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Khaki Self Balancing Scooter t box. Those windows without glass are all dark. Du into the hands of the steering wheel, while looking for parking location, while quickly looked at those dark holes in the window, trying to find a little light. The building was surrounded by a shabby red brick wall, close to the side of Matsuyama Road, there is a gap, presumably the usual workers and vehicles out of the place. Du into the car in the past, and reached for the passenger seat on the satchel. Suddenly, his peripheral light appeared in the dazzling light, which, a huge shadow looming. Immediately, he felt himself the whole person flew to the khaki self balancing scooter right side, while a huge crash sounded in the ears. Sudden violent impact so that he almost twisted off the neck, the brain is also a moment that becomes blank. Severe pain in the cervical papayawhip self balancing scooter spine, Du Cheng separated every few seconds to realize that there is a car from the left side severely hit over. He unconsciously turned to look, a Honda CRV is firmly in front of the top of the Paladin SUV on the left. The engine is still roaring, his car is being hit each other a little bit to the right side of the wall. Finally, Paladin SUV pushed to the wall, no longer able to move. Du money. Ji Qiankun back by sitting in a wheelchair, his hands crossed, meaningfully watching Zhang Haisheng, You do not worry, fast. Moreover, you should be able to guess what I want to do At that time, you do not say, I do not say, no proof of death, mediumaquamarine self balancing scooter who take no way you. Dead without a permit, the four words did not let Zhang Haisheng have the slightest sad expression, on the contrary, but some relief. He stood in thought. I m leaving. Ji Qiankun is the demolition of a roll of wire, without looking up to ah a cry. That, transportation and meals Ji Qiankun pocket money out of three hundred dollars thrown in the past khaki self balancing scooter three days of the cost, first with. Zhang Haisheng pick up the money, stuffed into his pocket, turned to the door, hear Ji Qiankun and stopped him. Listen, said Ji Qiankun, taking off his glasses, his eyes shining. He only needs to go out, dress, dress, and belongings, and report to me understand Zhang Haisheng suddenly feel inexplicable flustered. He nodded casually, hastily opened the door, self balancing scooter reviews 2015 went out. Wei Jiong went to the yard of the nursing home, back to see Ji Qiankun room windows, thick cloth curtains close together, completely do not see the indoor situ.

egan to be filled with a variety of sounds. Morning news, wash the face of the sound of water, drink soy milk squeak, whistling hair dryer, toilet flushing sound, Luo Ying urged her son to the voice of Chunhui. Luo Shaohua busy in the kitchen and dining room, eyes always fall on smart balance wheel start her daughter and grandson. Since her daughter divorced, Luo Shaohua addition to taking care of his wife, Luo Ying and Chunhui to the daily diet also wrapped in him. He does not think it is a burden, but happy in them. When the police for more than lightyellow self balancing scooter 30 years, after retirement, you can make up for Jinfeng Niangliang owed. Clock points to seven, my daughter and grandson have already eaten breakfast, wash finished. Busy morning time can come to an end, Luo Shaohua sitting at the table, picked up a fritters, just bite, I heard his cell phone issued a bite sound. Luo Shaohua rubbed his finger, pick up the phone to view text messages. Glanced, he stopped chewing, shocked. Immediately, he stopped living in the door for Luo Ying. Yingying, a taxi today to send their children. Luo Shaohua reluctantly swallowed the mouth of the fritters, I want to use the car. Well Luo Ying, a little surprised back, I ll give you. No. L.eceiver, OK, I ll go home now. Well, said his wife, with a clear voice, What would you like to eat, and I ll give you a soft shelled turtle No, no trouble. Well, I ll wait for you. Hang up the phone, Du Cheng stood up, Samsam to Ma Jian said khaki self balancing scooter Colts, I Ma Jian smiled, a week did not go home, right back to rest, take a bath, take care of the children. That is not good. Quickly get out of it. Ma Jian waved, and other bright and stable situation again, there are brothers who braved it. OK Du into a rush to get clothes, pack hand bag, heels to the door. Just opened the door, and a rushed to the police rushed to hit a full. Oh, I m sorry Dugu. The policeman simply greeted Ducheng, facing Ma Jian, shortness of breath, Colts, right leg, found. Forty khaki self balancing scooter minutes later, the police car left the main road, open a bumpy dirt road. Ma Jian face livid, without a word, always staring at the front. Then, he looked at 177 Highway Provincial Architectural Design Institute family area , Red River Street, No. 163, a few locations Figure , With black signature khaki self balancing scooter pen back and forth outlined. Driving bumps, Du Cheng quickly felt dizzy, the stomach began to churn. He put down his pen and looked out the win.background, seems to be a homeless. Luo Shaohua stepped forward to grabbed his hair, the man raised his face, Oh yo to call up. Not Lin Guodong. Nevertheless, anger is still thrown from the heart of Luo Shaohua. He kicked his feet to the man, the latter fell to the ground, while avoiding, while loud sound. The line. Always silent Du Sheng pull Luo Shaohua, first to Luo Ying to the hospital. Fourth People s Hospital in the corridor, Du Cheng, Zhang Zhenliang, Luo Shaohua waiting for the news of Luo Ying, or sit or stand, cherish their minds. That year, because Du Cheng insisted Xu Mingliang is not the murderer, and repeatedly asked to khaki self balancing scooter review the case, eventually leading him and Ma Jian, Luo Shaohua and others against. Even if the Du into being sent to other cities after the redeployment, the three have also become strangers. Especially in Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua have retired, Du Cheng and they almost cut off contact. Tonight Luo Shaohua suddenly find their own help, so that Du into a very unexpected. In this regard, Luo Shaohua the same explanation. He just felt that at that moment no one would understand Luoying s dangerous situation better than Du, even if Lin Guodong s existence.

Khaki khaki self balancing scooter Self Balancing Scooter a cup of tea, the relative sit. Ji Qiankun blowing tea cup, carefully sipped a hot tea, asked What are you busy recently Not seen you for several days. Oh, I apply for Driving. Wei Jiong scratching his head, to Lianju to the, Hey, rush. Ha ha, just started learning to drive like this. Ji Qiankun holding cup, smiling at Wei Jiong, For you, which is the most difficult ah From the slope. Wei Jiong embarrassed smile, always stalled, coach was scolded yesterday. That simple. Ji Qiankun put down the cup, while gestures side said, stop to the slope, the clutch and brake, and then slowly loose clutch, feel the body vibration, a little bit of brake release Wei Jiong look seriously listened to, khaki self balancing scooter it seems that the intentions of memory. OK ah old discipline, can not think of you also know driving after I have not, and asked Hello. No problem. Ji Qiankun quite contented, I am the old driver. Wei Jiong s face was gloomy, without a word watching Ji Qiankun, eyes look very strange. Ji Qiankun khaki self balancing scooter feel strange, frowned and asked Your kid today is how it Well. Wei Jiong soon returned to normal, he went to the window, set off the curtain looked royalblue self balancing scooter to the electric self balancing scooter videos on youtube outside. The old discipline. Ok Today the weath.looked at Luo Shaohua silent action. Finally, he went to the entrance hall, pedal shoes, no longer khaki self balancing scooter could not help. Shaohua Luo Shaohua heard her call, whole body Yi Chan. However, he did not stop, continue to slowly lace, back satchel. Raising his hand to open the door, he hesitated a moment, smart self balancing scooter specs turned to Jinfeng. Jinfeng looked at Luo Shaohua. He went to his wife, stared at her for a long time, and finally stretched out a hand on her khaki self balancing scooter cheek. The hand wrinkled, cold biting. I made a mistake, a lot of mistakes, Luo Shaohua said softly, both tired and resolute, This mistake killed the old horse.Now, I m going to correct this error. Tears from the eyes of Jinfeng emission, she seized the hands of Luo Shaohua, shaking his head, pleading silently. Do not, do not go, do not leave me and this home. Luo Shaohua stood motionless in Virginia self balancing scooter khaki self balancing scooter situ, staring at never deeppink self balancing scooter been so beautiful wife. How good a woman, how good life. but Jinfeng suddenly felt the face of the hand quickly pulled away. And khaki self balancing scooter then looked up, the only time to see the clothes Luo Shaohua flash in the doorway. With the closure of the iron gate of the ring, Luo Shaohua has come to the corridor, the sound of piercing cry shouting off behind. Fle.

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