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Lightcyan Self Balancing Scooter ar, Where are you Handset is still only the wind, gradually, 2 wheel self balancing scooter walmart Luo Shaohua distinguish among them there is a slow lightcyan self balancing scooter and calm breathing. Was about to ask questions, ears suddenly heard a chuckle. Oh. Then, a deep male voice sounded, Luo police officer, hello. Luo Shaohua holding the phone s hand shaking a bit, as if the heart was severely grasps, and stunned for a few seconds before he lost his voice asked Who are you You know who I am, said the man in a hurry, to lightcyan self balancing scooter find your daughter Yingying where Luo Shaohua bass to stand up, snapped asked, What do you do to her She s afraid I can not pick you up now, the man laughed again, do you really want to know what I did to her I warn you, Luo Shaohua s voice trembled, his cell phone was creaking creaky, If you dare to hurt my daughter My hand on her chest, more than rosybrown self balancing scooter 30 year old woman, maintenance was not bad. Men do not seem to care about the threat of Luo Shaohua, lightcyan self balancing scooter still self serving said, Black underwear. Of the type, it is sexy Do not touch her Luo Shaohua finally roar up, or I kill you The other side of the handset suddenly plunged into silence. A few seconds later, the man s voice again, the tone becomes cold Twenty minutes l.ed mood spent a few days. Tonight he came out, the one is to get some fresh air, and the second can go to the supermarket to buy some closed shop discount food. The arrival of spring seems to make people more travel mood. Although it is already more than 8 pm, the street is still coming and going. Lin Guodong went to the bus station, glanced at the crowd waiting for a car, standing under the awning, patiently waiting for 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier the bus. At this time, a girl walked from the front, standing beside him. She looked at the bus stop on the information, took out his cell phone to play with. Lin Guodong look at her, long straight hair, twenty year old lightcyan self balancing scooter look, carrying a purple Nike shoulders bag, upper body is a black thin down jacket, the lower body is blue jeans, pedal a pair of sports shoes. Looks like a student. Girl tall and tall, waist tall and straight, legs straight, slender. She seems to notice the eyes of Lin Guodong, turned to him. Eye phase of the moment, Lin Guodong turned away. Girls no longer care for him, took out the headset began to listen to music, the body from time to time with the rhythm gently shaking. And a gust of wind blowing, a wave of aroma if it seems to float lightcyan self balancing scooter into lightcyan self balancing scooter the L.

moment, then suddenly realized Fuck, our police are deployed in the train station, State Road side of the clamp has been withdrawn almost However, he did not have money car. Even if the taxi, Destination, can not get lightcyan self balancing scooter the money, the same can not get off the body ah. Yes ah, Lin Guodong need money or vehicles, or else he is in the city wings are difficult to fly. Du into the thought, re thinking back to the starting point. Zhen Liang, you let small high positioning Luo Shaohua phone, immediately. Hing Wah North Street and Dawang Road lightcyan self balancing scooter intersection. A few minutes later, a red taxi slowly docked at the TheOne cafe in front. Has been waiting at the roadside Zhang Haisheng immediately went up, but did not pull the door, but opened the trunk of the taxi. See him from the trunk out of a folding wheelchair, Wei Jiong has been aware of their guess has been confirmed. Wearing a black cotton dress, wearing a light gray wool cap, Messenger with a black bag of Ji Qiankun by Zhang Haisheng hold out the car, placed in an open wheelchair. Immediately, Zhang Haisheng to Ji Qiankun cover blankets, the wheelchair pushed to the door, his advanced coffee shop. Ji Qiankun waited at the door about f.way line. South terminus for the C City Medical College, the north terminus for the Century City. Luo Shaohua did not delay, ran straight to the ticket gate, regardless of the passengers behind the curse, jumping to buy a station from the station to the end of the city of the ticket. Get the ticket, Luo Shaohua ran to the platform, while running watch. There are three minutes. Time is short, but enough to make the old Interpol finishing ideas. The station is also seven stations away from the end of the century city, through the real estate building, labor park, city hall square, four will Street, South Lake, big West Road electronic market and Yongqing farmers wholesale center. The other about their own here, is unlikely to bring Luo Ying over the same time, but will instruct him to board the subway, go to the designated site. What is his intention, Luo Ying why fall into his hands, Luo Shaohua has not care, and now the most important thing is to know the location of Luo Ying. She and the other more than a minute, it will increase the risk of a minute. And this risk is that Luo Shaohua would not have dared to think he too understand each lightcyan self balancing scooter other s means and the extent of the decisionion Luo Shaohua nodded. Ma Jian leaned back to the back seat, took out his gloves and feet into the pocket pocket, Dian Dian baseball bat, picked up a retractable batons. If he did not open the door, you open the lock If you do not open the door, you open the door, Suddenly, Ma Jian Luo Shaohua was also aware of sitting on the co pilot, a move did not move. Hurry up. Luo Shaohua visual front, is a daze, to hear the call of Ma Jian, as if awakened like to turn around. Old horse, we in the end doing Luo Shaohua spoke, the voice low dumb, so waiting for the girl was killed Ma Jian leaning on the door, lightcyan self balancing scooter staring at Luo Shaohua looked for a few seconds, slowly turned away. Shaohua, some things, you and I can not stop. Ma Jian s voice revealed a burlywood self balancing scooter deep tired, Moreover, you go back now, it may be too late. Luo Shaohua trembling a bit, the head on his knees, reaching which is the best self balancing scooter to buy out to seize his hair. This is our only chance, and after tonight everyone will be safe. Illinois self balancing scooter Having said that, Ma lightcyan self balancing scooter Jian stood quietly on the side of the door, so Luo Shaohua get off. A long time, Luo Shaohua sighed, lift the foot step down the car. Let s go. Two people one after the other, through the silence of the park Yong Ro.

Lightcyan Self Balancing Scooter r mother, but a can play with toys a removable toy. Think of these, his mouth suddenly hard cold lines up. At this moment, is the case, yes. He was exhausted after putting her in the bathtub. Coma after a woman moving and a slight impact, a slight sense of recovery. Out of instinct, she subconsciously clamped his legs, his eyes also slightly opened. He did not dare to look directly at the woman s eyes, turned and picked up the bathroom toilet pumping, and then open a condom, set in the handle. This is a must to complete the part, he also can not do the part. This evening, he has tried numerous times, are not successful, can only use this approach. The woman has been awake, is horrified to look at the environment, while struggling to try to stand up. Helpless hands and lightcyan self balancing scooter feet are tied, exhausted can only make themselves curled up in the corner of the bathtub. Especially to see him holding a toilet pumping sub to their own, a woman both fear and doubts, she shook her head desperately, his which is the best self balancing scooter to buy eyes filled with tears, the tape was sealed mouth issued vague whining sound. He was holding a toilet pumping child, kneeling in front of a woman, a time some flustered, and my heart first thought is.drag you. The couple, that these doing In fact, lightcyan self balancing scooter I know your heart something. Do not worry, I can take care of themselves and Luo Ying, but also with a self balancing scooter change good Hui Hui, I have dragged you so many years What do you say Luo Shaohua suddenly raised his head, aware of the words have Jinfeng words, You misunderstood You misunderstood. Jinfeng s looking calm, I know you, you busy some time ago, certainly not a mess of things. Suddenly, Jinfeng s mouth emerged out of a playful smile. You slovenly old man, in addition to me, who else can fancy you Luo Shaohua stunned for a moment, then laughed, jump up, as potential to hit, the results only in the face of Jinfeng gently patted. Jinfeng smiled to avoid. 30 years old couple for a group, attracted to Chunhui stuck his head from the bedroom. Grandma, grandpa, why are you Luo Shaohua tiger from the face, but could not stop the look of a smile, hurry to write homework to go, or be careful your mother back to pack you. goldenrod self balancing scooter To Chunhui spit tongue, retracted bedroom. Luo Shaohua turned quartz self balancing scooter red Jinfeng laughed You an old lady, not a formal shape children, see, so grandson joke, right Jin Feng laughed without a word, looking gradually dignified up.

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