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Leray Self Balancing Scooter Battery t to lunch. Chen Xiao test asked, You either Well Lin Guodong recovered, quickly put away the Washington self balancing scooter manuscript, Well. Chen Xiao was a bit surprised, but the words have been exported, then recover too late. Thought, just a meal, no big deal. Two out of the office leray self balancing scooter battery one after the other. Chen Xiao lock the door, went straight to the elevator. And other elevator time, two people have a take a ride to pull some gossip, Lin Guodong looks a little nervous, very self balancing scooter for sale straight back straight, always looking at the LCD panel constantly changing numbers. Chen Xiao mind secretly funny, can not think of this old gentleman kinda innocent. Soon, the elevator came to their floor. Many people inside the car, the basic people are rushing to lunch. Two people squeezed into. Chen stood in the doorway, Lin Guodong stood behind her. The elevator is down. Chen Xiao wondering bowl of ravioli or Mala Tang, suddenly felt the air behind the neck gently blowing, as if someone was breathing heavily behind her. She frowned, subconsciously moved forward half a step. At the same time, she heard an almost imperceptible sound. Both as a sigh, like groans. Five minutes later, Lin Guodong and Chen Xiao stood in an alley dow.bear joint responsibility. Wei Jiong laughed. His heart is not resentment of the old discipline. A walking inconvenience to the world full of curiosity of the old man, has electric self balancing scooters for adults a strong interest in new things. Cell phone for him, is a novelty toys, but also pass the time, a good way to self balancing scooter suppliers loneliness. His understanding of the old discipline, more sympathy, like self balancing scooter site uk trying to protect a little off the candle. Back to teach the old Internet. Wei Jiong to speed up the pace, keep up with Yue Xiaohui, He certainly likes. The door opened, a white haired woman stuck his head out, looked up and down the Du into Who are you looking for You are Yang Guiqin, right Du into the pocket from the police officer card, I am the police. Old woman did not mean to open the door, still look of suspicion Do you have something Xu Mingliang is your son, right Du smiled, the case return visit. Elderly woman s face can not see the expression changes, but already intends to close. Du into a step forward, with the toe to withstand the door. And to send warmth to families that are out of sync. Du into the handle leray self balancing scooter battery from behind, a barrel of soybean oil. leray self balancing scooter battery darkolivegreen self balancing scooter Old woman to see the oil drums, and look at Du smart-balance wheel Cheng, silently let go of the.

$txtArray[] = trim($text,\"\\r\\n\"); $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);looked at Luo Shaohua silent action. Finally, he went to the entrance hall, pedal shoes, no longer could not help. Shaohua Luo Shaohua heard her call, whole body Yi Chan. However, he did not stop, continue to slowly lace, back satchel. Raising his hand to open the door, he hesitated leray self balancing scooter battery a moment, turned to Jinfeng. Jinfeng looked at Luo Shaohua. He went to his wife, stared at her for a long time, and finally stretched out a hand on her cheek. The hand wrinkled, cold biting. I made a mistake, a lot of mistakes, Luo Shaohua said softly, both tired and resolute, This mistake killed leray self balancing scooter battery the old horse.Now, I m going to correct this error. Tears from the eyes of Jinfeng emission, she seized the hands of Luo Shaohua, shaking his head, pleading silently. Do not, do not go, do not leave me and this home. Luo Shaohua stood motionless in situ, staring at never leray self balancing scooter battery been so beautiful wife. How good a woman, how good life. but Jinfeng suddenly felt the face of the hand quickly pulled away. And then looked up, the only time to see the clothes Luo Shaohua flash in the doorway. With the closure of the iron gate of the ring, Luo Shaohua has come to the corridor, the sound of piercing cry shouting off behind. Fle.

Leray Self Balancing Scooter Battery cut off from the world, and died with hatred and resignation. hope You lit the ashes in my heart, said the old man, and his eyes suddenly appeared in a hawklike look, You make me feel leray self balancing scooter battery that I have a chance to find the murderer. However, Wei Jiong still feel puzzled, What is this and Zhang Haisheng I need someone who can drive me unconditionally, said the old discipline s mouth with a smile, here is the equivalent of a cage, but I have to go out.In addition to Zhang Haisheng, no leray self balancing scooter battery one can help me. Wei Jiong does not speak, still staring at him. I know this is not ethical, especially for the old Qin is not fair. Old Ji Wei Jiong know leray self balancing scooter battery the mind, tone gradually worsened, I assure you that this matter to find out, I will be the first time to Zhang Haisheng The evidence of the rape is handed over to the police, but I can not leray self balancing scooter battery trust Zhang leray self balancing scooter battery Haisheng in terms of ability or character. Words here, the old discipline is no longer open, but looking forward to looking at Wei Jiong. Wei Jiong upset. He is very aware of the intention of the old discipline In addition to Zhang Haisheng, Lao Ji also need a person to help him investigate the murder case. This person is Wei Jiong. In the situation in reason.ad intersection, River Bay Park, smart-balance wheel news waste incineration plant, the city orthopedic hospital. Du picked up a black leray self balancing scooter battery marker suspects should have a car, if you have to go to who makes the best self balancing scooter these places, then royalblue self balancing scooter the driving route is roughly this. When he finished, he painted a few twists and turns on the map of the black line. Ma Jian white find the intersection On the slide labeled 3.14 , the same number of black lines were attached to the place marked with the red mark, and then it was overlaid on the first leray self balancing scooter battery slide. Two transparent film overlap together, can see the corpse to disperse their own, but that the traffic route of the black line there are cross and overlap. This is a good idea Ma Jian excited, got up and greeted a colleague, go, get a city map, the bigger the better. A few hours later, a large map of the city hanging in the office wall, the desk was removed, chairs placed in a row against the wall. Police officers stood in front of the map, looking at the above marked more than a dozen red spots, analysis of the murderer may be driving through the route. Gradually, a few tortuous thick black lines appear on the map. Immediately, the analysis of ideas into a push his starting point. After some deduc.

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