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Louisiana Self Balancing Scooter tion, Ma Jian took a black pen came to the map before. Now it seems that the murderer is most likely to hide in the place He drew two big circles on the map, Tiedong and Xiujiang District. Du into the expression is still dignified. self balancing scooter samsung battery Although it seems that Louisiana self balancing scooter the scope of the investigation has been greatly reduced, but Tiedong and Xiujiang District, respectively, is the city s two main city, a large population, where Tennessee self balancing scooter the search for the murderer, but in the Pacific and Bohai Sea in the needle difference. Ma Jian seems to be complacent, in his view, whatever the outcome, from the complexity of the case out of an idea, though still not clear, but better than nothing. Arrangements in his investigation when the task, Luo Shaohua came from the door, a glance to see the map on the wall. I rely on, what is this Ma Jian is a maroon self balancing scooter look at him, and immediately greeted him to sit down You have to come back just, what evidence found there There is a fart. Luo Shaohua handed a few sheets of paper, expression of frustration, no fingerprints, plastic bags are not trademarks, origin are Louisiana self balancing scooter found out the same as in Louisiana self balancing scooter front of several cases. Ma Jian can not be reconciled, and asked footprints There is still.e see you. Well, let him not miss. Du into a sign to shake the bed Zhang Zhenliang, I m all right, my body, I know best you did not tell him Lin Guodong this man, right No, Louisiana self balancing scooter what did you find Well, I think that is him. Here, Du suddenly thought of what, turned around for Zhang Zhenliang, Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua have any movement it No, you are unconscious for two days, they have come to see electric self balancing scooters for adults you. Zhang Zhenliang rolled over in his pocket, remove the two envelopes, condolences gold to go back Do not back, keep. Du into hehe to laugh, a Louisiana self balancing scooter yard normalized code, both bastards to see if I should be. Zhang Zhen Liang also laughed Master, hungry It s kinda a little bit, he said, get some dumplings and eat. Good le. Zhang Zhen Liang to get up, walked toward the door, You wait a moment, I ll be back. See him out the door, Du into the coat on his coat, Wei Jiong told The right pocket, smoke. Wei Jiong some hesitation Du police officer, you are sick Du Cheng appears eager less nonsense. Hurry up Wei Jiong helpless, only according to his request to do. Half a minute later, Du has been dangling from a cigarette, the United States and the United States to suck. Wei Jiong to find a paper cup.

ha practice for the hand. Wei Jiong Louisiana self balancing scooter was about to reply to him, he felt the same table pushed his arm. Wei Jiong subconsciously turned around and found the same table a hand pointing to the podium, the other hand pointing to his ears. Wei Jiong suddenly understand how the matter, and quickly reach out and pull the headphones. Almost at the same time, he heard the land grandmother, the voice That male students, you talk about where I have talked about After class, Wei Jiong black friday self balancing scooter walmart unhappy to pick up the bag, thinking to go online to download a written check Pham Van. Not less than a thousand words This old lady, hard enough. Wei Jiong muttered, got up and left the classroom. Just go out to see Yue Xiaohui leaning on the corridor of the heating, his face looked at him with a smile. Why, gloating No, Yue Xiaohui laughed happier, I am especially gloat. Wei Jiong also happy are old discipline damage. Do not blame others, you are too stupid. Yue Xiaohui and he walked side New self balancing scooter by side to the cafeteria, a little anti detection are not. To see that broken video, a thousand word check. The good get, casually copied one became. Yue Xiaohui turned, back to go, big Louisiana self balancing scooter deal I help you I have experience. OK, that course, go out on. Wei Jiong does not look at her, but staring at the open roof, and gradually dark down the sky. Yue Xiaohui staring at the boy s face, his cheeks began to thin, fine hair on the chin to come out of Hawthorn. He looked worried and worried. Although still reticent, but in front of the Wei Jiong made her feel strange. Du into the side of the news Not yet. Wei Jiong shook his head, to collect 23 years ago the evidence, too difficult. Yes ah. Louisiana self balancing scooter I have a few days and evidence of law textbooks read several times, more and more feel that there is no confidence. Yue Xiaohui suddenly smiled, run active smart self balancing scooter At that time, if I have this momentum, sure to get out of. Louisiana self balancing scooter Wei Jiong also laugh. However, that smile fleeting. Old Ji should thank you. Hey, what can be grateful. Yue Xiaohui or look like Taitailielie, Old Ji and Du Cheng, the two old men, are worthy of our help. Wei Jiong silent for a moment, opening asked Your mother s case, also intends to check it Of course, it goes without saying Yue Xiaohui s voice firm, regardless of his ends of the earth, Maine self balancing scooter as long as living in the world, I must Louisiana self balancing scooter find him Well, said Wei, as if to himself, sure to find him. So, to help the old discipline, in the ground, both like to say to Luo Shaohua, but also like to himself. Suddenly, he rushed over, grabbed Luo Shaohua hand just healed the collar. Do you hear We want to catch him As soon as possible Ma Jian s eyes look like a violent beast, teeth bite creak, catch him, we know we are wrong The same black plastic bag. fingerprint. White van. Blood in the carriage. Xu Mingliang s statement. These are the main evidence that the police transferred to the procuratorate. If carefully scrutinized, the black plastic bags are common household things Louisiana self balancing scooter car in the blood after washing, and mixed with pig blood, although that its existence, but due to contamination, has no value for the investigation As Xu Mingliang s confession , Luo Shaohua it is clear what kind of means to obtain. After much deliberation, in addition to the fingerprints, the other evidence can not directly point the murderer Xu Mingliang. So, Xu Mingliang s fingerprints will appear in the parcel of plastic bags Two possibilities first, the murderer is Xu Louisiana self balancing scooter Mingliang second, the murderer is and Xu Mingliang have contact with people, of whom had purchased Xu Mingliang pork suspects the largest. Xu Mingliang where the farmers mar.

Louisiana Self Balancing Scooter come to an old woman to rice, eat End, Wei Jiong hand paper towels have been depleted. Ponytail girls are very satisfied with their performance, she put the empty bowl aside, obviously did not eat the old woman said Auntie, drink some water you still stunned why Well Is in a daze of Wei Jiong woke up, and hurried to pour a glass of water, carefully come over. Ponytail girl cups conspire old woman mouth, turned around and looked Wei Jiong, brow Weicu. Or you go to chat with the old people it Wei Jiong looked at the old woman, such as brook like chest pouring down the flow of water, relieved nodded. Maple Leaf nursing home is a three story small building, more than 70 rooms, more than 100 elderly people live here. Lunch, the nursing home was originally the most busy time, because the arrival of volunteers, care workers are also happy to leisurely, in twos and threes together to chat. Volunteers are very enthusiastic, each room has one or two young people, while cleaning, while chatting with the elderly. Wei Jiong walked through a fan door, occasionally stay in a door, listen to volunteers and the old people talk about such as your birthday ah Cold winter Food quality gossip. S.the bath again in a circle or not see Ma Jian trace. His mind secretly strange, what aquamarine self balancing scooter this guy doing This morning, a strange number dialed self-balancing scooter uk Jinfeng phone. She answered, the other has to and Luo Shaohua call. Luo Shaohua confused took the phone, only to find that familiar voice from Ma Jian. Subsequently, he asked Luo Shaohua in Louisiana self balancing scooter the bath and meet him. Luo Shaohua returned to the Ministry of men, took the waiter handed the bath clothes, ready to open the locker, to call Ma Jian. Just remove the key on the wrist, he found his locker inserted a small piece of paper. Open to the top of the writing is Ma Jian lounge area, jade bath room. Rest area of a total of four jade bath room. Each bathroom are lying in disorder in a few bath. Luo Shaohua one by one view, went to the fourth time, still did not see Ma Jian. Just as he was about to leave, a passenger lying on the door suddenly lifted his foot and stumbled on him. Luo Shaohua a stagger, just to attack, I saw the bath off the lid in the head off the towel Ma Jian s face exposed. You are Ma Jian made a wink at him, motioned him not to speak out, then climb up from the jade couch, went straight to the bath room, a small compartment. Bath.

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