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Lawngreen Self Balancing Scooter recovered, his heart sank a bit, going to the place, he did not want to and his career lawngreen self balancing scooter linked together. But, a lot of things, not he think or do not want , you can easily peel off. Luo Shaohua leray self balancing scooter reviews secretly gritted his teeth, at the foot of a little harder, in a mist to the western suburbs speeding away. salmon self balancing scooter Ankang Hospital is located in the outskirts of the city, the hospital has nearly 30 years of history. And the city decorate the style of the big hospitals, Ankang hospital looks more like a dilapidated rural primary school. Luo Shaohua parked in a dirt road, far from looking at the hospital rusty dark green iron gate. At the moment the sun has risen, haze is not completely dispersed. Ankang hospital is probably breakfast time, lawngreen self balancing scooter a large group of water vapor floating in the yard, mixed in haze, people and objects are Yingyingchaochao. Luo Shaohua rolled down half the window, lit a cigarette, silently watching the hospital was shrouded in a mist. This more than 20 years, Luo Shaohua almost every month to an Ankang Hospital. However, he has been confused, plum self balancing scooter obviously a place to treat mental patients, why should be called well being of the hospital. Well, if these patients can be good enough. L. foreach($a as $a1)

be a man escorted out of the general. She set the gods, did not bother to have winked to her Wei Jiong, the drink half of the coffee thrown into the side of the trash, full of clothes, stand up. Wei Jiong and the man walked in front of her, ranging from them to speak, Yue Xiaohui said No matter his thing, I let him go. lawngreen self balancing scooter Men surprised a moment, Wei Jiong face is lawngreen self balancing scooter lawngreen self balancing scooter a dumbfounded expression. Immediately, the man laughed. Patting criminal files, your courage is not small. Men pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, But your associates good, quite interesting. Having lawngreen self balancing scooter said that, he walked on his own, leaving a confused Yue Xiaohui standing in situ. Wei Jiong followed behind him, and waved hands Yue Xiaohui also keep up. Men have come to the parking lot of the High Court, to find an old fashioned Paladin SUV, open the door, indicating lawngreen self balancing scooter Wei Jiong Georgia self balancing scooter and Yue Xiaohui sat in the back, then, on the train, launch, leave the High Court. Soon, off road vehicles into the city s busy. Men have been driving, always silent. Car drifting away, Yue Xiaohui also slowly recovered, turned around and looked with the eyes of inquiry Wei Jiong, his mouth silently asked Who is he Wei Jiong look at the driver s seat silent ma.eople are terrible. Du into the Office of the Secretary in the door knocked on the door twice, pushed into the door. Duan Hongqing sitting at the table, is on the phone. See him in, Duan Hongqing first surprised a moment, then pointed to the black friday self balancing scooter walmart wall of the sofa, motioned him to sit down. Du unceremoniously sat down, picked up the table of cigarettes, lit a suck up. Duan Hongqing a few words finished the phone, hastily lawngreen self balancing scooter hung up, frowning looked at Du into, lightgreen self balancing scooter suddenly spoke and said I can not get you, is it Lao Du Du into not speak, hehe smile. Duan Hongqing got up from the seat, walked around to sit down into the Du, directed at his shoulders pounded the punch. Go, shut yourself up Du smiled dodge, easily pulled out a cigarette and handed Duan Hongqing. Two people sitting silent smoking. Sucking one, lawngreen self balancing scooter Duan Hongqing got up and put a cup of tea to Du, placed in front of him. Lao Du, I just contacted a student in Beijing, a large hospital, to think of a way. Du into the cup, blowing tea cup, carefully sipped Duan, we know how many years Twenty seven years. Twenty seven years and four months. Duan Hongqing immediately replied. Oh Remember so clearly Du into some surprise. Nonsense Duan Hongqing.nd holding the mouse, want to casually look something to distract. At a glance, a title jumped into his line of sight. That is after the last search, has not yet browsed a page murderers are still at large murder case reproduction. This is a post from a web forum. Lin Guodong open the page, I thought was a mess of the story However, only two or mini segway self balancing scooter three lines, his eyes widened, then the body tight. That pencil, carbazole it soon broken. Chapter XV complicity Wei self balancing scooter site fr ebay amazon Jiong the last piece of butter biscuits thrown into the mouth, while chewing, while sloppy to sweep away the biscuit crack. He has been lying like this one morning, in a small sense of guilt to enjoy the finish of the Spring Festival. A thick set of judicial examination exercises lay beside him. It is he deliberately back from the school, intends to finish in the holidays. However, according to past experience, after the end of the winter vacation, this book will be intact back. Wei Jiong comfortable to turn over a body, while watching the phone, while comforting themselves tomorrow, tomorrow, we must learn. Suddenly the door was pushed open, her mother broke into a glance to see the bed sheet of cake residue. You are a pig ah.

Lawngreen Self Balancing Scooter i Jiong Fu in the corridor of the railings, quietly staring at the bridge under the calm lake. A pair of young lovers who had just been photographed here walked away from him. The girl specifically looked at him, and lawngreen self balancing scooter her boyfriend whispered a few words. lawngreen self balancing scooter Wei Jiong vaguely heard lovelorn The lawngreen self balancing scooter will not want to commit suicide and the like, could not help but laugh. It was a bit strange for a man to visit the park, and the lake he had watched was indeed related to death. October 27, 1992, the city s first department store salesman Liang Qingyun was raped and killed. The next day, the body was dismembered into several pieces were found throughout the city. Among them, her two legs floating in the foot of this piece of water Wei Jiong in the lake. Some people use and two years ago, Xu Mingliang homicide smart self balancing scooter case almost exactly the same way to kill the woman. Now it is certain that the murderer is not Lin Guodong. Need to figure out is why he did so motivation. Du said that when these words are sitting on the bedside, watching their feet at the foot of a trance. We do not know this, we are blind. Is that so important Of course. Du Cheng look puzzled look Wei Jiong, smiled, In particular, murderthe pot, and open the cupboard, pulls out a small noodle, on the pot boil. Eat a simple lunch, Du into a cigarette smoking, his face rosy. He went into the bedroom, pulled an old canvas suitcase from the wardrobe, effortlessly to the restaurant. The bowl aside, he put the suitcase flat on the table, hastily lawngreen self balancing scooter wipe a little dust, open the box lock. Box is a few yellow kraft paper portfolio, corners have been worn, there are piles of photos and copies of documents, also covered with dust. Du Cheng picked up a portfolio, jitter wrist, large group of dust Pusu Su to fall. The afternoon sun through the iron window bar into the room, forming a mottled light beam. security self balancing scooter Small dust in the sun stretch, drift, gently scattered on the table. Du calmly looked at the portfolio has been faded in a few black ink handwriting. 11.9 series of rape murder case, 1990. Chapter Five Luo Shaohua raised his head and looked at the corridor wall, 3 , feel the sweat is slowly from the forehead Qinqin. He held onto the staircase railings, breathed a little, lifted his foot to climb the stairs. Arrived at the 5th floor of the door, Luo Shaohua took out the key, gently twist the iron gate, quietly into the living room.

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