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Lightgreen Self Balancing Scooter envelope. Jiang always raised his head finished it Chen replied ah, the contract signed. Jiang always a cry, on the desktop rummaging, and quickly out of four copies with a transparent folder binding a good manuscript. Three proposals, a paper. Ginger handed the folder Lin Guodong, translated within a week, no wheat self balancing scooter problem, right No problem. Lin Guodong put the folder carefully into the bag, Well, I ll leave. OK, there is something to call. Lin Guodong nodded farewell, turned and walked toward the door, passing by the side when Chen stopped. Goodbye, Chen Xiao. You walk. Girl from the computer raised his head, red forest Guodong smiled. Lin Guodong came to the corridor, went straight to the elevator, press the down button. When the elevator, he could not help but look back. Behind the glass door, Chen Xiao is working down, short hair was hot air heater slightly blowing, like a flower of the aroma transpiration. Internship Phone, the voice of the teacher is rather hesitant, You are not just Mody Mody, and now practice, early point, right Yes, Mr. Meng, I want to participate in the judicial examination electric self balancing scooter hover board this year, so I want to know some knowledge of the judicial practice. That would lightgreen self balancing scooter not hav.the murderer Yes, he was shot in 1991, my mother is certainly not kill him. Yue Xiaohui hanging lightgreen self balancing scooter eyelids, my mother s case has not broken, so until last night, I always believe that killing my mother and old Ji s wife The same person now you know why I helped the old Ji investigation, right Wei Jiong nodded, then realize there Yue Yuehui words. Until last night what do you mean I always feel that one of the motivations to stimulate the murderer is Madame Butterfly. Yue Xiaohui sighed, looking to the distance of a building. Wei Jiong looked down her eyes, recognize that Yue Xiaohui home where the building, belonging to her home window of the dark hole. But, last night, I asked my dad, because he was allergic to perfume, so my mother has not perfume, in the summer, even the toilet water is not. At least three victims have used the Madame Butterfly or similar smell of perfume. Lin Guodong is currently the largest suspect object, then made him ruin that one of the ruin. The woman also used Madame Butterfly not to coincidence to this extent, right Well, I m absolutely convinced that the murderer of Lao Ji s wife and three other women is Lin Guodong. Yue Xiaohui looked at Wei Jiong, But i.

he indoor. Room is not large, but placed very few items, in addition to a single bed, the wardrobe and a set of tables and chairs, the idea is also spacious. All the furniture is old style, and twenty three years ago is lightgreen self balancing scooter no different, with pillow covers and quilts are outdated fabric and color. The only room with a modern atmosphere is the desk of the computer and printer. Luo Shaohua leaned over and found that the surface of the mouse has been worn light, it seems that this guy on the computer utilization is very high. He lightgreen self balancing scooter thought, raising his hand to open the laptop, press the power button. Computer silently to run up, and soon, Windows venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews start up sounded, XP operating system, lightgreen self balancing scooter the blue sky green desktop also emerged. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems Lin Guodong do seagreen self balancing scooter not know how to set the power on password, otherwise they have to spend some lightgreen self balancing scooter effort. He lightgreen self balancing scooter checked the hard drive in the file, nothing found, then open the IE browser, view the history. Lin Guodong in the last few days, mostly for news, online translation and professional vocabulary query website. Luo Shaohua patience, daily view down and found that he visited the website during the Spring Festival up, it appears that the Interne.spended, withholding bonuses, cancel the evaluation of eligibility. Chen Xiao gently stroked his back Little poor. I just can not figure out, has been puzzled. Lin Guodong eyes on the other side of the living room, bathroom door half empty, how can she hurt me Everyone look at my eyes are strange, we all Behind me secretly talking about me for me, that is set me to death. Very simply, she does not love you. Why do not I refuse her every time I invite her Chen Xiao gently smiled, boyfriend away from so far, usually no one to accompany. Just have you this young and handsome talented suitors. For me, will be pleased to make an appointment on When looking for someone to play with their own. However, she is willing to embrace and kiss me What is it, a woman, hold a hold, they will be warm, but you want to have a substantive relationship, she will certainly escape. Lin Guodong silence for a moment, shook his head a woman really terrible. Chen Xiao Lin Guodong arms to squeeze his head squeezed So you have been so single for so many years Lin Guodong s hand stroked on her back, can clearly feel the location of the bra, can not let go, do not dare to love again. Fool. Chen cl.but also in his home found a variety of criminal investigation literature and documentary works to verify. Secondly, from Xu Mingliang s own characteristics, born in single parent families, learning achievement in general, withdrawn personality, not many friends, youth have suffered setbacks. Due to stress, the mother of its more negligent, lack of necessary communication between mother and child and communication. This leads to a lack of compassion and compassion for others. May not love history, the reason can not be ruled out is difficult to establish normal contact with other women s sake. Have sexual needs, and had witnessed the mother and other men of affair, may have a hatred of women s psychology. From the perspective of criminal psychology, such people committed crimes of rape, murder is not surprising. Finally, Xu Mingliang s fingerprints were found on mediumseagreen self balancing scooter plastic bags wrapped in dead bodies. This is cadetblue self balancing scooter the most direct and most important evidence. Procuratorates approved the arrest, prosecution and the court found the basis for its conviction, but also around the evidence to start. Zhang Zhenliang does not deny this, change is me, will also be the first guy arrested and tried to.

Lightgreen Self Balancing Scooter , her daughter is trying on a beige V neck cashmere sweater, the bed lightgreen self balancing scooter also stood a Rhode self balancing scooter coffee colored sheepskin coat. See the father came in, Luo Ying quickly put the black bra strap into the clothes. Dad, do I look good in this Look good. Luo Shaohua to look into his wife, I went out, you remember to take maroon self balancing scooter medicine. Well, rest assured. Jin Feng is looking at Luo Ying, You pay attention to safety. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, turned and went out. And lightgreen self balancing scooter Luo Ying s conversation let him delay some time, open to half the distance, Luo Shaohua completely into traffic congestion in the morning peak. Although he continued to dodge in the traffic maneuvers, but still can not break the encirclement, and ultimately can only give up, a little bit to the destination. Finally lightgreen self balancing scooter arrived at the Green Bamboo Court area, Luo Shaohua lock the car, all the way into the park trot. Now close to 9 am, he has been unable to track Lin Guodong hope. Sure enough, when he came to 22 units of 501 units in front of the door, clearly see the security door and the door copper self balancing scooter frame of the transparent tape has been opened. It seems Lin Guodong has to go out. But, Luo Shaohua in my heart still have some small expectations if he jus.uth white lightgreen self balancing scooter foam, and my heart only one idea do not catch him caught down in the second, in any case can lightgreen self balancing scooter not be robbed gun. However, the man s action more violent. Soon, he had to hold Du into the right hand, doom to break into the Du into the fingers. Du Cheng watched five fingers were one by one apart, so he pressed the cartridge release button without hesitation, Pata sound, clip landing. Man surprised a moment. Almost the same time, Du into the back of an self balancing scooter empty feeling, the whole person fell back to lightgreen self balancing scooter the ground. The elevator doors open, the ninth floor. Immediately, Du Cheng saw a few feet in front of their own flashed, the pressure on his body was pulled from the man, and face down and down. All this happened too quickly, a few feet wearing shoes in their own face, who continued to bump. Du intoadvertently take into account these, the whole person to relax down, has been simmering in the throat of that tone suddenly spit. Immediately, he was lying on his back, piercing to cough up. For a long while, he barely with the elbow support half up, pointing upstairs. The 15th floor. Ah, ah, know seize the time trial, I ll go back. Zhang Zhenliang hang up, his face gloomy. Moment.

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