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Lightgray Self Balancing Scooter will believe ah Three people laughed. Lin Guodong has been bowed in silence raised his head, incredibly looking at them in front of a group of laughter. Behind his seat was a powerful bomb, the door is a large number lightgray self balancing scooter of heavily armed police and these three people, actually in the discussion of how to fabricate skipping grounds. Hey Lin Guodong shouted, I m hungry Three people s laughter suddenly stopped, Qi Shuashua to look to Lin Guodong, seems to have just found that he also sat here. Then, Yue Xiaohui took the coffee cup on the table, to Lin Guodong face splashed. shut up Ji Qian Kun would like to raise his hand to stop, but already too late. However, looking at his face are dark brown liquid Lin Guodong, he seems to have a happy heart. Thought, lightgray self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun pocket from the pocket to work out two hundred notes, and handed Wei Jiong. Go, get some food from the counter you re also starving. A few minutes later, the table was decked with pallets filled with donuts, cakes, hamburgers and pizza, and a few bottles of juice next to them. The sky has mintcream self balancing scooter gradually dark down, the cafe is not very bright lights. Floor to ceiling windows flashing red and blue lights palegreen self balancing scooter are even more dazzling. Looke.eth, turned and walked to the Office of the Deputy Secretary. Duan Hongqing in the office, is accompanied by a lightseagreen self balancing scooter crying old woman sitting on the sofa, lightgray self balancing scooter unable to comfort her. Sitting on the other side of the sofa Luo Shaohua. He half head, his head on the wall, his eyes closed, his face cross flow tears. See Du into the door, the old woman struggling to stand up, grabbed Du into a sleeves. Into the child, into a child The voice of the lightgray self balancing scooter old woman is like a mourning, and like a plea, This is how the matter in the end ah, a good old horse, how to say no gone Sister, you must be sad. Du into the old woman sat down, old horse is to save people, he died did not forget that he is a police officer. I thought that after he retired, he would not have to worry about the whole day The old woman burst into tears, This old thing, succeed what can ah. Old woman s cry echoed in the silence of the office. Du sat at her side, tightly holding the wrinkled hands of those pairs, the hearts of the misery to be added. Duan Hongqing head down, by sitting on the desk, without a word. Luo Shaohua also maintained the position just, motionless, tears kept flowing in his face. For a.

Ji is clearly recording something. In addition, he is now safe, at least the video can also be sent to their own WeChat. Moreover, this leray self balancing scooter battery matter and Zhang Haisheng. Half an hour later, the taxi finally arrived at its destination. Wei Jiong pay the fare, get off to the nursing home ran. Just went to the door, he saw a large iron gate closed on weekdays has been open, and two still flashing lights police car parked in the yard. An old man was caught in the middle of two uniformed police, is bowed into the car. Wei Jiong look like goes on the face of death, recognize that he is the video appeared in the bald man. The yard was crowded with old lightgray self balancing scooter people. Wei Jiong one to see the old discipline, he sat in a wheelchair, quietly leaning against the door, watching the front of a mess. Wei Jiong waved, old Ji looked at him, did not speak, but turned to shake the wheelchair, walked to lightgray self balancing scooter the small building. Wei Jiong on the unknown, only to heel to keep up. Just entered the small building, they saw two policemen carrying lightgray self balancing scooter a stretcher down from the upstairs. Stretcher covered with white quilts, only to show the head of the inability to shake, it seems still sleeping. Looked at the gray hair, Wei Jiong.y from this full of personality for the old man s curiosity, and her bones of goodness and compassion. However, since that Jiqian Kun Wei Jiong commissioned to help him investigate the series two wheels smart self balancing scooters after the murder case, Yue Xiaohui attitude can be used to describe the frenzy. Sometimes, Wei Jiong even think she is Indiana self balancing scooter also eager to catch the murderer than Ji Kunqun. This point, can not simply be interpreted as feel stimulated or fun lightgray self balancing scooter the. I told you last time, my mother died early in my time. Yue Xiaohui staring at the increasingly dark square, it was cyan self balancing scooter in October 27, 1992, when my mother in the city When the department store was a lightgray self balancing scooter salesman, she went off at nine every night, and she did not go home that night. Wei Jiong surprised to stare She The next morning, her body was found throughout the city. Yue Xiaohui slowly turned and looked at Wei Jiong, in the dark, her eyes sparkling, everywhere, naked. She stretched out two hands and crossed her forefinger She was cut into ten pieces in a black plastic bag and tied with a yellow tape. Wei Jiong s mind exploded about what the boom. Late at night. rape. Murder after the corpse. Black plastic bags. Yellow tape I was less than one year full of 40 degrees, and the empty compartment of the temperature is much lower. Covered with sweat Luo Shaohua went in, could not help shivering. What are you doing here Ma Jian carefully shut the door of the compartment, turned and asked Someone followed you Follow me Luo Shaohua some puzzled, Who followed me Of course, is their own people. Ma Jian snorted, You have long been Du Cheng eye on, not aware of Du into Luo Shaohua frowned, then look on the big change, he knew Ah, Ma Jian Yin nodded, he has found Lin Guodong. Lo Luo Shaohua smashed a towel to the wooden walls, This kid really his mother His hands on his hips, standing for a while breathing heavily, whispered That, how to do now Du into the master of the situation will not be more than we. Ma Jian pondered a moment, Even if he found Lin Guodong, for the time being will not have any action. Will he tell us No, Ma Jian sneer, shaking his head, unless he can prove Lin Guodong is the murderer. Luo Shaohua thought, think Ma Jian s judgment is accurate. To investigate the responsibility of the wrong case, provided that Lin Guodong was found guilty. There is no evidence, only Du verbal allegations, let no one will believe h.

Lightgray Self Balancing Scooter lightgray self balancing scooter river s seat on a black backpack. Backpack bulging capsule bag and expose the water bottle and half bread, there is a whole body black stick. Luo Shaohua glanced at the stick, which is a telescopic batons. Want to use it. Luo Shaohua raised his head, just to see Lin Guodong disappeared in the park entrance. He lightgray self balancing scooter started the car, slowly followed up. Luo Shaohua can not be sure Lin Guodong still remember himself, so he did not dare to take risks, just far behind him. Lin Guodong out of the park, the right to go a few hundred meters, turn into a path. Luo Shaohua glanced at the street, cursed sentence, the car lightgray self balancing scooter parked on the roadside. lightgray self balancing scooter It is Chunhui Road morning market, the car is certainly not open into. Luo Shaohua side lock the door, while wondering Lin Guodong is not already found himself. He walked into the morning market, but found that Lin Guodong did not disappear in the crowd, but not far in front, leisurely Guangzhao. He was like a unemployed for a long time, rely on his wife to feed the whole family s useless cook husband , patiently walked a vegetable stalls, carefully looked at every kind of goods, patiently asking price, picked up a box of konjac or a vegetable shoots Repeate.fter a lot of trouble, only to find his then an old colleague deeppink self balancing scooter a retired female friend of Tang. Tang is called out in the classroom, to meet, his hands full of chalk ash. Du Cheng said after his arrival, she said a little thought to remember Lin Guodong. Teacher Lin, thin, not very talkative, very spirit. She looked curiously Du into, how he The specific situation has yet to be understood. Du into a cigarette, thought, and put back, However, he is said to be crazy. To Du into a surprise, lightgray self balancing scooter the soup teacher did not show too much surprise, but very sorry look. Well, I know. Tang teacher sigh, shook bisque self balancing scooter his head, he ah, or step, but that road Hom. What do you mean Du immediately asked, What is that ridge Initially, the soup teacher also some hesitation, does not seem to want to talk about others privacy. However, stand up to the repeated insistence of Du Cheng, had to dusty this long past thin to say. The summer of 1988, when Lin Guodong has 45 secondary schools for four years. That year, the school also points to a few recently graduated college students. Among them, a girl from the English Department of Beijing Normal University is very compelling. Her name is Pan Xiaojin, who looks beautif.

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