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Maroom Self Balancing Scooter ept moving. That atmosphere, slightly fishy, slightly sweet. Lin Guodong slowly close your eyes. Chapter IX Old House Yes, so look at the slide Ji Qiankun hand over the old reading glasses over his head, the other hand on the phone screen slide a bit, the screen did not change, is still a desert sunset picture. What are you afraid of He said, laughing. Slightly awkward, slide to the other side of the screen. Ji Qian Kun Ying should be, and tried again. Pop sound Qing Xiang, the screen unlock, more than a dozen application icons appear on the screen. Ji Qiankun ho a cry, amazed. It s so advanced now, it s amazing, he said, pointing to the old, open ended Nokia phone on the table, This old guy can only call. You buy this Taiwan is just a mid range products, but for you, should be enough. Wei Jiong bent down, pointing to the screen, old discipline, I ll teach you to call. Jiqian Kun was twisted body, smiling to the girl standing on the bedside single said Girl, you sit ah, their own tea to drink. Yue Xiaohui also reported to smile You do not kind, I myself on the line. Having said that, she continued to patiently browse the bedside bookshelves, from time to time to remove a boo.or daggers to kill, and Before the start to the police and the media to write letters, which are some messy symbols inside. He imitated Du Cheng frowned, Zodiac killer Yeah. Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, This bastard himself for that, killing is to the Zodiac killer tribute. Du secretly scolded the sentence. Indeed, the self balancing scooter serial murder case was so much noise, the maroom self balancing scooter media competing reports, the printing of a variety of do not fly conjecture. Even Xu Mingliang Fufa , for his rumors are still prevalent. Media hype, may indeed stimulate some of the potential instability of the imitation of the impulse to produce molecules, and then to experience the murder, cutting the body to bring crime pleasure. but Du into the thought, opening asked There are several victims Three. Du Cheng nodded, the number of victims in line with the law of imitation. Eddie Saida to the Zodiac killer to pay tribute, then at the beginning of committing the crime should have the intention of continuous murder. However, C City, the imitator, why only a crime on the hand it I also thought about this problem. Zhang Zhenliang has clearly guessed Du into the mind, the rape, murder, sub corpse, for most people, not an easy t.

the case within a time limit. navyblue self balancing scooter This maroom self balancing scooter is not an excuse. Du into his head, It was a human life. Zhang Zhenliang was silent for a moment Master Ok. Why do you want to find out the case Du Cheng Zhang Zhenliang fixedly looked for a few seconds shock beam, my time is running out. I know. Zhang Zhen Liang sat upright, So I asked, if too late Du maroom self balancing scooter smiled I did not think this. Master, Zhang Zhenliang s articulation is very difficult, the rest of self balancing scooter the time, you do anything will do ah. As long as you want to do, we can try to help you achieve Haha, I want to check this case now. Well, Zhang Zhenliang looked away, staring at the table, Otherwise, you rest, I check. If, you too late, I guarantee, must find out the truth. This is mintcream self balancing scooter my thing, the case of your meaning and meaning for me is different. How different So to speak. Du into the eyes of Zhang Zhenliang, I am the rest of every minute, every second, are for this matter. Zhang mediumblue self balancing scooter Zhen Liang looked back into the Du, his face gradually dignified expression. A long time, he suddenly unthinking asked Master, November 1992, where are you Ah Du was asked to be maroom self balancing scooter surprised a moment, I think. In early 1992, Xu Mingliang was executed. From the v.rian road began to gradually scarce. Girls maroom self balancing scooter still maintain a leisurely pace of walking. A few minutes later, she turned to the right and entered an alley. Lin Guodong darkgreen self balancing scooter followed. This is a single line, both sides are maroom self balancing scooter residential buildings. Although there is no street lights, but the residential windows pouring out of the light, still make this road maroom self balancing scooter a little light. Girl in front of him ten meters or so, hoverboard segway self balancing scooter remove the headset, bow down on the maroom self balancing scooter maroom self balancing scooter phone screen pressed. Lin Guodong to look at the end of the alley is a dark building, seems to be a site to be built to be suspended. He looked around, in addition to their own and that girl, alley no longer others. He accelerated the pace, while walking out just bought the kitchen knife, remove the packaging, stuffed into his pocket. Do not know whether the girl lives near, if you do not start, I am afraid we should lose the opportunity. A few seconds later, he and the yellow self balancing scooter girl is only one step away. The girl heard the footsteps behind him, subconsciously turned Lin Guodong the knife arrived in her chest. do not move Lin Guodong as far as possible to make their voices look fierce and low. The girl did he was frightened, the whole person back step back, hi.d man, blind wandering what ah. Zhang Haisheng to see Wei Jiong squint, how do you come Well Wei Jiong escape Zhang Haisheng s eyes, volunteer service. Old age and asked you to buy things No. Zhang Haisheng s face a little more relaxed, maroom self balancing scooter the tone is still unceremoniously You go to another room, I want to mopping the floor. When he finished, he throw off the mop, wiped out two wheel electric self balancing scooter in disorder. Wei Jiong dodge, was even hit two heels, quickly picked up the rag out of the room. This is the last social practice class, Wei Jiong always felt that the Ji Kung kun told the individual, although not too formal, but be beginning to end. However, throughout the entire floor, or not see the signs of Ji Qiankun. Wei Jiong wondering whether to go back to ask Zhang Haisheng, think twice, or give up the idea. One, Zhang Haisheng does not seem to know where the old discipline two years, from the attitude of his view of Zhang Haisheng, even know, will not tell myself. Well, Wei Jiong said to myself, the vast expanse of the sea, he and the old discipline can only be met by chance. The edge of the edge, let it be. Nevertheless, Wei Jiong is still some small loss, and no longer find someone to chat interest. He p.

Maroom Self Balancing Scooter ao maroom self balancing scooter Ji said I have read a lot of serial killer of the book both domestic and foreign the age of such crimes, probably before the age of 40, according to this projection, the murderer should now Is about sixty year old man, and will not die, right Well, we assume the murderer is still alive. Yue Xiaohui once again throws a question, So, you sure he lives in the city Ji Qiankun moment language, his face has become self balancing scooter uk very ugly. All China, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, counties and cities numerous. Yue Xiaohui spread out his hands, how do we find a person Indoor into a silence. Wei Jiong Lian Yue Yue Xiaohui to wink, motioned her not to stimulate too Ji Kun Qian. However, the girl did not look at him, always look down on the face of the universe Qian. For a long time, old Ji gently smiled, slowly maroom self balancing scooter maroom self balancing scooter opening said So, I do a completely impossible thing I do not mean that, old discipline. Yue Xiaohui upper body forward, his hand on his knees, I just think, in addition to know the murderer is a male, the fact we know nothing about him. Old Ji thought, hard to admit Yes. So, have you ever wondered why he killed those women including your wife Lao Ji has been completely attr.

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