over the night sky, it is estimated that the first spring of this year will come. Lin Guodong put his hand in the jacket down jacket, tight collar, walked outside the area. Since the night away Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong for several days did not go out. He is very clear that the original translation company can no longer go to the. However, before getting the meager salary does not allow him to support for a long time, he must find a job as soon as possible. After a dozen online resumes, no one responded. Which makes him in a depress.e, and may not be enemies, talk to the child is also OK. As to whether to remarry, have to look at the sincerity and performance of Sunningdale, said Luo Shaohua thought, opening said. Luo Ying s face buried in the arms, the voice low, Hui hui grew up, the family is not complete, the child is not a good thing. Suddenly she looked up, eyes flashed a trace of mixed with grievances and look forward to look Well, I have to test the test of him, said remarry to remarry, the United States was his Luo Shaohua sigh in the heart soon. Daughter, after all, can not completely put down the man. Let s go. Luo Shaohua patted her hand, inen self balancing scooter wearing a beautiful point, so that kid to see, you leave him as well live. Select has been set, Luo Ying briskly agreed to a cry, and asked Dad, then you say what I wear Ask your mother. See her daughter no longer worry, Luo Shaohua mood is also good, I can not give you a reference. Luo Ying went to the master bedroom to find Jin indianred self balancing scooter Feng, Luo Shaohua back to the kitchen Cheuk spinach. The breakfast ready, he looked at the watch, for a good out of clothes, picked up the backpack, opened the master bedroom door. Niangliang is twittering to discuss Luo Ying tonight s wear.

and fingerprints. Yes. Du nodded, plastic bags with Xu Mingliang fingerprints, and he is selling pork, so the police was convinced that he is the murderer. The murderer may be one of his customers Ji Qiankun said, your inference, may not There is only one person s fingerprint on the plastic bag, said Du into a hand. It s summer, when you see a person wearing a glove to buy meat, will not it feel strange Well, that would be. Ji Qiankun honestly admitted. And, in the body bag also found a shoe. Du into frowned, This is the only time we found the victim s clothing.I can not figure out, as a patient and meticulous, Skilled, more calm attitude of committing the crime, why would commit such a stupid mistake Fen Shi encountered some unexpected situations. Yue indianred self balancing scooter Xiaohui interrupted, So he panic. It s possible, said Du, touching his chin, but it indianred self balancing scooter can not explain the fingerprint. Not. Wei Jiong pondered, slowly said, If he is not Xu Mingliang customers Well, you mean The situation is like this, Wei said, thinking that Xu Mingliang was not the murderer, but there were his fingerprints on his plastic bag, indicating that he had come into contact with the bag, right That s it. Du looked at.u are busy, there are found to inform us immediately. Having said that, he 2 wheel self balancing scooter waved to the Du into Go, eat first. Meeting room doors and windows open, fresh air through the hall. Despite some slight chill, but just from the forensic dissection room out of Ma Jian and Du Cheng, as if from the winter suddenly through the summer. More people feel a indianred self balancing scooter little pleasant, full house food aroma nasal cavity of the corpse swept away. Several colleagues were sitting around the table smart balance wheel battery charging to eat breakfast, to see them come in, have got up seat. Ma Jian and Du Chenggang just sit, milk, steamed stuffed buns and tea eggs pushed to the indianred self balancing scooter front. Despite the already hungry, Ma Jian s appetite is not how. Eat half a bun, drink a few mouthfuls of soy milk, he lit a cigarette, looked around for a bit chewed colleagues, opening asked how the situation A man wearing a sweat stained short sleeved shirt, hair disheveled, such as chicken coop swallow the mouth of the police buns dead source to find in progress, yesterday afternoon to a few people, are nearly a month to report the missing population , But none of them. He bite the bun in his mouth, looking at the hands of indianred self balancing scooter the information, vague and said The recent can judge for yourself. Du smiled, suddenly thought of one thing. You just asked me is not the inspectorate department. Du Cheng watched Dr. Cao look, and this matter Cao hesitated This is also my guess.First of all I need to declare that I do not deny Lin Guodong is a mental patient, but he was admitted to hospital for 22 years, is not because he had committed something , As a substitute for this punishment Oh I ll give you an example. Dr. Cao came over, voice down, be mentally ill this word, leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard you should have heard it Du Cheng of course heard. indianred self balancing scooter It refers to the number of normal people were sent to the mental hospital for isolation treatment, and then disguised deprivation of personal freedom. Hospitals tend to be responsible only to those who treat people or provide medical care, without taking any treatment for so called patients. However, with the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, in recent years, this mental illness has been scarlet self balancing scooter very rare. Dr Cao is very clear that this is illegal, so careful reply. However, he asked whether Du Cheng is a police inspector of the indianred self balancing scooter department, let Du into a new question. Who brought him Public security indianred self balancing scooter organs. Dr Cao sat upright, compuls.

Indianred Self Balancing Scooter ting the amount of his right hand, holding half a cigarette, in front of a spread out of the album. Jinfeng put the cup on the table. Luo Shaohua turned away, the face of the wet trace reflects a slight light. Jinfeng silently watching the crying wife, hand yellowgreen self balancing scooter Lanzhu his shoulder. For several days he is like this, kept looking at some old objects. The rank of the first officer, the police officer certificate, the key of self balancing scooter the handcuff, the leather holster, the police dagger, and some old photographs. Non stop smoking, water meters not into. Jinfeng holding Luo Shaohua, looking at a photo album. Ma Jian, Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua side by side, who is the olive green eighty style uniform. Ma Jian in the middle, his hands were riding on the shoulders of Du Cheng and Luo Shaohua, grinning big mouth smiled. Du into the shirt collar open, did not wear caps, is pointing to what the camera said. Luo Shaohua uniforms are straight, back straight, his face still with a shy smile. In another photo, drunk Luo Shaohua wearing a suit, chest also wearing red flowers, hair full of color confetti. Du standing behind him, will Luo indianred self balancing scooter Shaohua backhand indianred self balancing scooter his hands, his face grin. Ma Jian in front of Luo Shaohua, hold.omes pale. You speak. In fact, among the four women, my favorite is your wife. Lin Guodong slowly spit out a cigarette, tilted his head, with eyes squinting Ji Qiankun, legs long, chest is also large, white and white skin Tender I m so cool. You shut up Wei Jiong shouted. He did not self balancing hoverboard 2017 dare to see Ji Qiankun s face, but clearly heard his teeth creak. I did her twice, put it down. Lin Guodong crushed cigarette butts with his fingers, arms crossed, hold in the chest, narrowed his eyes looking at Ji Qiankun, However, after playing her, I still have to kill her. She has been begging me, let me let her or something. He stretched out his hands, fingers open, and hold together, slowly close. Your wife s neck so fine, did not let me charge too much effort, quack Ji Qiankun tightly staring at him, his face turned from white to green, holding the remote control initiator blistering from the hands of violence. I killed your wife, put her into the bathtub. Lin Guodong seems to Ji Kung kun s response was very satisfied, more relaxed indianred self balancing scooter tone, the word clear, I intend to cut her head first when I saw her S neck, guess what Lin Guodong leaned forward with a smile on his face, as if to tell a very funny p.

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