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Leray Self Balancing Scooter Reviews house. Immediately, he went to the sofa next to observe the style and fabric, roughly deduce its display leray self balancing scooter reviews time, Du Cheng stood up, his eyes toward the bathroom. The bathtub became the first object to attract his attention. Du into a circle in leray self balancing scooter reviews the bathroom, shouted to the leray self balancing scooter reviews leray self balancing scooter reviews door the people, come. Zhang Limin crashed to. Du into the bath and the walls leray self balancing scooter reviews Here, re inspection. Oh Zhang Limin put away the cigarettes about to fire, a look of surprise, check what Focus on the blood. Du into the ground, tiles have to check, do not miss each slot. Zhang Limin more puzzled, however, he see Du into a serious look, did not ask, waved his colleagues came to work. Thank you, the people. Du into patting his shoulder, have found immediately told me. He walked out of the bathroom and continued to look at it indoors. Zhang Zhenliang at the door to call, see him out, put away the phone came. Ma s home to the Bureau of the sister in law. Zhang Zhenliang looked at Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua also came. Du Cheng took the elevator, went straight to the Office of the Deputy Secretary away. Just a few steps away, he heard someone called him behind. Du turned back, see Zhang Haisheng pushing Ji Qiankun, are coming to th.ying on the desktop of a stack of information, see them come in, put the line of sight in the past. how is it Of course there are found. Yue Xiaohui burlywood self balancing scooter hands of the paper bag, there leray self balancing scooter reviews is a perfume and butterfly lady is very similar may be topaz used. So, at least three victims have had leray self balancing scooter reviews the day of the incident paint the perfume. Ji Qiankun looked very excited, Li Lihua went to the mall that night, probably also bought a perfume at least tried. Du into the interest to come up with two perfume bottles from the bag, open the bottle, scrape together in the past smell, then even hit two sneeze. Yue Xiaohui was amused. She grabbed the hands of Du perfume bottles, raised his arm. With the two Qing Xiang, a burst of fine hair as the fog slowly fall in the air. Everyone instantly was suddenly rising into the sky surrounded by leray self balancing scooter reviews the aroma. No one to speak, it seems that all the taste in the taste of the diffuse in the whole body. Moment, Du into the suction nose, opening said very good smell, ah, really damn not sure why someone will kill because of this. Wei Jiong see Ji Qiankun. The old man sitting motionless in a wheelchair, his hands holding the stainless steel handrail, head slightly low, eyes h.

o hear her behind him leray self balancing scooter reviews stopped him. Officer Du. Old woman hand holding the door, only half of the body exposed, face suddenly look more old. It seems not just a few hours, but several decades. Have you ever played him No, Ducheng blurted out, he did not catch me. Deep wrinkles slowly smile. Thank you. Having said that, the old woman turned and gently shut the door. Chapter XII New World Luo Shaohua raised his head and looked at the sky rolling clouds, cursing the sentence, open the cigarette leray self balancing scooter reviews packaging. The air was hot and humid. Luo Shaohua even hit three times before the fire lit cigarettes. He spit out a cigarette, struggling to move the shoulder, sweaty uniform shirt has been posted on the back. He picked up the shirt collar, unable to fan, while off the cap, caught in the scarlet self balancing scooter armpit. He stroked his hand stroked his hair, immediately felt into the lock of the sweat has been flowing into the clothes along the neck, the handle in the pants electric self balancing scooter hover board on the so so dry, Luo Shaohua leaning on the pole, muffled smoking. Do not know is a few, only know is the deepest night. At the moment of all silence, the streets did not have a pedestrian. Even the night shift of the taxi, it seems that this road di.rget Not so simple. Du Cheng shook his head, This guy s economic conditions should not be too bad, if only to vent the beast, station street women have. He went to the white board, pointing to a few photos rape, affirmation and sex, kill and flesh, although there is silencing, but can see his hatred of the victims from the heart for a female , self balancing scooter change He wants to possess, and deep hatred. Has been silent, Yue Xiaohui suddenly asked Du police officers, when investigating the case of the police are male, right Uh Du was surprised by her question. Yeah, how You have ignored the point, a woman in addition to external clothing, looks, hair, there is a kind of invisible things, the same can stimulate the man. Three are stunned, then at the same time ask What Yue Xiaohui pointed to his clothes smell. Du into the first reaction perfume Yes, Yue Xiaohui nodded, I checked some information, perfume for some men, is the aphrodisiac. tomato self balancing scooter Perhaps it is a special smell, to stimulate his impulse. Du immediately turned his head to Ji Qiankun, who gave a little thought to give a definite answer Yes, Feng Nan day out, do paint the perfume Madame Butterfly. perfume. Du s brain up and running, and the first a man escorted out of the general. She set the gods, did not bother to have winked to her Wei Jiong, the drink half of the coffee thrown into the side of the trash, full of clothes, stand up. Wei Jiong and the man walked in front of her, ranging from them to speak, Yue Xiaohui said No matter his thing, I let him go. Men surprised a moment, Wei Jiong face is a dumbfounded expression. Immediately, the man laughed. Patting criminal files, your courage is not small. Men pat on the shoulder Wei Jiong, But your associates good, quite interesting. Having said that, he walked on his own, leaving a confused Yue Xiaohui standing in situ. Wei Jiong followed behind him, and waved hands Yue Xiaohui also keep up. Men have come to the parking lot of the High Court, to find an old fashioned Paladin SUV, open the door, indicating Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui sat in the back, then, on the train, launch, leave the High Court. Soon, off road vehicles into the city s busy. Men have been driving, always silent. Car drifting away, Yue Xiaohui also slowly recovered, turned around and looked with the eyes of inquiry Wei Jiong, his mouth silently asked Who is he Wei Jiong look at the driver leray self balancing scooter reviews s seat Michigan self balancing scooter silent ma.

Leray Self Balancing Scooter Reviews eir own. How did you come I saw the news this morning, saw the arrest warrant. Ji Qiankun sitting in a wheelchair, looked at his back, Lin Guodong do He hijacked the junior girl who is not Yue Xiaohui Du Cheng look at Zhang Haisheng. The latter TIPS to a few leray self balancing scooter reviews meters away, relying on the wall smoking. Lin Guodong Du leray self balancing scooter reviews into account words, He killed a policeman.He last night, he hijacked people is Yue goldenrod self balancing scooter Xiaohui.This child on the body paint the Madame Butterfly , want to lead Lin Guodong start, and then grab him a current. What happened to her now Ji Gai kun s face suddenly turned gray, his hands clutching the wheelchair armrest tightly, seemed to want to stand up, I called her, the child has not answered. She s fine, skin trauma, in the public security hospital. Ji Qiankun s expression slightly relaxed. He turned the wheelchair, while greeting Zhang Haisheng fast, take me to the Public Security Hospital. You do not do anything. Lin Guodong still at large, but caught him just a matter snow self balancing scooter of time. Du quickly asked Road, look was dim down, he killed my colleagues, live video evidence, this time he could not escape of. Ji Qiankun turned the action suddenly stopped. He lowered his head, t.ld want me Old woman spit out the smoke ring, see the cigarette case, in the end is a public pumping, good smoke. Two people standing in the living room, silent smoking. Old woman s white hair disheveled, with a rubber band in the back of the head, wearing a dirty upper body can not see the color of the wool sweater, the lower body is the same black and lightgray self balancing scooter shiny trousers. Her face covered with age darkolivegreen self balancing scooter spots, muddy eyes, indifference, and only when the cigarette butts in force when to see a trace of contented look. Well, to return to what Old woman lit the second cigarette, slowly opening, is Mingliang thing Du into look at her Yes. He was very clear that this will be the most difficult one visit, but also the most can not be avoided once. Although Yang Guiqin scars will be opened, and may face her most hostile, but he must do so, because to prove that he is right, there is a big mystery to be solved. Hearing his answer, the woman unconsciously looked at the living room on the north side of a closed door, then turned to face Du People are dead, what can be accessed Du into the circle in the room, asked Sit down to chat, can you Old woman thought, nodded, to the corner of an old wooden table.

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