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Lightgodenrodyellow Self Balancing Scooter of a mind is growing He should turn over, right Look at him, is a tame little old man ah. In particular, Lin Guodong purchased the computer after the third day, this guy installed at home broadband Internet lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter access, since almost at home, in addition to shopping and simple physical exercise, every leray self balancing scooter not charging day at home in the home Internet. Luo Shaohua in the telescope olivedrab self balancing scooter to see him sitting in front of the computer preoccupied look, the first reaction is anger son of a bitch, how can you enjoy the convenience of science and technology to bring fast, what to live like an ordinary person, In such a short period of time to flatten the distance of more than 20 years The second reaction is actually a sigh of relief. He is trying to integrate into a new life, he is trying to feel the beauty lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter of this world, he was re understanding of what has been missed. He did not want to be deprived again. He does not want to die. Then, the monster will sleep, right Luo Shaohua decided to give yourself a leave, and skyblue self balancing scooter secretly persuaded that they can put a holiday. New Year lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter s Eve. At four o clock in the afternoon, Luo Shaohua a start eating dinner. The so called a is a discount. Sunningdale early self balancing hoverboard 2017 in the morning to Chunhu.He was more and more excited, like a baby just opened his eyes like, in front of everything is full of curiosity. Even those shops and stores are closed windows and doors, still let the old Ji delighted, from time to time issued low laughter. I did not expect. Old Ji looked at the streets lit by street lamps, did not think I can come lightpink self balancing scooter out. Go to lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter the middle of this street, not far from the front is a horizontal outer ring road, from time to time the vehicle flashing headlamps and driving. Lao Ji looked at the brighter place, in front of his finger Go there. Wei Jiong according to do, at the foot of secretly forced, wheelchair quickly turn up. Lao Ji tightly grasp the wheelchair armrest, upper body slightly forward, mouth constantly spit out white steam. Come on Old voice is getting higher and higher, and then hurry up Sweat from the forehead of Wei Jiong Qin out. He lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter clenched his teeth, pushing hard on the wheelchair. The speed of progress is getting faster and faster. Old Ji s throat issued a strange sound, the upper body has been completely upright. Finally, the sound became a dull growl. Run Old discipline suddenly became vivid tone, can not be argued, run up Wei Jiong seems to have.

g Guiqin has applied for state compensation. Subsequently, Xu Mingliang case of accountability for the wrong case to start the proceedings. Involved in the case of the public, prosecutors, law three departments were ordered to cooperate with the investigation. Many of them retired lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter public security and judicial staff. Has presided over the investigation of the case of self balancing hoverboard battery charging C City Public Security Bureau Tie East Branch of the former Deputy Secretary Ma Jian declared revolutionary martyr honorary title of the program was stopped. A police officer surnamed Du suddenly collapsed when asked, the day was galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews sent to the C City, the Third People s Hospital. The end of May, late spring. The sky was clear and the sun was good. The daily rising temperatures so that the city completely farewell to the cold winter of the withered. Green grass, Huayi, coupled with the strong build everywhere body and young face, more and more intense vitality in this land to flourish. Ji Qiankun shook the wheelchair, in lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter the Third People s Hospital yard slowly forward. The sun shone on his body, very warm and comfortable. He kept a deep breath, the taste of grass mixed with the aroma of the soil lingering in the nasal cavit. {e Du into the back of the water tower, is far from watching the piece of lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter farmland behind the village road, heard Ma Jian s question, casually replied Do not go back, the first busy here. Would you like lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter to call home Do not. Du turned to wipe a face of the rain, smiled, She is used to it. As well. Ma Jian apparently hope he can stay to help, finish the case, let you leave a few days Colts Exclaimed a surveyor, Come Ma Jian rushed to the past how There is Exclaimed the investigator s voice, lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter You see He pointed to the bottom of the black plastic bag, in a pool of bloody water, a bunch of self balancing scooter uk hair looming. what is this Do not know for the time lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter being, the inspector carefully gripped the hair with tweezers, observing, But certainly not human hair. Quickly extract lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter Ma Jian pinch fist, Fuck this bastard finally left something. More than that, said the surveyor, showing his hand to his coworkers, Gold powder and tape, hurry up. He pointed to the middle of the plastic bag. The fingerprints were found. Back to the bureau, the extraction of the hair and fingerprints were urgently censorship. Ma Jian left a group of people at the scene to visit the villagers, Du Cheng continued to contemplate t.

Lightgodenrodyellow Self Balancing Scooter rm, expression excitement roar up. The man seems to be very surprised by the sudden appearance of Liu Zhu. He threw his arm, trying to break the struggle of Liu Zhu, at the same time, look to the bike white pickup truck. Luo Shaohua and the man s sight hit together. The man s face suddenly becomes pale, the whole person seems to tremble a bit. He is no longer struggling, turned to Liu Zhu whispered Uncle Liu, do not you cried, with me upstairs to take money. Liu Zhu is naturally keen to agree, robbed in front of the man into the corridor. The man quietly followed it, into the door of the moment, he looked to Luo Shaohua. The eyes were full of bitterness and fear. Immediately, he disappeared behind the door. Luo Shaohua was shaking up, and even felt his teeth in the tinkling. He jumped out of the car, standing in place dazed around, the brain blank. Until his sight swept the cell door of a small shop, see that public phone signs, Luo mediumblue self balancing scooter Shaohua only recovered. He quickly ran to the store, boarded a few sections of cement self balancing scooter steps, picked up the microphone, press the East Branch of the telephone number. However, when a number left, his hand stopped. Luo Shaohua turned to look at 22 units of.dly, it seems curious about everything. Luo Shaohua try to hide behind the crowd, pay attention to his every move. Initially, he was strange to Lin Guodong s strange behavior, but he soon understood for a person in a mental hospital for more than 20 years of people, already on the human world feel strange. A surge in the heart of Luo Shaohua. Not far from this person, in the electric bar and under the constraints of clothing spent a small half life, and now become a food shoots do not know the waste. But Luo Shaohua soon realized that the reason why he would feel strange, because he Lin Guodong as their own people. Witnessed the rapid development of the city, from the cottage to the skyscrapers everywhere, secretly pleased with the increase in wages, annoyed in the soaring prices. As Luo Shaohua often feel the same illusion when he stares in the dark streets of those darker corners, always feel a pair of eyes are looking back at himself. In fact, he never left. Through the morning market, Lin Guodong straight across the street to the bus station, looked up at the stop sign, quietly waiting in place. Luo Shaohua has no lightgodenrodyellow self balancing scooter time to go back to drive, can only hide in a breakfast stall, tig.

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