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Maine Self Balancing Scooter un bed busy living, see them come in, Zhang Haisheng hands on the pillow to shoot loose, placed in bed. Although he seems to be in the finishing bed, but Wei Jiong can be sure that he is rummaging for something. You come back Zhang Haisheng face smiles, pointing to the single bed, Should you take a break No. Ji Qiankun hanging eyelids, raising his hand to indicate Wei Jiong Maine self balancing scooter pushed him to the window. Where the old discipline Maine self balancing scooter Let me worry about the strange. I do not see him, turned to Wei Jiong, Wei, open the cupboard, which has tea.We two bubble tea drink. Zhang Haisheng seeing this, can only say you talk , bitterly to open the door out. Today s tea is Lu an Guapian, aroma Qinggao, taste Xianchun. A cup of hot tea Xiadu, two self balancing scooter at walmart people s atmosphere gradually mix thoroughly. Wei Jiong body sweat consumed more than half, comfortably leaning against the table, small mouth sipping tea. Ji Qiankun come up with a healthy brand of cigarettes to smoke, and soon, fighting room smoke misty, mixed with tea, people are quite lazy and comfortable. Wei Jiong suction nose, suddenly remembered the third floor of the woman. The old lady Wei Jiong tried to ask, is your friend Do not. Ji Qiankun sh.as solemn as a memorial service. Under strong pressure, the Secretary in the analysis will come to an end when the military order twenty days to solve the case, or automatically leave to black self balancing scooter guard the equipment library. The top of the table of the state, the pressure is still in the Ma Jian them. A meeting, Ma Jian, who led the people back to the office. Everyone sitting at the table, a moment of no words. A long time, Ma Jian slowly opening Shaohua it Someone replied In the physical evidence test over there. Ma Jian ah a cry, stood up Just at the meeting, we also heard, twenty days, do not I say, time is pressing Suddenly, the office door was broken open, a naked upper body man staggered rushed in, splash kneel down to the ground, kowtow, such as Daosuan. You police comrades, a man Maine self balancing scooter s face full of sweat and tears, you must seize him I love her she is a good woman she should not Followed by rushed into the door to the Du into. He pulled a man, could not hold to the old discipline, you fast up, do not Ma Jian was also surprised, quickly greeted colleagues to help the man up. Man saw the blood on his forehead, mixed with dust and sweat, face lik.

he dossiers, but also in several locations apart from the other. Bai Xiaoyong kidnapping murder case. He immediately realized that in this file rack, the file is in accordance with the order of Hanyu Pinyin. This means that Xu Mingliang murder case files, must be in the bottom of a column. Wei Jiong immediately squat body, found on the bottom of the iron frame. When he took out the fourth volume of the file, see the cover was shocked to read Xu Mingliang rape murder case. He cheered in the bottom of my heart, quickly inserted in the hands of the file, sandwiched this file, walked back quickly. There are a few meters away from the table when Wei Jiong faintly heard the voice of the administrator came the corridor OK, then see at night. He did not neglect, almost run the remaining steps, the administrator s foot into the file room at the same time, Wei Jiong sat in a chair. Despite his head down, Wei Jiong still feel the administrator looked at their own direction. In order not Maine self balancing scooter self-balancing hoverboard to let him see the abnormal, Wei Jiongping lived this has been very rapid breathing, trying to make his body stable down. The administrator did not seem to notice, stared at him for a few seconds, and sat back.. Highlight the expression is also focused up, he pointed to the hands of the locator, the signal frequency is flashing lights flashing. Du into the light not to speak loudly, softly walked in front of No. 3, the ear attached to the door, a moment later, he shook his head, looked around, then, he put his eyes focused on the door of the two Garbage bags on. Du into the phone, open the flashlight function, while self-balancing scooter battery charging the handle cover on the phone, as far as possible so that the scope of light diffusion Buzhi Yu too. Highlight down positioning device, squat body, observe the garbage bags, slowly open. White plastic bags Maine self balancing scooter printed on the dawn medicine message, which is mainly some garbage. Highlight pulled out a long tweezers, carefully in the bag to find it. Soon, a few things to be sorted out a supermarket shopping receipts a dawn medicine bill of lading a piece of a brand of cold capsule kits fragments two lunch boxes a few chopsticks. Du staring at a few things that looked for a while, indicating that they re loaded back to the bag, according to the original good Zhagou pocket. Remove it, small high. Du into the eyes shining in the dark, is here, thanks. Two people quietly underground to t.denly smiled. You child, daring big. He took a step forward and stood in the relatively bright light. Lin Guodong see his face, suddenly found that this man deja vu. What else do you have to say, huh The man half raised his hand, and forced to the next toss, a retractable batons appeared in his hand, Lin Guodong. Voice hardly ever, the man has rushed up, baton high. You do not come, I Lin Guodong shocked, hands and then force, the tip of the girl piercing the neck. But the men of his threat and girl s pain called completely unmoved, blink of an eye, has been rushed to the front of Lin Guodong. Before he could react, the batons had pierced the air and whistled. Lin Guodong subconsciously dodge, baton severely hit him on the shoulder. Maine self balancing scooter In a burst of pain, Lin Guodong suddenly realized that he was caught in a trap, the girl is not occasionally encountered prey, but a bait, about to be prey, it is Lin Guodong himself. Moreover, he recognized that man was the case of one of the police investigation Xu Mingliang case. Well, his purpose is simply not rescued the girl, but set their own death Electro optical flint moment, batons to hit again. Lin Guodong trying to hide behind the gir.

Maine Self Balancing Scooter . Ji Qiankun open the Maine self balancing scooter bag, from which rummaging after, took out a few binding good printing paper. Wei Jiong, do you have lessons in the afternoon No. Wei Jiong shook his Maine self balancing scooter head, how Ji Kangkun handed over a few sheets Maine self balancing scooter of paper, apologetic face, trouble you to help me run a trip. Du turned the salmon self balancing scooter steering wheel, just into the West Park County area, saw a few police cars parked in front of self-balancing scooter uk Building 4. There are uniformed police in maintaining order, in their periphery is dozens of residential tenants, curiously to the front of the building. Du into the car parked, thought, took out a file from the bag, looked at a few pages, wry smile shook his head. Get off red self balancing scooter and lock the door. Du Cheng went straight to Building 4, Unit 2. Just squeezed the crowd, a uniform police stopped him. Du Cheng was digging documents, but saw the police standing next to smoking Zhang Zhenliang, quickly shouted to him. Shock beam Zhang Zhen Liang Xun sound turned, see Du Cheng, walked over. Master Zhang Zhenliang waved, indicating uniformed police release, their own people. Re survey site or identified Du asked. Identify. Zhang Zhenliang short answer, how do you come This matter we handle on the line. Check the other.i received Self Balancing Scooters Product Instructions their parents home New Year. This makes Luo Ying very happy, obviously not the amount of alcohol, or and Luo Shaohua drank half a catty of liquor. The results, a meal did North self balancing scooter not finish, Luo Ying to spit unconscious. Luo Shaohua side cursed former son in law is not reasonable, while helping Luo Ying clean up, arrange her to rest. Good dinner made this way, Luo Shaohua s heart blocked badly. Jinfeng d calm and collected, his face always with a tranquil smile. One mediumslateblue self balancing scooter Maine self balancing scooter to eight, she sat in front of the TV to see Maine self balancing scooter the Spring Festival Gala, when not laughing out loud. Luo Shaohua know her mind, but also understand that Jinfeng is doing a woman the greatest ability to maintain this home in the New Year s Eve of the quiet and joy. The only thing he can do is to accompany her, honestly watching TV. However, whether it is dance, or crosstalk, comedy, can not let his heart down to calm down. Peeling peanuts thrown into the trash, Luo Shaohua holding a half chip peanut shell, stared at Shen Tang in the tangled help. Jinfeng has been happy together, look around the silent Maine self balancing scooter wife, smile gradually stopped. She pushed the cigarettes and the lighter, and whispered, Go, smoke a cigarette. Luo Maine self balancing scooter Shaohu.

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