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Leray Self Balancing Scooter Safety g Guiqin has applied for state compensation. Subsequently, Xu Mingliang case of accountability for the wrong case to start the proceedings. Involved in the case of leray self balancing scooter safety the public, prosecutors, law three departments were ordered to cooperate with the investigation. Many of them retired public security and judicial staff. Has presided over the investigation leray self balancing scooter safety of the case of C City Public Security Bureau Tie East Branch of the former Deputy Secretary Ma Jian declared revolutionary martyr honorary title of the program was stopped. A police officer surnamed Du suddenly collapsed when asked, the day was sent to the C City, the Third People s Hospital. The end of May, late spring. The sky was clear and the sun was good. The daily rising temperatures so that the city completely farewell to the cold winter of the withered. Green grass, Huayi, coupled with the strong build everywhere body and young face, more and more intense vitality in this land to flourish. smart self balancing scooter reviews Ji Qiankun shook the wheelchair, in the Third leray self balancing scooter safety People s Hospital yard slowly forward. The sun shone on his body, very warm and comfortable. He kept a deep breath, the taste of grass mixed with the aroma of the soil lingering in the nasal aliceblue self balancing scooter cavit.puzzled, You do not know Well, Wei Jiong tried to suppress the fear, I would like to ask you, how is the demarcation of leray self balancing scooter safety suspects may live range Oh, this is very complicated, the phone probably would not say. Du hesitated, or you find time to me, I tell you. it self balancing scooter site fr ebay amazon is good. How did you find out Not at the moment. Wei Jiong smacked Za became dry mouth, Nothing. Hang up the phone, Wei Jiong suddenly forget where they are. He leray self balancing scooter safety stared blankly at the crowd as he watched the balloon in his hand, looking at the smiling face of the ignorance of the world. In the midday sun, his eyes are only a dark. Overwhelming darkness. The twenty seventh chapter fails Chen Xiao lock the door of the office, looked at his watch wrist, is already at 9 07 pm. The entire office buildings are empty, dark corridor, only the elevator LCD screen there is a slight red light. She felt a little flustered, with the faint light of the phone screen, walked quickly to the elevator. Sensor lights, Chen mood also slightly relaxed. With a bite sound, the car door opened silently. Chen Xiao into the elevator, slowly Shen to the first floor. Came to the street, she was relieved, the burning sensation in the stomach began to becom.

he map. Soon, the murderer in the night of the dead body road map gradually clear. Red River Street, No. 163 Provincial Architectural leray self balancing scooter safety Design Institute family area along the 177 Highway Sheep Township under the Village. Du marked with a red marker on the map in the order, Ma Jian touched leray self balancing scooter safety his chin, watching violetred self balancing scooter the map is full of markers, pondered for a while, slowly said So, the murderer most likely departure, or iron East. Luo Shaohua to see him first Tiedong area as a key investigation range Ma Jian nodded I see the line, as your son This son of a bitch should live alone, and a car. Du thought, the taxi driver Or business, the organs of the full time driver. Luo Shaohua said, self employed households, are self-balancing scooter fastest likely ah. First look along this line of thought. Ma Jian pondered a moment, other things are put together, we must seize him as soon as possible. Investigative tasks one by one down, all the troops are urgent action. Ma Jian to find a brief briefing the Secretary of the situation, and then back to the office and found that only Du into a person. He sat in front of the map, his hand sandwiched cigarettes, a thoughtful look. Chengzi, why, homesick Du into the recovered, smiled No. Call.have expected this, his face is not too much angry expression. He patted Ji Qiankun shoulder, walked to the door and ran. The cafe was quiet. Four people without a word, sitting or standing around the table or legislation. A long time, Ji Qiankun sighed, the tone becomes moderate You find a place to sit sit a little bit. They do so. Only, they each took a chair, sitting next to the table. Yue Xiaohui Lin Guodong take a look under the seat of the black bag, to its Nu Nu mouth This is it Ah. Ji Qiankun smiled, I am a paralyzed, can not grasp to kill him, can only use this means. Yue Xiaohui also laughed You really is not a simple little old man. The tension relaxed all of a sudden. Ji Qiankun with his left hand propped the seat, and slowly adjust the sitting position. Tension of the body began to relax, he even issued a pleasant moan. Wei Jiong approached to hold him, to help him as comfortable as possible by sitting in the seat. Thank you friends. Ji Qiankun long exhaled breath, You two no class today Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui Pie Piezui, must go back to be brown self balancing scooter criticized. self balancing electric scooter walmart How to do that Ji Qiankun thought, said to help the police in the arrest wanted Leave it. Wei Jiong wry smile, Who.eward Well, One hundred and fifty yuan, line price Chen, Chen Come here. A girl wearing a beige sweater came in, walking tossing the hands of the water to the bathroom the total you find me ginger Ginger refers to Lin Guodong Give him a blank contract. The paper is gone, the girl sat next to a table in the doorway, print a copy. OK, the way the reward to his knot. When he finished, the electric self balancing scooter videos on youtube total will continue to bury Jiang. Lin Guodong nodded to the girl trouble you, Miss Chen. You call me Chen on the line. The girl smiled kindly to him, facing the computer monitor, quickly press the mouse. A few minutes later, the printer on the desktop to run up and quickly spit out a few pages. Chen Xiao twist the contract, and handed Lin Guodong. Your name My name is Lin. Oh, Mr. Lin, you look at the contract. Chen pointed to a chair at the table, I give you the reward. Lin leray self balancing scooter safety Guodong obediently sit down, attention is not in front of the black and white. Although this time is still winter, indoor but not cold. An electric heater in the corner of the room is slowly swinging. Each leray self balancing scooter safety time the direction of the door, there will be a warm wind blowing slowly. Chen Xiao paper on the table along with light movin.

Leray Self Balancing Scooter Safety d up things, ready to Luo Shaohua out of the cafe on the roadside taxi, followed him to return home or go to another location. However, five minutes later, Luo Shaohua still did not go out. Yue Xiaohui no longer tempted, Huo Ran stood up. No matter, I d like to see him in the end what the hell Wei Jiong hastened to pull her. The girl was resolute attitude, a throw off his arm, big step to the door. Wei Jiong helpless, only followed her out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. When they crossed the road, Lin Guodong drank the last cup of coffee, took out a card from his pocket, looked downstairs corner of the coin operated telephone booths. Business card is from a hotel door to get, you can make an appointment on behalf of the driving business. Lin Guodong slowly downstairs, out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, walked to the phone booth. He has confirmed that there is no police ambush around the cafe. Moreover, Lin Guodong clearly know that most of the city police are waiting at the train station at the moment, waiting for him to cast themselves. In the national highway set leray self balancing scooter safety up cards to intercept the police have been very few. He only needs a person to drive leray self balancing scooter safety him out of the city, he.ersonal communication Basically you can say that reclusive. Zhang Zhenliang pointed to the table of tablets, you first drug to eat in addition to shopping, basically do not go out, but he seems to find a job in a translation company. Du Cheng nodded, picked up the pills, drink, swallow, and then holding the glass half empty thinking for a moment. Shock beam, from the existing technical point of view, can collect enough evidence You really think Lin leray self balancing scooter safety Guodong is the murderer Zhang Zhen Liang took Du leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard into the hands self balancing scooter samsung battery of the cup, continued full of hot water. What do you think I think that is pretty close. Zhang Zhenliang pondered a moment, from your external transfer situation, what are the motives of the match, and, that day in the bureau and your Ma Jian noisy, from his reaction point of view , If not a ghost, Ma Jian will not be so easy to serve soft. Now the most troublesome is evidence ah. Difficult. Zhang Zhen Liang Pie leray self balancing scooter safety Piezui, the evidence of the year d still keep, but no one is related to him. Yes ah, there are many things to be checked. Du into the hands of the cup, he used the car, rape the location of the body, weapons The car and the weapon can not be implemented. Zhang.

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