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Lavender Self Balancing Scooter bags to his hand. Let him rather surprised that Ji Qiankun directly out of a cigarette, looked a lot. Now the packaging self balancing scooter importers becomes like this he said to himself, then unpacked and pulled out a box, sniffing under his nose, Well, it s the smell. Zhang Haisheng straightened up, hand Zhuzhuobuban, Ji Qiankun see the hands of the smoke, but also take a look at Wei Jiong. Well, I went to work. Wei Jiong raised lavender self balancing scooter his hand to the hands of the mop to signal Ji Kun, You first recover. Okay. Ji Qiankun slightly bowed lavender self balancing scooter in the wheelchair, will come later. Well, Wei Jiong should be a cry, turned out of the room. Close the door of self balancing board news the lavender self balancing scooter moment, he found Zhang Haisheng s eyes have been in their own body. Wipe the two floors of the floor, Wei Jiong s mood was slowly calm down. Carrying the cigarette into the nursing home, his heart was both excited and nervous. By the people of care, bought the nursing home of the contraband , but also personally handed buyers in the hands, how to have some illegal secret trade taste. People used to eating tea, and occasionally to a heavy oil spicy Sichuan, there will be large pores, sweating feel the fun of it. Like drug trafficking. Wei Jiong heart secretly laugh, no.ator lavender self balancing scooter sounder. Highlight could not help but laugh, whispered You old best self balancing scooter brand fox. Du smiled lavender self balancing scooter silently, indicating a bright walk in front, followed by their own, staring at the signal frequency lights. Two people lightly, in the dark corridor slowly forward. Concrete floor has been seriously worn, showing a sand, step up a rustling sound. Two people try to slow down the action, one by one to detect the three households, the signal frequency light and no significant change. Du Cheng Lala bright sleeves, turned and walked lavender self balancing scooter to the fire channel. Even the next five layers, still not brown self balancing scooter close to the signal source. Du has been some slight asthma, forehead also has a fine sweat. Highlight listen to his breathing is different, turned and whispered Lao Du, do not take a lavender self balancing scooter break Du into waved his hand, pointing to the bottom of the stairs without a bottom No, continue. Highlight light sigh The old self-balancing scooter product specification things you take it, set I told you. That much embarrassed. Less to this set. Highlight has been carrying a positioning device to walk to the staircase, I asked me to eat back ah. Du smiled, back against the wall, reaching for his pocket to smoke, touched the air was aware that half a pack of cigarettes have been give.

ad car, I do not know whether they have got off Wei Jiong suddenly stared, the top of the phone screen message bar, a WeChat icon jumped come out. He did not want to drop down menu, point to open WeChat. Is Yue Xiaohui In the dialog box, it is a message that shares the real time location she is in an alley between Montenegro and Matsuyama. Wei Jiong to enlarge the map, the name of the alley appears clearly on the phone screen. Master, U turn Black Mountain Road, Lane 102 Wei Jiong and red microphone shouted She Lane 102 Lane in Montenegro Road Well, right away Du has been too late to ask the reason, You wait for me in the alley, not allowed to separate The girl neither rebellion, and no cry for help, let Lin Guodong pulled himself to the end of the alley self balancing scooter for sale walked. Along the way, they did not encounter pedestrians. Lin Guodong once again indulge in the girl s aroma. The final tens of meters away, he almost put the nose to the girl s neck nest. Out of the alley, in front of a road across the north and south. Occasional vehicles on the road speeding over. Lin Guodong had to temporarily focus, tightly grasp the girl s left lavender self balancing scooter arm, the knife from the girl s waist to the backe the old Qin doubled under the sleeping pills, to facilitate her to bully her. This bastard in order to comfort, each with sesame oil. Wei Jiong finally understand the strange old woman who surnamed Qin taste come from, think of the use of sesame oil, can not help but burst of churn the stomach. Old Qin is very poor, was the next drug, ignorance and unconsciously to be ruined. Lao Ji sighed, But I think her lavender self balancing scooter heart is clear, but she did not know. He put the cigarette butts pressed out Before the Spring Festival, the old Qin s family to pick her up, the lavender self balancing scooter old lady happy, happy like a child, but the sixth day she was sent back, his son left, the old lady that look Ugh. Can imagine. After a short period of family happiness, but also the lonely lonely mintcream self balancing scooter time. Not to mention, but also endure endless insults and rape. However, the mystery of the hearts of Wei Jiong is growing. Old Ji, Wei Jiong silent for a long while, and finally lightpink self balancing scooter asked, You know the law, right Old Ji seems to Wei Jiong s question is not unexpected, nodded ah. You are very clear, Zhang Haisheng and Oida, is an accomplice, right Correct. Why do not you put the two videos to the police Wei Jiong stared at the old Ji eye.g Guiqin has applied for state compensation. Subsequently, Xu Mingliang case of accountability for the wrong case to start the proceedings. Involved in self balancing scooter samsung battery the case of the public, prosecutors, law three departments were ordered to cooperate with the investigation. Many of them retired public security and judicial staff. Has presided over the investigation of the case of C City Public Security Bureau Tie East Branch of the former Deputy Secretary Ma Jian declared revolutionary martyr honorary title of the program was stopped. A police officer surnamed Du suddenly collapsed when asked, the day was sent to the C City, the Third People s Hospital. The end of May, late spring. The sky was clear and the sun was good. The daily rising temperatures so that the city completely farewell to the cold winter of the withered. Green grass, Huayi, coupled with the strong build everywhere body and young face, more and more intense vitality in this land to flourish. Ji Qiankun shook the wheelchair, in the Third People s Hospital yard slowly forward. The sun shone on his body, very warm and comfortable. He kept a deep breath, the taste of grass mixed with the aroma of the soil lingering in the nasal cavit.

Lavender Self Balancing Scooter eng straight up the elevator, careful darkblue self balancing scooter to avoid acquaintances, so again the disease statement again, listen to a bunch of comfort people. Half lavender self balancing scooter an hour later, Du Cheng returned home. Open the door of the moment, a musty mixed with ash group blowing. Du into a small whisper, sucking the nose, went straight to the kitchen. Gas stove on the pot, the half pot egg noodles have been born Lvmao. Du into the noodles into the trash, the pot and clean brush. Subsequently, he opened the refrigerator, took out a withered green onions, cut a little chopped green onion, the pot heat, put oil, put the green onion into the pan of the moment, sound, smoke, filled with There was anger in the dusty little house. Du fried a few times, add water, cover the lid. Waiting for the water to open the work, Du into the rag to pick up the cleaning began, just clean the table, the liver began to dull pain. His face met with sweat, managed to draw a picture frame on the chest, wipe clean, put a wiping cloth, sitting at the table breathing. Sitting for a while, gas stove on the iron pot came a gurgling sound, big steam from the edge of the lid to emerge. Du into the refrigerator from an egg, knock open, thrown into.ot large, about 10 square meters. Left against the wall placed five bucket kitchen and wardrobe, the right side of the window is a single bed, opposite a desk. Du Cheng looked at the wooden shelves on the table, which neatly stuck with a few English and mathematics textbooks. He reached for the table and wiped it clean. Twenty three years ago, the old woman leaned against the door, Ming liang love clean, I rub every day. Du Chengliaoyisheng, turned and looked at the single bed. Ordinary blue checkered sheets, has some discoloration. Quilt was Fangzheng positive, on the bed. Bedside wall close to a few posters, sports stars, there are swimsuit girl. That s the guy of that age, said the old woman, catching his eye. He s a good boy. Du did not make a sound, turned to look out the window. Here is an oldest district of the most peripheral, street, around four o lavender self balancing scooter clock in the afternoon, on both sides of the dim color of the buildings are restored to a little life. Downstairs is a small market, a large number of cooked food and street snacks in this sale, flue gas curl. In the past, Du Cheng pointed downstairs, is not it like that Twenty years ago was a thermal power plant. The old woman st.

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