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Inen Self Balancing Scooter home, said Ma, pulling a chair and sitting in front of him, Ask your child. Do not. Du into the mind is clearly not in this matter, Ma, you say, this bastard look like Ah Ma Jian cigarette movements to stop, What do you think All the deceased s left side of the head has non fatal blunt injury. And, I just read the records of the interrogative Ji Kun, the evening his wife to participate in dinner colleagues, about 10 30 pm, before returning home and discipline The dead are hijacked in the middle of the night. Du slowly said, That is, the deceased may be on the murderer s car, the murderer from the driving Block direction shot knocked unconscious, take away rape killed. So late, but also willing to a stranger s car Ma Jian thought, and look at Du into, This guy looks at least not let people hate. Yes ah, he may be well spoken, but also justified and the dead approached. Du into the map, For example, ask what the road. Having a certain education, dress neat. Ma Jian s eyes flashing light, looks very trust that kind of people. In addition, you have not found Du has been completely immersed in high speed thinking of the operation, This guy is more and more confident. Ok.cles. However, Lin Guodong is still missing. He refused to take a break, then ran to his car. Just launched a car, Du Chengjiu called the phone. Old Luo, found, in Bayi Park near, and the location of the same. Know. Luo Shaohua holding a phone in one hand and a sharp turn of the steering wheel, at the foot of fierce throttle. Old Luo, it is Luo Ying s phone number. Du inen self balancing scooter Cheng s voice is also quite anxious, how she had Luo Shaohua did not have time to explain to him, You take a few people in the past, please Well, I ll set out. The footsteps i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews came from the handset, You keep the phone open and keep in touch. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, bypassing a taxi, Bayi Park to speeding away. Bayi Park is located in the south, from the Chunyang Street subway station about seven kilometers away. Luo Shaohua driving all the way bolted, less than five minutes to open the door to the park. Just parked the car, they saw a Paladin SUV gallop. Du Cheng jumped from the car, ran toward Luo Shaohua. Zhen Liang they have to. Du into the face is full of sparkling sweat, in the park search. Looking back, Luo Shaohua and Du Cheng has not seen for a few years, and even the words are not said. Meet again, but do n.

stopped, and continued to push the wheelchair forward, sorry. Nothing to be sorry. Ji Qiankun He He laughed, I do not feel like any other people and inen self balancing scooter their own. Is also. Wei Jiong thought, However, will be lonely, right Only experienced the lively people will feel lonely. Ji Qiankun look at the yard or get together to chat, or carrying leray self balancing scooter not charging a lonely old people, I used to live alone a long time ago, long ago used to. His sight left the old man They know what inen self balancing scooter is lonely. Temporarily silent. Wei Jiong I do not know what to say, Ji Qiankun seems to fall into the memories, shrink in the wheelchair silent. Silence, the springgreen self balancing scooter wheelchair once again came to the end of Yong Road, Wei Jiong intends to return to the same way, Ji Qiankun spoke and said Push me to the door. Wei Jiong nodded promised, pushing him onto the main entrance of the nursing home through the Yong Road. In front of the nursing home is a small road, although narrow, but people come to the car, it is lively. Baking sweet potatoes, boiled corn aroma, relative to an iron gate across the nursing home, where it is more like the world. Wei Jiong pushed a best self balancing scooter reviews wheelchair to rusty mottled iron gate, reaching to pull the latch, immediately felt a col.e other hand, because Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua Henla and refused. To themselves can be safe and sound, they actually watched the girl killed Wei Jiong look of incredible expression, This is his mother or man Du into a snort, noncommittal. Yue Xiaohui Daoshi first calm down, thought, spoke and said They think that only Lin Guodong again committing the crime in order to have the opportunity to win him Ah. Du Cheng nodded, and reasonable and legitimate North self balancing scooter , no evidence of death. Yue Xiaohui silent for a while, Pie Piezui really is the case. So we are in a very difficult situation. Du frowned, Lin Guodong home may have evidence to stay, but unlikely.We can not openly investigate him, or inen self balancing scooter once alarmed him, this son of a bitch maybe Ran away. So to say, Wei Jiong pondering for a long time, the tone reveals anxious, it is impossible to find enough evidence ah. Maybe not, we go back and then stroke the case of a stroke, may be inen self balancing scooter able to find ideas and a breakthrough. Du into the wound, Luo Shaohua over there, I think of a way. Well, we have new discoveries, feel free inen self balancing scooter to contact you. Well, Du turned to start the car, suddenly remembered one thing, and turned around, Yes, Wei Jiong, I taught you the.uth white foam, and my heart only one idea do not catch him caught down in the second, in any case can not be robbed gun. However, the man s action more violent. Soon, inen self balancing scooter he had to hold Du into the right hand, doom to break into the Du into the inen self balancing scooter fingers. Du Cheng watched five fingers were one by one apart, so he pressed the cartridge release button without hesitation, Pata sound, clip landing. Man surprised a moment. Almost the same time, Du into the back of an empty feeling, the whole person fell back to the ground. The elevator doors open, the ninth floor. Immediately, Du Cheng inen self balancing scooter saw a few feet in front of their own flashed, the pressure on his body was pulled from the man, and face down and down. All this happened too quickly, a few feet wearing shoes in their own face, who continued to bump. Du intoadvertently take into account these, the whole person to relax down, has been simmering in the throat of that tone suddenly spit. Immediately, he was lying on his back, piercing to cough up. For a long while, he barely with the elbow support half up, pointing upstairs. The 15th floor. Ah, ah, know seize the time trial, I ll go back. Zhang Zhenliang hang up, his face gloomy. Moment.

Inen Self Balancing Scooter ith the phone, segway self balancing scooter fingers on the screen quickly moving. Old discipline, you carry Wi Fi s speed Well Well, that name is too funny 60 year old old discipline , ha ha. Also make do, you play. Ji Qiankun absent minded perfunctory, self balancing scooter store attention is still concentrated in front of a thick pile of information. Wei Jiong on line search for a large number of serial murder case related to the information, download and print out, bound into a book to facilitate access to old Ji. Now with the help of Zhang Haisheng, Wei Jiong come and go in the nursing home inen self balancing scooter freely. Although Zhang Haisheng often looking poor, but the requirements of Ji Qiankun, he obediently do so. One deeppink self balancing scooter reason, only Wei Jiong know. This is the second time to bring information to the old discipline. He looked very seriously, from time to time with a red signature pen marked on the information, and occasionally stopped, and Wei Jiong to discuss a few. Some of the information is not informative. Ji Qiankun look at playing with mobile phone Yue Xiaohui, depressed the voice, may be the subjective speculation of Internet users, or even cranky. Yes, I screened a part, too outrageous directly ruled out. Wei Jiong suddenly some embarrassed smile.body of the girl s dark red sweater, revealing inside the black long sleeved T inen self balancing scooter shirt. He looked at the tall and uplifted chest, his face up. Suddenly, the kind of familiar taste fleeing into the nostrils, straight forehead. smart self balancing scooter battery fires Sweet taste. Betray the taste. The smell of erotic desire. Relentless killing the taste. Lin Guodong hot and humid breath in the girl s neck. At that moment, the hearts of girls growing fear rushed to the vertex. Flanagan in the mind of the string bang sound suddenly broken. Has been supporting her courage and faith are completely collapsed. All the determination, planning are all set aside by her. She only knew that the man himself raped, killed four women. And her ending, and those women will be exactly the same. Wei Jiong, where are you Du Cheng, where are you All the thoughts of the girl are occupied by fear. She curled her legs, self balancing-scooter desperate to push Lin Guodong, while desperate shouting Help Help Distance inen self balancing scooter 102 and Matsuyama Road intersection there are tens of meters, Du Cheng Wei Jiong said to inen self balancing scooter see the building. Look, it was a winter shutdown, to be built in the spring office. Exterior decoration has not yet been carried out, the entire building is a square cemen.

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