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Maroon Self Balancing Scooter $k = 0;ark, artificial lake, maroon self balancing scooter for example, maroon self balancing scooter if the murderer intends to destroy the dead, it is entirely possible in the plastic bag with stones. So that you can let the body sink into the bottom of the lake, the short term there will be no danger of the crime brought to light. This seems to mean that the murderer did not hide the intent of the crime, and even hope that the police early detection of Liang Qingyun s victims. What does he want to do Challenge, show off, or anything else He regarded himself as he. The idea suddenly appeared in the mind, Wei Jiong was startled by their own. However, the idea has not stopped. He tried to maroon self balancing scooter imitate he the full details of committing the crime. When he committed the crime he substituted himself. He hoped that the police found this and two years ago exactly the same murder. He wanted to prove, perhaps Demon is still in the world. An increasingly strong cool gradually hit the hearts of Wei Jiong. He leaned back against the railing, his body shaking. Finally, the mood slightly calm down, he worked out the phone, dialed a number. Wei Jiong Du officers, you were involved in the Xu Mingliang murder of the maroon self balancing scooter detection, is not it Yes ah. Du Cheng s voice seemed.

portrait of wood sculpture in general. Du into a long sigh in the bottom of my heart, opened the door and maroon self balancing scooter went inside. Luo Shaohua sitting opposite, Luo Shaohua seems to have recovered, Du Cheng reluctantly smiled, raising his hand to burn out the fingers quickly burned. Du into a cup of water, sent away after the waiter, he began to look carefully at Luo Shaohua. He lost a lot, his cheeks terrible depression down. Hard hawthorn throughout the chin, the hair is long and chaotic. Only two bloodshot eyes glittering, from chartreuse self balancing scooter time to time to watch around the guard. Du into the eyes of the time, Luo Shaohua will quickly escape to open. My own, and did not bring recording equipment. Du into his mind, took out his cell phone, on the table, Do not worry. Luo Shaohua embarrassed to grin, mouth, took a cup of coffee, while still not forgotten about as. Maryland self balancing scooter Old Luo, things have been so far, I do not go around with you. Du Cheng straight to the point, You and I are clear, Lin Guodong is the murderer. Luo Shaohua shook, the body is shrinking down. A moment later, he raised his head, rushed Du into a smile. That night, thank you. You have to find out, I let you, does not mean I allow you I do no.into the carriage, leaning against the car body, and other Yang Guiqin came. The pickup truck driver s seat suddenly opened the door, a middle aged man stuck his head out, frowning to see Luo Shaohua. Put it for the time being, said Luo Shaohua, pointing to Yang Guiqin, Wait, this old lady. Middle chartreuse self balancing scooter aged man Oh, a cry, shrink back. Finally, Yang cheap smart self balancing scooter Guiqin went downstairs, that she was going to the 5th floor, maroon self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua from the carriage to retrieve cloth, big step upstairs. Room 501, the iron door locked. Luo Shaohua knocked on the door a few times, but no response. He turned to see the hard climb to the Yang Guiqin No one at home. Someone. Yang Guiqin has been panting, his face is sweat, I came to call. She indianred self balancing scooter moved to the door, raising her hand to knock on the door, while knocking and said Zhao Master, I was Ming Liang s mother. The door suddenly opened, an old woman exposed half of the body, look quite alert. Guiqin, come in. The old woman saw Yang Guiqin behind Luo Shaohua, stunned for a moment, This is Send me to. Yang Guiqin apparently no extra effort to explain, turn instructions Luo Shaohua, help me carry it. Into the maroon self balancing scooter room, the old woman s mood is clearly relaxed a lot. She helped.Rely on his mother maroon self balancing scooter for more than 20 years, how so Du into a wry smile, re sit up the body, forcing yourself to continue reading. Analysis of views The case can be with the maroon self balancing scooter 11.9 3.14 6.23 to kill the mutilated dead body case to do the case investigation, from the criminal approach point of view, the body fragments rare end of the flap, the bone surface no cutting marks, crime capacity was upgraded , Skilled situation. Body mass scattered law, upper and lower limbs, trunk, head were separately scattered, can be inferred when the mentality of their cool Du into a sigh. He pushed aside the file in front of maroon self balancing scooter the paper has yellowed crunching crashed, maroon self balancing scooter it seems that at any time may be broken into powder. Useless. He could not concentrate, can not let their line of sight from the August 8 these words away. Du turned his head, quietly looking at the picture frame on the chest of drawers. A woman with long shoulder length hair, squatting in the tulip flowers, holding maroon self balancing scooter a fat little pier boy, smiled and looked back at him. Du into the mouth up, at the same time, eyes a blur. He stood up, slowly walked before the chest honeydew self balancing scooter of drawers, pick up the frame, gently stroked. The 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 frame of the glas.

Maroon Self Balancing Scooter om still no movement, no entrance and out of the entrance. Luo Shaohua sighed, slowly turning has begun to stiff neck, raised his hand to launch the car. Out of the green bamboo garden area, Luo Shaohua look at the watch, has been at 10 30. He hesitated, or took out his cell phone, set aside a number. A full forty seconds later, the phone finally connected. Shaohua Well, where are you At home. Why Watch the Champions League. Oh. After a moment of silence, the other tentative opening you ve been drinking No, drive it. So late Something Oh it s all right. Something to say. It s all right so be it, find time to get together, and have not seen it for so long. Line, telephone contact. it is good. Luo Shaohua hang up, visual front, the gas pedal in the end. He must go sandybrown self balancing scooter home to rest as soon as possible to restore strength, because, Lin Guodong tracking is bound to day after day. In the mall, when Lin Guodong turned away moments, Luo Shaohua saw the window of things. It is a plastic human body model, wearing a gray cashmere coat, head and black shoulder wig. She put forward a warm hand forward position, lips and white teeth, to the show outside the hole, there is no life of a smile. The.e man and the guard talked a few words. With his guard is clearly similar to his age is full of doubt, but still in accordance with his request to make a phone call. In this process, the man has always stood upright, his face expressionless. A few minutes later, a young man dressed in gray and blue down jacket rushed to, and the man talked for a while, took him away from the duty room. This walk is more than two hours. Luo Shaohua Daoshi not worry. He has guessed the purpose of a man trip, but also know where the next man will go. Which gives him enough time to deepskyblue self balancing scooter plan for the next step. But even so, Luo Shaohua still distraught. The news came too suddenly, maroon self balancing scooter he did not expect a man self balancing hoverboard battery charging will be discharged at this time. I thought this person and that thing can always be sealed in the well being of the hospital, I thought he could serve as a retirement, enjoy their later years, but his sudden appearance, Luo Shaohua has been conceived in the future hit smashed. He first realized the sense of powerlessness after taking off the police uniform. How to do No walls of iron, how to bind him Is cranky, green bamboo monosodium glutamate plant suddenly opened the iron gate, a gray van speeding out. Luo.

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