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Lightsteelblue Self Balancing Scooter omes pale. You speak. In fact, among the four women, my favorite is your wife. Lin Guodong slowly spit out a cigarette, tilted lightsteelblue self balancing scooter his head, with eyes squinting Ji Qiankun, legs long, chest is also large, white and white skin Tender I m so cool. You shut up Wei Jiong shouted. He did not dare to see Ji Qiankun s face, but clearly heard his teeth creak. I did her twice, put it down. Lin Guodong crushed cigarette butts with his fingers, arms crossed, hold in the chest, narrowed his eyes looking at Ji lightsteelblue self balancing scooter Qiankun, However, after playing her, I still have to kill her. She has been begging me, let me let her or something. lightsteelblue self balancing scooter He stretched out his hands, fingers open, and hold together, slowly close. Your wife s neck so fine, did not let me charge too much effort, quack Ji Qiankun tightly staring at him, his face palevioletred self balancing scooter turned from white to green, holding the remote control initiator blistering from the hands of violence. I killed your wife, put her into the bathtub. Lin Guodong seems to Ji Kung kun s response was very satisfied, more relaxed tone, the word clear, I intend to cut her head first when I saw her S neck, guess what Lin Guodong leaned forward with a smile on his face, as if to tell a very funny p.ection to leave. Paladin off road vehicles slowly down the window, Du Cheng s face North self balancing scooter exposed, dignified expression, thoughtfully. Chapter 22 Butterfly Lady On the first floor of the Bonjour Mall, Yue Xiaohui pointed to a glass jar in front of the French Guerlain counter and turned to lightsteelblue self balancing scooter Wei Jiong and said, That s it. Wei Jiong looked at the shape of a small luxury glass bottles, as well as containing the light yellow liquid. Immediately, he struggled to read the letter on the bottle Mitsouko is this the meaning of Madame Butterfly Yes ah. Yue Xiaohui Puchi smile, Do you think will be MadameButterfly Wei Jiong embarrassed scratched his head I can not understand this. Yue Xiaohui quite contented This is a big learning inside. Having said that, she took the perfume bottle, open the lid, scrape together in the past smell the smell. Well, it skque self balancing scooter s a classic taste. Shopping guide Miss Coushang to This is indeed the classic Guerlain perfume, top notes of bergamot, lemon, orange peel, as well as peach. In tune with flowers, including roses, jasmine Wei Jiong hear a loss, Yue Xiaohui Dao Shi nodded frequently, and finally wipe a little on the wrist, conspire Wei Jiong in front. How, good news.

moment, then looked up and saw a box of cigarettes stood on the instrument panel, to take out a light. Zhang Zhenliang some impatient how Do you think Du into a spit a cigarette, thought, spoke and said mobile phone positioning to the 8th floor, people should be in the 8th floor, but the system has both smoke and smell, they are not afraid of being found lightsteelblue self balancing scooter That is smart balance wheel battery charging not a problem. Zhang Zhenliang a wave, put people hold, and consequently easy. He finished, he picked up the walkie talkie, briefly ordered 8, No. 3, upstairs. Du turned to look out the window, saw the back of the car jumped a few young men, the pace hurried into the 4 Building 2 unit. lightsteelblue self balancing scooter Zhang Zhenliang watched them disappear in the corridor, a few minutes later, walkie talkie came a deep male voice arresting group has been in place. Zhang Zhen Liang picked up the walkie talkie moment action lightsteelblue self balancing scooter agile point. Then, he took out a cell phone from his pocket, handed Huangfa youth. As I have just said, if you dare to play tricks, I let you leray self balancing scooter eat bread for life. Huang made a young man raised his head, not opening the first hit a big yawn. I I dare He took over the phone, open the call log, select a number, set aside. Car police a.bled back to the room. Indoor lighting soft, floating in the air with a taste of instant noodles. That was the dinner he had just eaten. Think of their own face to eat serious, pretend nothing had happened, Lin Guodong secretly feel funny. Subsequently, is the deep resentment. He sat back in front of the computer, stared at the monitor on the document, which arranged in chaotic characters, both in English, but also Chinese. Whatthefuck The son of a bitch When do you want to force me lightsteelblue self balancing scooter to This is Lin Guodong on the computer work for a whole afternoon and night, he tried to keep looking calm, action soothing, but completely unable to focus on the translation of this manuscript. In the chest gushing out of the vices are turned into a vicious words, by his percussion in the document. He sighed, not saved to close the page, re open a new blank document. This is his first job after getting discharged. In the morning of the interview, the translation of the company s boss has repeatedly looked at the hair gray, self balancing scooter bluetooth dressed in shabby, his eyes filled with ridicule and questioning. Brand name undergraduate degree is still useful, although only in exchange for first translated a try tomorro.the translation of the company s cashier. Ma Jian put away the phone, I told her a few days and found that she and Lin Guodong exchanges are more closely, and Lin Guodong took her to the house. Are these two people in love Love Ma Jian scoffed, Lin Guodong and women can not establish a normal relationship. Did you notice his eyes yet how Ma Jian meaningful look Luo Shaohua That is the way the face of the beast food. You mean, Lin Guodong may kill her Luo Shaohua s voice hesitated, as he was to those women Ma Jian smiled, hanging eyelids This is our chance to solve his out. but I have come to stare at him for more than 20 years and he should not remember me. I have not seen anything yet, said Ma Jian, who has been exposed for a cadetblue self balancing scooter while lightsteelblue self balancing scooter to Lin Guodong. That, how leray self balancing scooter balance motion are you going to do Luo Shaohua still do not trust, there Illinois self balancing scooter are plans You do not care, when I need you I will inform you, you guarantee on call on the line, all listen to my command. Ma Jian seems to return to the day when the captain of the Interpol, in front of him is still the feather little brother. He patted the shoulder Luo Shaohua, and forced lightsteelblue self balancing scooter by the press. Shaohua, done this, you, me, as well as into the child, can peace of.

Lightsteelblue Self Balancing Scooter say first instance, but But what There s too little direct evidence to tell you that you have nothing but fingerprints, such as body fluids. Every murder case is not extracted, the murderer with a condom. But the condom was not found in lavenderblush self balancing scooter his house. This good explanation, after committing the crime to discard. This is not a good explanation. Zhang Zhenliang knocked on the table, a know how to clean up the body, the use of condoms, wipe lightsteelblue self balancing scooter fingerprints, parcels in the body will commit such a mistake After committing the crime panic, understandable ah. The problem is that he was not panicked at that time. Zhang Zhenliang straightened up, to kill four people, his way of getting rid of lightsteelblue self balancing scooter the body has become more skilled, parcel body is also orderly. , You do not feel strange What s so strange This guy is a butcher ah. Zhang Zhenliang look around, depressed the voice, If I was him, lightsteelblue self balancing scooter not worthwhile to Zombie. What would you do Du asked, staring at him. We all know, the human body and pork is too his mother like a.Experiment, not all with the pig Zhang Zhenliang whispered, first handle off the head and hands and feet for example, after cooking chopped, the rest Slowly deal with chanting.T.many people. Well, Xu Mingliang relatively simple interpersonal relationships during his lifetime. Du Cheng also turned to a small wooden table, I screened the list a bit, two have died, are due to age, natural death. They are close to the incident Sixty years old, and basically can be ruled out. Other people Yue Xiaohui staring at Du into, look focused. We are lucky. Du Cheng picked up the list and looked at the handwriting outlined above, one of which has been moved to other cities, you can find a friend to help look up the other several, still living in the city. Well, when do we start the investigation Immediately from the beginning of a small age to check. Du suddenly thought of what, looked at Yue Xiaohui, You are also active than the old Ji ah. Oh Yue Xiaohui immediately sat up straight body, we have to open it. You two do not delay classes. Ji Qiankun interrupted, Then I was too sorry. Anyway, seven or eight individuals need to investigate, will not take too long. Yue Xiaohui rejection of hair, Yes, Du police officers Du into just look at her, did not speak. You clean up very clean house Well. Chen took off his coat, readily placed on the sofa, is the house a bit old. Lin G.

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