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Lightcoral Self Balancing Scooter u into. But he can not let this thing be exposed. Otherwise he will receive a phone call Lin Guodong, the first time to the old guys for help. Lin Guodong once exposed, everyone will face extinction. He dared to hijack Luo Ying, and threatened himself, that is, Luo Shaohua only dare to come to a person. Luo Shaohua always self balancing scooter site fr ebay amazon thought he was lightcoral self balancing scooter a cicada mantis, did not think Lin Guodong is the real oriole. lightcoral self balancing scooter What are you doing in the end Du Cheng staring at Luo Shaohua, lightcoral self balancing scooter continue to ask, What does this matter and Luo Ying Luo Shaohua s heart is a cold. He sighed, turned to face Du Cheng, eyes empty. No, lightcoral self balancing scooter nothing at all. Chapter Twenty Perfume Zhang Haisheng back a lightcoral self balancing scooter few steps, adjust the position of writing a whiteboard, and went up to the last few nails into the wall. Will that work OK, so be smart-balance wheel news it. Ji Qiankun to the cup in front of Wei Jiong filled with boiling water, and told Road, the bar is also installed. Zhang Haisheng gloomy face to see Ji Qiankun, without a word bent over to pick up a stainless steel towel bar, remove the packaging, the top of the white board to start the installation. Bahrain side, he was rude to sit on the bed of Yue Xiaohui said You, make no Immediately. Yue Xiaohui bit.t bear to brush the old man s interest, he encouraged a plus to accompany him to play. Is thinking, Wei Jiong Iguang swept to sit in front of the oblique Yue Xiaohui. She was secretly waved his darkslateblue self balancing scooter hand, a laughing expression. Wei Jiong Yang Yang eyebrows, and asked her silently how Yue Xiaohui does not answer, pointing to their own hands. Wei Jiong open the phone and saw Yue Xiaohui just sent a WeChat Look old WeChat, ha ha, the old man a long ability. Wei Jiong curiosity, open the old discipline of copper self balancing scooter the WeChat and found that he sent this is not a photo, but a video. lightcoral self balancing scooter Phone and shake it, is sent lightcoral self balancing scooter to Yue Xiaohui with headphones. Wei Jiong responded to an OK , looked up at land grandmother, secretly took out his headphones from honeydew self balancing scooter his pocket. This khaki self balancing scooter is a period of only 20 seconds of video, the old discipline should be in the yard, the object is a group of people walking in the Yong Road, the elderly. Screen fairly stable, lightcoral self balancing scooter lightcoral self balancing scooter the sound is also very clear. Wei Jiong read twice, do not see this video what is special, give old Ji sent a. Old Ji quickly replied how to shoot fairly clear it. Wei Jiong smile, this old man did not learn how to use punctuation. Wei Jiong Yes Yes, Ji director. Old Ji Ha ha.

pushed open. Guodong, do you sleep Lin Guodong unscrew the faucet, while crazy grabbed the three pieces of stump into the plastic bag, while trying to suppress the trembling voice. Mom, are you back I m in the shower. Oh, said the voice in the living room, taking off his shoes and putting a satchel, I ll come back and take some clothes.Your uncle is ill, and I ll take care of him for a few days. Well, I know. Lin Guodong mouth to cope with, tearing the yellow tape, the bag in the bag on the fast wound. After parcels, he picked up the plastic bag, thrown into the tub, then kicked the toolbox below the bath cabinet. lightcoral self balancing scooter Immediately, he turned off the faucet, jumped into the bathtub, splashed up on the shower curtain, open the shower. Cold water sprayed out, playing in the black plastic bag, issued a crackling sound. Lin Guodong bent over, in the cold water erosion, struggling to push the pile of black plastic bags to the corner of the bathtub. Water temperature began to rise, Luo Shaohua standing under the shower, quickly washed the body s blood. Light red water slowly gathered at his feet, and finally, the name of the vortex, disappeared in the North self balancing scooter mouth of the water. At this time, the bathr.Zhenliang tone helpless, I investigated, Lin Guodong never bought a car from the hospital before the vehicle if he committed the crime is borrowed, there may be traces left As for the weapon, not to mention, the probability of finding is almost equal to zero. His house Lin Guodong s mother and a surname Tang surnamed elderly people from 1990 to 1992, considered semi cohabitation, only occasionally go home to live in. Therefore, in that time, Lin Guodong equal to living alone. That he raped, murder, the scene is likely to be in their own homes. Du into the eyes light a bit, then faint down, Twenty years, even if his house has not been renovated, it is estimated also Can not find anything. Yes ah. Zhang Zhen Liang replied muffled. Fuck Du suddenly hammered fiercely about the bed, Luo Shaohua certainly know the truth But he will not tell you. Zhang Zhenliang thought, Luo Shaohua Lin Guodong certainly be identified as the murderer, but caught him, and then he and Ma Jian will be held responsible for the wrong case, so he chose to Lin Guodong If this matter is brought to light, even if the prosecution of the crime of favoritism, the latter half of his life do not even look up to be a ma.gate, took a deep breath, then turned down the stairs. A door across the other side, Lin Guodong put down the instructions, the eyes there is a trace of excitement could not conceal the light. He rubbed his hands, carefully put the computer out from the carton, gently on the desktop. Subsequently, the other parts were also removed from the carton. Well power cord power jack. Lin Guodong gently talking about the power cord and the computer is connected, and then socket. The computer opens. He picked up the mouse USB port. The first insertion failure, that flat small metal connector in any case can not be inserted into the computer. Lin Guodong not hard to, for fear of breaking this spent him more than 4000 pieces of baby. Thought, he carefully looked at the mouse line, turn the direction success He snapped his heart, pondering the next step, only to find that they have forgotten. Patted his head, he picked up the manual, find some, press the power button on the computer. Hardware starts, along with several non audible buzzes. The display lights up and the music starts to sound, and a row of icons appears on the screen. Lin Guodong excited, he picked up the mou.

Lightcoral Self Balancing Scooter room full of 40 degrees, and the empty compartment of the temperature is much lower. Covered with sweat Luo Shaohua went in, could not help shivering. What are you doing here Ma Jian carefully shut the door of the compartment, turned and asked Someone followed you Follow me Luo Shaohua some puzzled, Who followed me lightcoral self balancing scooter Of course, is their own people. Ma Jian snorted, You have long been Du Cheng eye on, not aware of Du into Luo Shaohua frowned, then look on the big change, he knew Ah, Ma Jian Yin nodded, he has found Lin Guodong. Lo Luo Shaohua smashed a towel to the wooden walls, This kid really his mother His hands on his hips, standing for a while breathing heavily, whispered That, how to do now Du into the master of the situation will not be more than we. Ma Jian pondered a moment, Even if he found Lin Guodong, for the time being will not have any action. Will he tell us No, Ma Jian sneer, shaking his head, unless he can prove Lin Guodong is the murderer. Luo Shaohua thought, think Ma Jian s judgment is accurate. To self-balancing scooter useful hint investigate the responsibility of the self balancing scooter at walmart wrong case, provided that Lin Guodong was found guilty. There is no evidence, only Du verbal allegations, let no one will believe h.t the door, or the lightcoral self balancing scooter door opened or vanity, whispered live here, what kind of person Well Jiqian Kun seems to be thinking, they stay in bed, so they do not often come out, so arranged in the third floor. Wei Jiong Oh cry, look at the hands of the wheelchair push, suddenly thought of one thing. Then, how did you come up Ji kun Kun replied casually, he did not seem to want to speak, Wei Jiong also TIPS to close the mouth. Went to the stairs, Wei mintcream self balancing scooter Jiong stopped the wheelchair, looked up and down, wondering how to get Ji Qiankun the first floor. Ji Qiankun see his confusion, smiled and said You first put me back. It seems the only way. Wei Jiong turned, back to Ji Qiankun squatting, Ji Qiankun grabbed his neck, Wei Jiong hands back, hold up the trunk Qian Ji Kun, forced to lightcoral self balancing scooter stand up. Older than imagined to be heavier. Wei Jiong down a floor, feel the waist and knee to bear the enormous pressure. Soon, his forehead Qin out of the fine sweat, breathing is also heavy up. Tired put me down. Ear came Ji kun s voice, take a break and then go. Wei Jiong for his bad physical feel a little ashamed, bite the bullet, step by step go. Came to the first floor, he has committed a difficult, the old age o.

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