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Kansas Self Balancing Scooter $txt2 = str_replace(\',.\',\'.\',$txt2);background, seems to be a homeless. Luo Shaohua stepped forward to grabbed his hair, the man raised his face, Oh yo to call up. Not Lin Guodong. Nevertheless, anger is still thrown from the heart of Luo Shaohua. He kicked his feet to California self balancing scooter the man, the latter fell to the ground, while avoiding, while loud fuchsia self balancing scooter sound. The line. Always silent Du Sheng pull Luo Shaohua, first to Luo Ying to the hospital. Fourth People Kansas self balancing scooter s Hospital in the corridor, Du Cheng, Zhang Zhenliang, Luo Shaohua Kansas self balancing scooter waiting for the news of Luo Ying, or sit or stand, cherish their minds. That year, because Du Cheng insisted Xu Mingliang is not the murderer, and repeatedly asked to review the case, eventually leading him and Ma Jian, Luo Shaohua and others against. Even if the Du into being sent to other cities after the redeployment, the three have also become strangers. Especially in Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua have retired, Du Cheng and they almost cut off contact. Tonight Luo Shaohua suddenly find their own help, so that Du into a very unexpected. In this regard, Luo Shaohua the same explanation. He just felt that at that moment no one would understand Luoying s dangerous situation better than Du, even if Lin Guodong s existence.

ith the phone, fingers on the screen quickly moving. Old discipline, you carry Wi Fi s speed Well Well, that self balancing scooter change name is too funny 60 year old old discipline , ha ha. Also make do, you play. Ji Qiankun absent minded perfunctory, attention is still concentrated in front of a thick self balancing-scooter start pile of information. Wei Jiong on line search for a large number of serial murder case related to the information, download and print out, bound into a book to facilitate access to old Ji. Now with the help of Zhang Haisheng, Wei Jiong come and go in the nursing home freely. Although Zhang Haisheng often looking poor, but the requirements of Ji Qiankun, he obediently do so. One reason, only Wei Jiong know. This is the second time to bring information to the old discipline. He looked very seriously, from time to time with a red signature pen marked on the information, and occasionally stopped, and Wei Jiong to discuss a few. Some of the information is not informative. Ji Qiankun look at playing with mobile phone Yue Xiaohui, depressed the voice, may be the subjective speculation of Internet users, or even cranky. Yes, I screened a part, too outrageous directly ruled out. Wei Jiong suddenly some embarrassed smile.veral times, there is no qualification test. And then think of Yue Xiaohui have to skip class to buy cat food, and stray animals in the cats and dogs in Kansas self balancing scooter the rescue station. Then is their own social practice homework. Then, is that three story building, as well as the old discipline. Think of the old discipline, Wei Jiong one mediumorchid self balancing scooter hand Tuosai, the other hand with a ball point pen, look out the window. Today s weather is slightly gloomy, no sunshine, outdoor all lost color, as if a black and white photo. The leaves of the leaves and trees, as well as the dark school buildings, are enveloped in a thin layer of haze, looks lifeless. It is said that for the elderly, the most difficult is the winter. One is the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of the season two to everywhere are dying desolate scene, always make people into the late twilight of the heart, is about to come to the end of life sense. Even young people such as Wei Jiong lightsalmon self balancing scooter Kansas self balancing scooter could not afford self balancing scooter in india to play spirit, let alone is Ji Qiankun so helpless old man. Do not know the old discipline of the small room, at the moment is the same dark and boring Wei Jiong Qing sighed, turned his head, looked at the podium holdi.access. Oh, I know. Wei Jiong walked quickly back to his seat, before the seat to the administrator bowed slightly, I m sorry. The administrator nodded, continue to bow to Kansas self balancing scooter fiddle with the phone. Wei Jiong open the table the only remaining a file, pretending to check, feel the heart is still beating to jump non stop. The administrator in front, but not as casual as the surface, his every move in his surveillance, how could get the file it Wei Jiong heart health back Italy, anxious to immediately escape this archives room. However, the thought of waiting in the downstairs Yue Xiaohui and looking forward to the old documents with their return, and hesitated. Is dilemma, the quiet file room suddenly sounded a pleasant music. Wei Jiong subconsciously raised his head and saw the administrator is staring at the phone screen, immediately slide on the screen a bit, the phone attached to the ear. Hey Although he tried to keep his voice down, the conversation was still clearly visible in the quiet archives. From the administrator s tone and expression point of view, the other should be a close relationship with his female. I do not know the order to keep the file room, or two people talk to th.

Kansas Self Balancing Scooter he apprentice, the hand has begun to tremble, This What is smart-balance wheel news this Lin Guodong won the instant noodles Zhitong, drink the last of a soup, Satisfied Zaza Zui. This thing really save trouble, but also delicious, faster than in the past a lot of instant noodles. He got up and left the table, into the kitchen, khaki self balancing scooter put the barrel into the Kansas self balancing scooter trash, pour a cup of cool white open, but also looked at the way the phone is charging. It was his new toy , but playing for a long time no electricity. But it does not matter, before the phone is fully charged, he has a lot of interesting things to do. Lin Guodong back to the computer, continue to browse a web page. It is a portal on the production of a Kansas self balancing scooter topic on food safety. Lin Guodong while watching and whispered, from time to time turned Kansas self balancing scooter to see the kitchen. He had just eaten a bucket of Kansas self balancing scooter a brand of instant noodles, was questioned because the use of waste oil, also listed on the page in the food blacklist. Lin Guodong scolded a bad language. It seems that this new world is not everything better. He adjusted his sitting position and continued to browse the web. Inadvertently, he saw a link to the previous issue. The mouse slowly moves over the link, a.morning market around 9 30 on the market, if Lin Guodong not come back before 10 00, the basic can be sure he has to leave home to work for the translation of the company. Luo Shaohua put down the telescope, slightly depressed. However, the past few months to track, so he learned one thing, Kansas self balancing scooter that is patiently waiting. He reached out Kansas self balancing scooter to remove the heating pipe on the food bag, which has six meat buns, but also exudes a slight heat. Luo Shaohua took out two, leaning against a bicycle, and slowly Kansas self balancing scooter eat up. Eat breakfast, he removed from the backpack mug, drank two hot Kansas self balancing scooter water. Stomach burning burning hunger has been relieved, who also warm over. Luo Shaohua lit a cigarette, open the notebook, take note of their start today to monitor the time and Lin Guodong situation. Looking through the previous records, nearly a month, Lin Guodong out of the situation significantly reduced, it seems that things outside can not cause his interest. It seems that he has fully adapted to the life after the restoration of freedom. This process takes much less time electric self balancing scooter than Luo Shaohua envisioned. Moreover, Lin Guodong began to find a job, and the work is quite intentions, does not seem to intend to self destructi.

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