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Leray leray self balancing scooter battery Self Balancing Scooters personally. Later Wei Jiong wheelchair parked at the end of the corridor, around the side of the body Ji Qiankun, leaned over, staring at his eyes. Later Ji Qiankun looked back leray self balancing scooters at him, smiled, I was in a car accident, and then to live here. Wei Jiong hanging eyelids, re leray self balancing scooters stand up straight, turn the wheelchair, walk back slowly along the way. A car accident, which year is the thing June 7, 1994. Ji Qiankun tone flat, spring and summer at the turn, and then I was unconscious for a year and a half, was sent to the beginning of 1996 what to ask Wei Jiong paused, then continue to push him forward. Then you ve been waiting What are you waiting for Wait for a chance, or wait for someone like me to come along. Ji Qiankun did not answer, a long time, he slowly spoke. Wei Jiong Ok. Do you think I used you No, said Wei, walking slowly toward the little building, I deeppink self balancing scooter just feel that you are not as simple as I first knew. Ji Qiankun and silent for a while You mean Zhang Haisheng that thing Waiting for a few seconds, see Wei Jiong did not respond, he sighed and said I was forced to, want to be free here, not Zhang Haisheng not Moreover, my time is running out. Go on, I m either crazy or d.s, quite angry waving. Luo Ying Bai a father, with Chunhui to go out. Home only Luo Shaohua and Jinfeng. Wash a good chopsticks, clean up the kitchen, the Luo Shaohua served Jinfeng to eat the medicine, gave her hot water bottle, put the bed in the mug and radio. Quietly accompany her to sit for a while, Luo Shaohua to see Jinfeng has closed his eyes, breathing steady and long, he lowered the radio volume, got up out of the bedroom. The house is very quiet, Luo Shaohua in the living leray self balancing scooters room in the two laps, did not know what to do. Thought, he took out a tool from the bathroom, began to engage in health. Sweep again, and carefully dragged twice. Rub the furniture, wipe the stove. Water the large and small pots. After all this, he smoked two cigarettes, began to pondering the next how to pass the time. Get ready for lunch. Luo Shaohua helpless clap your hands, glanced at the wall clock mother, only nine. What is he doing The idea suddenly jumped into the mind of Luo Shaohua. In the days after discharge, Lin Guodong s life is fairly regular the morning stay at home basically, around 1 pm to go out, wandering in the urban areas, buy some newspapers and magazines, evening to buy food to go.

rst object of the visit is the original Chunyang Road, leray self balancing scooters a staff member of the Trade and Industry. best self balancing scooter 10 inch Twenty three years ago, he was responsible for the management of farmers market Chunyang. According to Yang Guiqin, in order to get some care, or less to mess with some trouble, Xu Mingliang often send him some pork. If Wei Jiong s inference is established, then he may get a plastic bag with Xu Mingliang fingerprints. However, his visit did not take too long. The staff has not retired, and promoted to a department head. From the moment to see him, even Wei Jiong think he is not the murderer. In this man who can not smell any dangerous breath, only for many years removed from the administrative organs of the oil saved and smart. Moreover, his fragrance for the whole body of Yue Xiaohui did not give extra attention. Du Cheng is obviously not too much interest in leray self balancing scooters this person, but simply put a few questions. leray self balancing scooters In particular, he was informed in 2002 to obtain a driver s license, they directly ended the interview, got up and leave. The second visitor is Yang Guiqin s nephew. Wang Xu, male, 46 years old, divorced, only son living with his mother, now living with a foreign woman. From the external.Yes ah, and they are more than trivial. He turned off the page, trying to stretch the sore back, turned to look out the window. The first month, even late at night, the festive atmosphere is still strong. Firecrackers from time to time, and occasionally can see the gorgeous leray self balancing scooters fireworks in the far or near the place bloom. The past ten days, the Green Bamboo Court area where there is no quiet. This is an old neighborhood, few households young people. Weekdays desolate, can only see on crutches, eyes turbid, cold old people walking around in the yard. Only the Spring Festival, the festival should be reunited, in order to allow the children scattered around the back here. Lin Guodong open the window, leray self balancing scooters looking downstairs slowly driving away a black car. indianred self balancing scooter It is just the end of the family to visit relatives. Routine, satiated, said, Mom you pay attention to the body, I ll see you free kind of courtesy, then, glad to leave. The old lady was standing downstairs until she could not see the taillamp of the black car. The so called free , is probably a year later. Lin Guodong smiled. Behind him, is this empty home, no family, no responsibility. No need to insincere greeting, less rice and salt squat. The security man walked up to him and asked for something. Man stared at him for a few seconds, then put down the bag, took out a piece of paper from his pocket in the past. Security took the piece of paper, hastily read Connecticut self balancing scooter it, then turned leray self balancing scooters to open the iron gate. The man leray self balancing scooters looked straight at the iron gate that opened, and neither spoke nor acted. Until the security impatiently waved his hand, he was stiff body step by step out. The iron gates closed behind him and re locked. Man standing in front of the door, first slowly sweep in a circle, it seems that the front of all feel very strange. A full five minutes later, he was moving step, and some staggered to the roadside bus station. Luo Shaohua s mind a blank, with a man mechanically moving, looked at him looked up his neck, serious look at the bus stop sign. Soon, the man seems to have chosen the destination, quietly standing in place waiting for the bus. At the moment, the fog is already dispersed, a man s appearance clearly out. Luo Shaohua has frozen out of the hand, shake the window, across the glass to look at ten meters outside the man. He lost a lot, leray self balancing scooters rough hair has been more than half of the white. The face of the line l.

Leray Self Balancing Scooters ption is slightly different, but the judicial examination will not have been void of the criminal law, I will not tell you. Well, thank the teacher. The boys carefully put the textbook into the bag, bowed to him, Nevada self balancing scooter they rushed away. Meng teachers smoking, watching the boys disappear in the corner of the corridor, I thought this leray self balancing scooters kid is much stronger than Shidi Shimei. In the cafeteria for lunch, Wei Jiong took out his cell phone, open the micro letter, called Candle Volunteer WeChat group, once again confirmed the collection of time and place 13 30, in front of the library. He watches, and about an hour. Wei Jiong the plate to the recovery office, walk out of the gate. Normal University is located not far from the city center, in front of the school is a trunk road in the city, opposite is called Star MALL large commercial buildings. Wei Jiong no smoking habits, weekdays will not go to pay attention to selling cigarettes. However, Ji Qiankun designated Jianpian cigarettes in the supermarket on the campus did not buy. Wei Jiong vaguely remember Star MALL north of the cold drink shop next to a hanging alcohol monopoly brand stores, intends to take a chance. A door, Wei self balancing scooter in india Jiong to feel conf.ld want me Old woman spit out the smoke ring, see the cigarette case, in the end is a public pumping, good smoke. Two people standing in the living room, silent smoking. Old woman s white hair disheveled, with a rubber band in the back of the head, wearing a dirty upper body can not see the color of the wool sweater, the lower body is the same black and shiny trousers. Her face covered with age spots, muddy eyes, indifference, and only when the cigarette butts in force when to see a trace of contented look. Well, to return to what Old leray self balancing scooters woman lit the second cigarette, slowly opening, is Mingliang thing Du into look at her Yes. He was very clear that this will be the most difficult one visit, but also the most can not be avoided once. Although Yang Guiqin scars will be opened, and may face her most hostile, but sanway smart self balancing scooter he must do so, because to prove that he is self balancing scooter samsung battery right, there is a big mystery to be solved. Hearing his answer, the woman unconsciously smart electric self balancing scooter looked at the living room on the north side of a closed door, then turned to face Du People are dead, what can be accessed Du into the circle in the room, asked Sit down to chat, can you Old woman thought, nodded, to the corner of an old wooden table.

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