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Lime Self Balancing Scooter hot tea. The conference room is rectangular, on the north side of the leray self balancing scooter wall is a row of display cabinets. Branch in the past years to obtain a variety of trophies, awards, certificates are placed among them. Even if a few meters apart, Ma Jian is still aware of the second row of display cabinet on the left is the fourth collective merit of khaki self balancing scooter a certificate. It is cracked 11.9 series of rape murder case after the murder, the Provincial Public Security Department of the task force to give collective rewards. In the past, when meeting in this meeting room, Ma Jian will always look at this certificate more glances. However, today it again appeared in front of him, but let him feel very harsh. Ma Jian turned away, the mood began to slowly decline. The door of the conference room was pushed open, and the bright and fast step came. Ma Bureau, you wait a navy self balancing scooter little longer. Highlight pulled a chair, sitting beside Ma Jian, lime self balancing scooter the information is printed well, I let them bind it, immediately sent to you. Do not have so much trouble. Ma Jian waved his hand, Thank you, small high. You are the old leader, we should give you to the home. Highlight look at the watch, Duan Bureau in the meeting, he knew you c.t bear to brush the old man s interest, he encouraged a plus to accompany him to play. Is thinking, Wei Jiong Iguang swept to sit in front of the oblique Yue Xiaohui. She was secretly waved his hand, a laughing expression. Wei Jiong Yang Yang eyebrows, and asked her silently how Yue Xiaohui does not answer, pointing to their own hands. Wei Jiong open the phone and saw Yue Xiaohui just sent a WeChat Look old WeChat, ha ha, the old man a long ability. Wei Jiong curiosity, open the old discipline of the WeChat and found that he sent this is not a photo, but a video. Phone and shake it, is sent to Yue Xiaohui with headphones. Wei Jiong responded to an OK , looked up at land grandmother, secretly took out his lime self balancing scooter headphones from his pocket. This is a period of only 20 seconds mini smart self balancing scooter of video, the old discipline should be in the yard, the object is a group of people walking in the Yong Road, the elderly. Screen fairly stable, the sound is also very clear. Wei Jiong read twice, do not see this video what is special, give old Ji sent a. Old Ji quickly replied how to shoot fairly clear it. Wei Jiong smile, this old man did not learn how to use punctuation. Wei Jiong Yes Yes, Ji director. Old Ji Ha ha.

ere Wei Jiong photo team standing on the edge, is turned behind to see the three story small building, until next to the boys took him, he realized that he was the students. Ponytail girls lime self balancing scooter white at him, raised his camera. one two Three eggplant At this time when the lunch time, three small building filled with a strange mixture of taste. Carefully to distinguish, you will find this taste in rice, garlic, potatoes and cabbage. In addition, there must be something to mix these unusual ingredients to a sticky texture, heavy pressure on the body, people unhappy. Wei Jiong do not know what it is, but it can clearly feel its weight. Even in the hands of only a pack of paper towels, he still felt hands and feet tingling up. The ponytail girl was feeding an old woman. Old women may have Parkinson s disease, the head has been kept shaking, while the ponytail girl is also a lack of experience, fed to the old lady s mouth most of the food scattered on her skirt. Therefore, Wei Jiong s task is to keep old women with paper towels to wipe his mouth. Although this task is simple, the frequency of action is very high. He slightly distracted, it will be ponytail girls impatiently urged. And finally.ket adjacent to a large Chunyang residential areas, may have purchased his pork in the thousands. One by one investigation time is difficult to estimate, and Ma Jian, who only 20 days of time. Therefore, Ma Jian chose the first possibility, while the second possibility, in lime self balancing scooter the hearts of Luo Shaohua, more and more. Yang Guiqin no booth, standing behind the bed is a more than 20 year old young man, lime self balancing scooter is struggling to split a ribs. Luo Shaohua stepped forward and asked Yang Guiqin it She did not come, the young man put down the chopper, Now the stall is mine. What s up with her The lime self balancing scooter young man looked at Luo Shaohua curiously, Which restaurant are you After buying the meat to find me, the same. Luo Shaohua did not say anything, took out the police officer card in front of him shook. You re a policeman, said the young man, lowering his eyelids and picking up his galaxy board self balancing scooter reviews chopper again. Is not my brother s thing over Xu Mingliang is your brother Luo Shaohua asked, Who lime self balancing scooter are you I am Yang Guiqin s nephew. security self balancing scooter Young people are obviously hostile to Luo Shaohua, hacking ribs movements also suddenly increased. Luo Shaohua to see he was cut seven twisted ribs, turned and left. Fifteen minutes later, lime self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua p.Because the phone to answer Luo Ying s people, is Lin Guodong. Ran through the channel, washed down the escalator, Luo Shaohua arrived lime self balancing scooter at the Chunyang Road subway station platform. Waiting for the passengers were surprised to see this gray haired, panting for the elderly. Luo Shaohua glanced around, did not see the shadow of Lin Guodong. Look up the electronic signs, from the next subway stop there is a minute. Luo Shaohua side of the gasp, lime self balancing scooter while the orchid self balancing scooter phone call Luo Ying is still off. He cursed loudly, leaning against the platform of the column, constantly looked around the crowd. Subway will be out lime self balancing scooter of midnight, came to take, mostly overtime or dating after the young men and women. South terminus is located in the suburbs, the northern terminus is the relative concentration of residential areas. Therefore, Luo Shaohua living in this side of the site, much more lively than the opposite. In particular the train is approaching, on the platform soon gathered a large group of passengers. Luo Shaohua living in the crowd, the mood even more impatient. Seeing the time has come to an agreement, their mobile phone is still no movement. Where is the daughter, she still alive Not far fr.

Lime Self Balancing Scooter wn the side of the side connected to the phone, Zhang Zhen Liang s voice immediately spread out. A person, less than two grams of cargo. No drug manufacturing tools. Zhang Zhenliang also with severe asthma, Lao Du, how is it Du Cheng went to the fire door on the 10th floor, carefully opened a crack, the elevator, the man has mini smart self balancing scooter to change the shopping bag to the left hand, right hand stop poking down the key. Du Cheng whispered 10 floor, fast up to help me. self-balancing scooter useful hint When he finished, Du hung up the phone, opened the fire door and went out. Hear the footsteps, the man suddenly turned around and saw the Du into the keys of the action more frenzy. You put things down, turned around. Du carefully close, one hand pointing to the man, the other hand holding the waist of the gun handle, hands Baotou The man ignored him, just turned his head, tightly staring at the elevator door. Du into the wound, walked over quickly, his fingers just touched his shoulder, the elevator door opened. The man suddenly burst, the shopping bags to throw into DU, sideways squeezed into the elevator. Du Cheng raised his hand to protect his head and face, drew a man pointing to the point Immediately give me out, hurry up Man b.b, he and his mother will Sometimes, he is a person to the young face, rounded, smooth, and lime self balancing scooter fingers pinch the feeling in my face one day, two people did not come Wei Jiong silent, quietly watching the girl in the night, and her mouth suddenly bright and dark cigarettes. Cat quietly ran over, attached to the edge of Yue Xiaohui, wrapped around. I lay down for a day. Hungry, cold, afraid. Yue Xiaohui bowed his head, gently stroked the cat with the instep of the stomach, I can not do anything, can only cry, or sleep.Often, he came back A man. Cats comfortably curled up, lying on the girl s feet. your mom In fact, I often feel that these are my illusion. Yue Xiaohui gently smiled, I was less than one year old, can not remember these, but I clearly know that from that day, Everything is different. She put the smoke Diao in his mouth, his hands stretched out to the back, unlock the ponytail has been loose, and re tied. There was only one person in the face of the crib, getting thinner, Florida self balancing scooter getting rough, getting more and more anxious. The girl spit out the smoke into the deep blue sky. He did not find any woman, He can not take lime self balancing scooter good care of the lives of two people.So, from a very youn.

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