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Lightyellow Self Balancing Scooter into the carriage, leaning against the car body, and other Yang Guiqin came. The pickup truck driver s seat suddenly opened the door, a middle aged man stuck his head out, frowning to see Luo Shaohua. Put it for the time being, said Luo Shaohua, pointing to Yang Guiqin, Wait, this old lady. Middle aged man Oh, a cry, shrink back. Finally, Yang Guiqin went downstairs, that she was going to the 5th floor, Luo Shaohua from the carriage to retrieve cloth, big step upstairs. Room 501, the iron door locked. Luo Shaohua knocked on the door a few times, but no response. He turned to see the hard climb to the Yang Guiqin No one at home. Someone. Yang Guiqin has been panting, his face is sweat, I came to seashell self balancing scooter lightyellow self balancing scooter call. She moved to the door, raising her hand to knock on the door, while knocking and said Zhao Master, I was Ming Liang s mother. The door suddenly opened, an old woman exposed half of the body, look quite alert. Guiqin, come in. The old woman saw Yang Guiqin behind Luo Shaohua, stunned for a moment, This is Send me to. Yang Guiqin apparently no extra effort to explain, turn instructions Luo Shaohua, help me carry it. Into the room, the old woman s mood is clearly relaxed a lot. She helped.ogether Luo Shaohua began to ask, how she has not come home Well Xiangyang s voice sounded more astonished than he lightyellow self balancing scooter did. No, lightyellow self balancing scooter we re separated at seven. So early Luo Shaohua surprised, and asked, You did not send her back In the end how is it We how to say it, talk too happy. Xiangyang tone is quite embarrassing, Luo Ying that temper, you know, he left Luo Shaohua lightyellow self balancing scooter interrupted his words Where are you about Washington House, 4th floor, a Japanese restaurant.Dad, in fact, I Luo Shaohua did not continue to listen to the direct hang up the phone. Washington Building, less than five kilometers from here, even if the walk, Luo Ying should also be home early. It seems that the child and Xiangyang Tan collapse, under the irritable mood, and perhaps find a place to drink boring wine. After much deliberation, or do not feel at ease, but also call lightseagreen self balancing scooter the lightyellow self balancing scooter phone Luo Ying. The wait for a longer time, Luo Shaohua about to hang up when the redial, the phone suddenly connected. Luo Shaohua heart of a song Yingying, where it Strangely, Luo Ying did not respond. Handset came a whirr of the wind, seems to be living in an open outdoor space. Yingying Luo Shaohua the phone close to the e.

rd Nunu chin. Banggemang, to pull the curtains. Wei Jiong hesitated a moment. Although the woman is sleeping, but this is her private space. However, opened the curtains only, should not be anything offensive. Thought of this, Wei Jiong royalblue self balancing scooter to look swagway self balancing scooter reviews around the corridor, or heels into the bedroom. A door, Wei Jiong to smell a strange smell. He sniffed, went to the window, opened the curtains. The afternoon sun pouring in, the woman s face becomes clear. See, she should be regarded as a beautiful young woman, face rounded, facial features Zhou Zheng, the skin can be considered delicate. Wei Jiong look back and see Ji Qiankun, the latter is also looking at him. You smelled it Wei. Wei Jiong frowned, that taste is not pleasant, mixed with sesame oil or something else, will make people think of some kind of evil emotions. Ji Qiankun shake wheelchair, slowly into the room. He looked at the interior furnishings, from time to time flutting his nose, then, his eyes on the woman who fell asleep. Wei Jiong is also looking for the kind of taste of the source, however, a small indoor glance, and no remnants of food and the like. Finally, he and Ji Qiankun line darkgoldenrod self balancing scooter of sight. Ji Qiankun smiled, the wheelch.long stay. Lin Guodong teeth, got up want to go. Ji Qiankun immediately low shouted Sit down Immediately, he put his right hand on the table, palm holding a black rectangular plastic box, there is a red button above. Look under your seat Lin Guodong stared at him, slowly sitting back seat, separate legs, quickly looked under the seat. A black bag on his body. He immediately looked up, looking to the opposite stranger. Ji Qiankun face smile has disappeared. He shook his hands to the plastic box Lin Guodong I just lightyellow self balancing scooter press self balancing scooter reviews 2015 this button to ensure that you are not left with bones residue. Lin Guodong shook, peering at him Who are you in the end Ji peachpuff self balancing scooter Qiankun did not immediately answer, but deep breath inhaled, and slowly spit it out. August 5, 1991 evening, you hijacked a woman, raped and killed her. Ji Qiankun expression becomes gloomy cold, after you dismembered Wyoming self balancing scooter her into ten, has thrown in 177 highway side, building Design Institute family area in front of the trash, the Red River Street, 163, Sheep lightyellow self balancing scooter Town, next to the village next to the water tower I m right His gentle tone, but no edge, but like a knife like, cut the brains of lightyellow self balancing scooter Lin Guodong, those hidden in the memory of the screen one by one.gate, took a deep breath, then turned down the stairs. A Minnesota self balancing scooter door across the other side, Lin Guodong put down the instructions, the eyes there is a trace of excitement could not conceal the light. He rubbed his hands, carefully put the computer out from the carton, gently on the desktop. Subsequently, the other parts were also removed from the carton. Well power cord power jack. Lin Guodong gently talking about the power cord and the computer is connected, and then socket. The computer opens. He picked up the mouse USB port. The first insertion failure, that flat small metal connector in any case can not be inserted into the computer. Lin Guodong not hard to, for fear of breaking this spent him more than 4000 pieces of baby. Thought, he carefully looked at the mouse line, turn the direction success He snapped his heart, pondering the next step, only to find that they have forgotten. Patted his head, he picked up the manual, find some, press the power button on the computer. Hardware starts, along with lightyellow self balancing scooter several non audible buzzes. The display lights up and the music starts to sound, and a row of icons appears on the screen. Lin Guodong excited, he picked up the mou.

Lightyellow Self Balancing Scooter eems only the last resort. Luo Shaohua got up and shut the blinds, but also return to the door, close the doors. Bathroom suddenly a dark, indoor display items can only show a fuzzy profile. He opened the backpack, removed the mask to lightyellow self balancing scooter wear, and from the carry out of a watering can, began in the walls, bathtubs, the ground and the hand saw and hammer evenly sprayed up. The smell of luminol solution rises. Spraying is completed, the indoor humidity greatly increased. Luo Shaohua feel some oppressed, he put down the watering can, turned lightyellow self balancing scooter to the door, opened a gap through the breath. Breathing a little lightyellow self balancing scooter smooth, he re wearing a mask, shut the bathroom door, turned an instant, his eyes widened. Just still a dark room, at the moment has been all over the blue violet fluorescence. In the wall, bathtub, on the ground, like a blossoming color strange flowers, quietly blooming in the dark. However, this flower is not a regular flake, but different shapes spray like, drip like, stream columnar, rub rub like, piece of Park like At the same time, this flower has not exuded refreshing fragrance, Luo Shaohua smell, but more and more strong sweet fishy. He bent over to pick up the hand saw, in.Find out the murderer s motive killings, killing or killing plans you can narrow the scope of investigation suspects, otherwise Need a needle in a haystack. Well, I understand. Wei Jiong nodded to see the file in hand, in other words, is to understand why the murderer kill Yue Xiaohui s mother. You appreciate the momentum of children, but engage in the case can not mess. Du Cheng Wei Jiong to ward off the door, lit a cigarette, say, you are not the police, Connecticut self balancing scooter a lot of means of investigation can not be used. First, lightyellow self balancing scooter the motive of the murderer. He pointed to the case file I have the situation, are here. Separated by twenty two years to try to figure out a person s heart, this can do You so trust me Wei Jiong has begun to feel for the revenge of Yue Xiaohui s vision is just a stupid impulse, and inner crumbling. Yes. But I do not know anything. Your biggest flaw is inexperience. Du into the mouth of misty misty, mysterious expression, your biggest advantage is this. Wei Jiong stared in surprise. In my experience, my mind will be fixed in a frame. Du into the look serious, the face of this unconventional case, I can easily put himself into a dead end.But you do not like, You can think of s.

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