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Magenta Self Balancing Scooter icked up a rag and tried to clean up the other volunteers. Even on the two floors, wiping a few bedroom, Wei Jiong came to the third magenta self balancing scooter floor. Relative to the downstairs of the people coming and going, here seems quiet many. Just turn into the corridor, Wei Jiong to see a person sitting in a bedroom door, seagreen self balancing scooter looking forward to the door. Is Ji Qiankun. Wei Jiong all of a sudden happy up, walked to him. Old discipline Ji Qiankun Wensheng turned around to see him, his face also blooming smile. You came Yeah, what are you doing Wei Jiong went to Ji Qiankun side, to that room looked. This is a single room, the pattern and Ji Qiankun room is no different, but, because pulling the curtains of the reason, indoor light dim, the temperature is much lower. A person lying in bed quietly, the body covered with quilts, only exposed head. From scattered on the quilt on the gray hair, this should be a woman, aged 60 years old and down. She is Qin, what is not clear. Ji Qiankun looked at the woman wistfully. Does she sleep in Wei Jiong low voice. Yeah, and it s hard to wake up. Oh Wei Jiong surprised eyes wide open, That What are you doing here Ji Qiankun smiled, and did not answer, just forwa.Yue Xiaohui to die. magenta self balancing scooter Is thinking, Wei Jiong s cell phone screen suddenly lit up, while a ringing tinkling pound bell sounded. He subconsciously looked down, is Yue Xiaohui sent a video chat request. Wei Jiong suddenly held his breath, did not want to want to press the answer button. The screen appears slightly shaking the screen, but do not see Yue Xiaohui s face. Most of the screen is occupied by a window and below the rows of heads. At the same time, the headset came a burst of not very clear voice, sounds like a female voice, flat, no ups and downs, a few figures faintly discernible. Wei Jiong suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui in a bus. He eagerly at the microphone shouted Xiao Hui, Xiao Hui, where are you Yue Xiaohui did not respond to the screen display of the image is still maintained the original point of view. A few seconds later, the screen began to rotate rapidly, passing a few people after the face is unclear, fixed in the compartment. Wei Jiong eyes suddenly stared. A man s upper body appeared in the screen, he looked directly at the direction of Yue Xiaohui, then turned away, while the Adam s apple in the rapid peristalsis. Although only a short span of two seconds, Wei.

ghtly staring at her, seemed to want to look for her long awaited answer. Girls trembling to come to see not dare look at them, after Du into the magenta self balancing scooter side, shrink from the shoulder, it seems that as soon as possible to escape the four strange men. Du into a grabbed her arm. Girl scared, screaming. Shock beam, take her out Du Cheng is still tightly staring at Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua, the girl to push Zhang Zhenliang. Zhang Zhen Liang should be a cry, pulled from the non stop playing girl, walked outside the park. what are you bisque darkgray self balancing scooter doing Ma Jian looking great change, Di He soon as suddenly after the storm, reach out to stop Zhang Zhenliang. Unexpectedly, just got up, he was Du into a punch in the face. Ma Jian was staggered, almost fell, under the arm of magenta self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua barely stand firm. Then raised his head, the front is extremely angry into the face of Du. Ma Jian, I speak your mother Du raised a finger, trembling point to him, What the hell is your police, you, but also his mother is it Ma Jian also red eyes, struggling to red in the past. However, Luo Shaohua from behind tightly cling to him, Ma Idaho self balancing scooter Jian can only futilely waving fist, the Du Chengzheng roar. You fuck that I was for themselves Ma.stood Wyoming self balancing scooter in situ for a while, and looked up to see the magenta self balancing scooter 501 room windows. The light was still on, and the thick cloth curtains were still. Presumably Lin Guodong downstairs this a fierce conflict without any awareness. Sleep, sleep. Du into the mouth of the lines become hard cold. This quiet night, you can not enjoy a few days. Zhang Zhen Liang and the girl sitting magenta self balancing scooter in the Chaoshan restaurant. See Du came in, Zhang Zhen Liang got up in the past. Asked the store, the answer was watertight. Zhang Zhenliang to the cashier Nunu mouth, whispered, It seems Ma Jian arranged very well. Du Chen best self balancing scooter brand a cry, the line of sight to the nervous girl What is she Her name is Chen Xiao, a translation company. Zhang Zhenliang smiled, is Lin Guodong that house. Oh Du Cheng raised his eyebrows, They know Chen Xiao at nine o clock tonight, after work, and then met Lin Guodong, invited to his home for dinner. Zhang Zhenliang smile gradually converge, do not know how to find this line Ma Jian, but his judgments are accurate Lin Guodong certainly not encounter Chen, perhaps He paused Maybe Lin Guodong really want to kill tonight. Du into the thought, nodded, walked straight to Chen Xiao. The girl is drinking.n. Suddenly, self balancing scooter battery Ji Qiankun to pound the cup fiercely to self balancing scooter battery the ground. Tiles flying, hot tea scattered. Du into a surprised at the same time sounded Ji Qian Kun hysterical roar All this will not happen The sound in the cramped indoors slowly dissipated, the room smart electric self balancing scooter is dead silence. Wei Jiong s hands in his trousers pocket, face expressionless magenta self balancing scooter watching Ji Qiankun magenta self balancing scooter s back. Yue Xiaohui still maintained a squat position, but the body becomes stiff because of panic, magenta self balancing scooter there are a few pieces of broken tiles. Du into the look is very complicated. He looked at Ji Qiankun, without a word from the corner to pick up the broom and dustpan. Just put the pieces of glass to Shoulong together, Yue Xiaohui took over his hands the tools, silently clean up the ground. Ji Qiankun sitting in a magenta self balancing scooter wheelchair, his eyes staring at the water stains, his hands clenched into the fist, the upper body is still slightly trembling, his face is a lonely and angry expression. Du into a sigh, stepped forward, patted Ji Qiankun shoulders old discipline, I understand your feelings magenta self balancing scooter You do not understand Ji Qiankun unceremoniously interrupted him, You do not know what to call for no way, you do not know what is desperate I kno.

Magenta Self Balancing Scooter i received their parents home New Year. This makes Luo Ying very happy, obviously not the amount of alcohol, or and Luo Shaohua drank half a catty of liquor. The results, a meal did not finish, Luo Ying to spit unconscious. Luo Shaohua side cursed former son in law is not reasonable, while helping Luo Ying clean up, arrange her to rest. Good dinner made this way, Luo Shaohua s heart blocked badly. Jinfeng d calm and collected, his face always with a tranquil smile. One to eight, she sat in front of the TV to see the Spring Festival Gala, when not laughing out loud. Luo Shaohua know her mind, but also understand that Jinfeng is doing a woman the greatest ability to maintain this home in the New Year s Eve of the quiet and joy. The only thing he can do is to accompany her, honestly watching TV. However, whether it is dance, or crosstalk, comedy, can not let his heart down to calm down. Peeling peanuts thrown into the trash, Luo Shaohua holding a half chip peanut shell, stared at Shen Tang in the tangled help. Jinfeng has been happy together, look around the silent wife, smile gradually stopped. She pushed the cigarettes and the lighter, and whispered, Go, smoke a cigarette. Luo Shaohu.heavy rain this spring. Chapter 31 The Secret of Two People 3 29 evening 10 am, in Tiedong Songjiang Road 117 8, Metropark Building under construction , 7th floor, a deliberate homicide case. C City Normal University law school Missouri self balancing scooter junior Yue Xiaohui in late to be followed and hijacked to Victoria King Building, 7th floor. Suspects intent on rape killing Yue Xiaohui. Passing through the C City Public Security Bureau, East Branch of the former Deputy Secretary Ma Jian aware of the unusual circumstances, to rescue. Tussle, Ma Jian was pushed down the floor to save the victims, unfortunately, sacrifice. The investigation, Ma Jian body two knives, a fatal knife punctured the left magenta self balancing scooter segway self balancing scooter ventricle, leading to hemorrhagic shock death. The suspect Lin Guodong at large, the arrest of his work is ongoing. Zhang Zhen Liang holding the phone, the pace hurried through the corridor, kept on the microphone issued an order. Small hotels, Internet cafes, bath center, give me a detailed search again. All can mobilize the power to start up He almost roared, train station, bus station, highway cloth control, Son of a bitch to me firmly pressed death in the city Hang up the phone, magenta self balancing scooter Zhang Zhenliang also we.

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