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Lightpink Self Balancing Scooter the life of me and my dad, I will be very glad if you will be sent to the execution ground now. Girl suddenly stopped, his head twisted to one side, seems to be trying to hold back tears. A few seconds later, she re face the camera, the voice is still choking voice. But I know what you re doing, so I want you to make an appointment with me. The girl leaned in and said, I ll help you catch Lin coral self balancing scooter Guodong. Always believe that in this world, in addition to the murder of the fair lightpink self balancing scooter life, there are laws and order. The girl slowed down I always think that you should have a chance to face the mistakes that have been mini smart self balancing scooter committed, rather than escape. Smile comes to the girl s mouth, pure as an angel. Maybe that s kind of silly, but it s my obsession. End of video playback. Du and Wei Jiong quietly watching Yue Xiaohui. She, darkorenge self balancing scooter as well as her hands a little light, enough to illuminate the entire night sky. Yue Xiaohui put down the phone to extend a hand to Ji Qiankun, his face a gentle smile and firm. Old discipline, we go. Late spring Yang Guiqin suddenly woke up. She dizzy up from the sofa to get up, feel thirsty, easily from the coffee table on the top of the cup, drank a cold has been through the.fter a lot of trouble, only to find his then an old colleague a retired female friend of Tang. Tang is called out in the smart-balance wheel news classroom, to meet, his hands full of chalk ash. Du Cheng said after his arrival, she said a little thought to remember Lin Guodong. Teacher Lin, thin, not very talkative, very spirit. She looked curiously Du into, how he The specific situation has yet to be understood. Du into a cigarette, thought, and put back, However, he is said to be crazy. To Du into a surprise, the soup teacher did not show too much surprise, but blueviolet self balancing scooter very sorry look. Well, I know. Tang teacher sigh, shook his head, he ah, or step, but that road Hom. What do you mean Du immediately asked, What is that ridge Initially, the soup teacher also some hesitation, does not seem to want to talk about others privacy. However, stand up to the repeated insistence of Du Cheng, had to dusty this long past thin to say. The summer of 1988, when Lin Guodong has 45 secondary schools for four years. That year, the school also points to a few recently graduated college students. Among them, a girl from the lightpink self balancing scooter English Department of Beijing Normal University is very compelling. Her name is Pan Xiaojin, who looks beautif.

The doctor came round. The police acted quickly to open the window and toss the cigarette butts. Less than half a minute, the doctor went into the ward. A door, he sucks nose, brow wrinkled up. How so many people He dissatisfied with the ward of the police, also lightpink self balancing scooter smoking, Du into you do not kill it Duichou lightpink self balancing scooter a. Du Cheng Hei hei smiled, Chong Zhang Liang made a wink. Zhang Zhen Liang Xinling get up, got up and put that cigarette butts hidden behind the bottle of mineral water. All out, all out. The doctor waved impatiently. Duan Hongqing stood up, the doctor lost a smile Doctors bother you. When he finished, he turned to Du Cheng You have a good rest dare I will shut you off. Du rolled up his sleeves, ready to allow nurses to blood pressure I am in the hospital and closed what is the difference ah Duan Hongqing do not speak, put out a little bit of Du Cheng, a great warning. Done into a helpless, I listen, became, right Duan Hongqing slightly relaxed face, turned around and motioned everyone out. The policemen said goodbye to Du. Zhang Zhen Liang came over and said Master, tomorrow I ll see you again. Do not come. Du into waved his hand, first deal with the case say, get out of it. Zha.n the south bank of the South Canal No.3. The same day at 15 50 Xu, in the east of garbage incineration plant found in black plastic bag packaging head 4 and left thigh 5. The same day at 20 10 Xu, orthopedic hospital in the city south wall found in the black plastic bags under the human right thigh 6 and left leg 7. Site self balancing scooter bluetooth inspection At 9 20 on November 9, 1990 Xu site survey in Tiedong District Songjiang Street and Democracy Road intersection of 200 meters south of the green belt found a black plastic bag, the handle was cross shaped cross tight, and with a transparent tape seal tie. There are human lower limb right calf, right foot and left and right upper limbs. In addition to a small amount of blood within the bag, no other content. There is no printed word on the plastic bag. lightpink self balancing scooter In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted to the fingerprint. November 10, 1990 8 20 am Scene Investigation In the South Canal River, near the south lightpink self balancing scooter bank of the side of the mud found in the black plastic bag packaging, here from the Bay Park about 400 meters. Packaging for the two pairs of black plastic bags opposite, the middle with a transparent tape banding. The bag has a female torso.put the basket on the table in the hands. Two bedroom door is also closed, from time to time a slight snoring came from the room. Luo Shaohua sat down at the table, while adjusting the breathing, while watching the clock on the wall. Five twenty five in the morning. Outside the window of the sky is not as strong as black as ink, faintly appear a bright white horizon. Luo Shaohua atmosphere gradually stable, he got up and went to the kitchen, took out a white porcelain plate from the cupboard, back to the table, open a plastic bag in the basket, the smell of fried dough sticks blowing. He put the dough sticks neatly placed in the plate, and took out a few cups of milk, one by one into the straw. Subsequently, he returned to the kitchen carrying basket, the classification of a few vegetables darkseagreen self balancing scooter into the refrigerator. After all this, he looked up again at the clock five forty. The family will get up at least six o clock. Luo Shaohua sitting back to the table, open the semiconductor radio, lower volume, quietly listening to a file health care programs. Gradually, the sky a little lightpink self balancing scooter lit up the window, the car sound, the voice is also increasingly clear. This is a haze of weather, the city is.

Lightpink Self Balancing moccasin self balancing scooter Scooter able to force, fell back to the ground. His upper body hit behind the file shelf, suddenly felt the iron frame shaking up. Wei Jiong surprised, quickly turned around, want to hold the file rack. Just out of hand to be cracked down the file was smashed. Then, a large group of dust with the falling files flying up. In a mist, Wei Jiong saw that gray haired man from the front of the archives after the turn out, his face looked lightpink self balancing scooter surprised at himself. At that moment, Wei Jiong suddenly realized that skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels he had seen this man. What are you doing A cry of horror and anger came from the door, watching the two men looked through the sound, see the administrator holding a steaming cup, is stunned to see a messy archives, as well as a lying one stop them. Oh, it s all right. The man first responded, pointing to the top of the shelf, I asked the young man to help me get the dossier above, he did not stand, the result that s it. When he finished, he extended his hand to Wei Jiong, his face with a meaningful smile. Get up quickly. Yue Xiaohui surprised to look at the depressed Wei Jiong, and his hair behind that gray, wearing a black man down jacket the whole person looks awful Wei Jiong, seems to.time. Zhang Limin s voice tired, there are luminol reaction, but most are dust, not very good to identify. He pointed to the ground As you said, I saw every tile seam you want to find the blood, how long before Du Cheng to see him Twenty three years ago. In the end you are looking at what the case ah Ma is not the day before the day out Zhang Limin stared, Even if found, the possibility of blood contamination is very large, DNA can not be tested out ah. Du into the gloomy face. He patted Zhang Limin s shoulder, said something hard, cheap smart self balancing scooter and went lightpink self balancing scooter back to the living room, look around the room. Ji Qiankun unwilling, in fact, Du Cheng is. Lin Guodong will bear the criminal responsibility for the killing of Ma Jian, of course, he lightpink self balancing scooter deserved. However, if twenty three years ago, the serial murder this unclear lightpink self balancing scooter end, Du Cheng also find it difficult to let go. Lin Guodong did not take coercive measures before, because the possibility of obtaining evidence is extremely slim. Although it lightpink self balancing scooter is now possible to conduct lightpink self balancing scooter a search on his home, but still difficult. Du into the eyes in turn swept the sofa, chest of drawers, tables and TV stand. Lin Guodong rape, murder scene certainly here. Which as part of the.

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