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Iowa Self Balancing Scooter body of the girl s dark red sweater, revealing inside the black long sleeved T shirt. He looked at the tall and uplifted chest, his face up. Suddenly, the kind of familiar taste fleeing into the nostrils, straight forehead. Sweet taste. Betray the taste. The smell of erotic desire. Relentless killing the taste. Lin Guodong hot and humid Iowa self balancing scooter breath in the girl s neck. At that moment, the hearts best self balancing scooter 2015 of girls growing fear rushed to the vertex. Flanagan in the mind of the string bang sound suddenly broken. Has been supporting her courage and faith are completely collapsed. All the determination, planning are all set aside by her. She only knew that the man himself raped, killed four women. And her ending, and those women will be exactly the same. Wei Jiong, where are you Du Cheng, where are you All the thoughts of the girl are occupied by fear. She curled her legs, desperate to push Lin Guodong, while desperate shouting Help Help Distance 102 and Matsuyama Road intersection there leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard are tens of meters, Du Cheng Wei Jiong said to see the building. Look, it was a winter shutdown, to be built in the spring office. Exterior decoration has not yet been carried out, the entire building is a square cemen.tenced to death there is no sense of reprieve. Du best electric self balancing scooter into the silence, bowed his head. Moment, he suddenly thought of what, Minato past whispered So, you certainly do not smoke, right Ji Qiankun surprised a moment You old guy, all the time, want to smoke Hey, I have ah. Du into a treacherous smile, out of his pocket a box of cigarettes, Unfortunately, the remaining two. To a root, to a. Ji Qiankun immediately reveal the envy of the expression. Two old cigarettes to share the maroon self balancing scooter last two cigarettes, but also get together to ignite, sitting on the smoke. Ji Qiankun only a few mouthfuls of smoking, face on hold into a purple, then cough up violently. Du Iowa self balancing scooter into seeing, hurried over to help him beat the back. Ji Qiankun finally stopped the cough, rapid breathing, the hand still holds that half of the cigarettes refused Iowa self balancing scooter to lose. Look at your virtue, threw it. Du Cheng is also panting, mouth smiled and said, Damn a waste. You have the nerve to say I Ji Qiankun met with bloodshot eyes of the mouth, he rubbed off soothingly, fingers Du Cheng constantly rubbing the hands of the abdomen, Tingbu Zhu Yes ah, Iowa self balancing scooter while have to go to pumping ascites. Du into Pie Piezui, breathing began to become rapid, one da.

fighting but let him calm down. Alone on his own, apparently can not save his daughter. All the concerns in the life of Luo Ying are worthless in front of. That blood, whether it is Luo Ying Luo Shaohua did not dare to think, while running out of the phone, dialed a number. A few seconds later, Du Cheng s voice came from the handset Iowa self balancing scooter Old Colorado self balancing scooter Luo Where are you, son Home. Sounds, Du into his call quite unexpected, something Luo Shaohua has rushed into the opposite site, look around, no one stands on the violetred self balancing scooter platform, he cursed loudly, to the Du Cheng reported a bunch of phone numbers, there is news immediately notice me. Du hesitated a moment, but quickly replied Yes, I ll call the shock beam. Luo Shaohua hang up, turned and ran to the exit. Not to go out of the gate, to see several security guards are around to navajowhite self balancing scooter try to stop him. Out of the way Luo Shaohua roared loudly. Perhaps by his face vicious face scared, it is intimidating his menacing momentum, security guards who have flinched. While they hesitated, Luo Iowa self balancing scooter Shaohua leaped from the gate, ran straight to the station. Coming to the street, Luo Shaohua quickly to the surrounding glance, the road only a few scattered pedestrians, very few vehi.In the blood paste live in the eye, the coldness is completed. Lin Guodong s laughter leray self balancing scooter not charging and rustling behind the footsteps of men recovered. He knew his whole body was exposed to each other s knives. But he can not do anything, any action may lead to their own and girls are falling downstairs. Time is pressing, but only two options First, as soon as the girl pulled up, once she was safe, Lin Guodong against themselves more than enough Suspended in the air girl crumbling. Survival of the instinct to let her desperately pulled up the man s sleeves. She did not dare to look down, but can not imagine that twenty meters under the ground how hard. Her right wrist was firmly seized by the man. The girl s legs kicked in the Iowa self balancing scooter air, twisting, while trying to stretch the left hand also tried to make their own more Iowa self balancing scooter secure. In her top, can see the man stuck out half of the body and rose red face. The man also stretched his left hand down, want to seize the girl s hand. However, the fingers of the two sides met several times, but still can not hold. Suddenly, the girl has been wiggling in the air stopped. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the oblique rear of the man. Quick The girl struggled again

Iowa Self Balancing Scooter out of 22 buildings, 4 units, Luo Shaohua bowed his head, through the floor of the open space, went straight to the opposite 14 buildings, back to lavenderblush self balancing scooter the 6th floor of the monitoring point, he was leaning against the wall, breathing. Although only a false alarm, but, because of emotional tension and rapid action, Luo Shaohua feel extremely tired, he took a full half an hour after the resumption. The burglary search nothing, but can not make Luo Iowa self balancing scooter Shaohua Lin Guodong assessment of any role in promoting. Luo Shaohua can do, can only continue to wait and surveillance. However, this, is the lanterns, the darkness. After nine at night, Lin Guodong home window is still dark. His late return, and the recent Iowa self balancing scooter laws of action is clearly inconsistent. Luo Shaohua do not know his whereabouts, but no way to verify. Wait for it is not the way, Luo Shaohua can only give up on this. After a little activity under the rigid limbs, he Iowa self balancing scooter best self balancing scooter quietly down the stairs, driving home. Into the house, Luo Shaohua misses to see Lin Guodong visited the site, went straight to Luo Ying s bedroom. A push the door, first to see Iowa self balancing scooter the Iowa self balancing scooter homework of the grandson to Chunhui. He casually asked the sentence your mother Did not come ba.hree Wei Jiong jumped up, want to go grab the hands of the remote control initiators Qian Kun, but he pushed open the chest. two Lin Guodong face ashes, closed his eyes. Wei Jiong cursed loudly, turned and pulled from Yue Xiaohui ran. To his surprise, Yue Xiaohui broke off his hand, step behind Lin Guodong. Ji Qiankun, you are not eligible to kill him Ji Qiankun stunned, the pressure on the red button on the thumb a little relaxation. Immediately, his features to twist together, hysterical roar up I did not Ji Qiankun Teng raised his hand, pointing to Lin Guodong, He killed my wife You killed my mother A Iveco police car outside the cafe. Du Cheng spent a lot of effort, Luo Shaohua is still unconscious, nonsense, always struggling in the car seat kick, mouth talking about Lin Guodong kill him. Finally, no longer tempted to Du into a bottle of mineral water are poured in the Luo Shaohua head, he was slightly calmed down. Du Cheng kneeling in the compartment, pinch Luo Shaohua s chin old Luo, old Luo, looking at me Luo Shaohua Although no longer struggling, but bowed his head, eyes closed, muttered muttering. Du into the fire from the heart, picked up a slap in the face, left and righ.

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