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Mediumseagreen Self Balancing Scooter , You do not have to, Yue Xiaohui know our thing. Oh Ji Qian Kun raised his eyebrows in surprise, You told her Yes ah. Wei Jiong embarrassed scratched his head, I went to the school library to find Casebook when met her, you know I do not lie. It s so. Old Pie Pie Piezui, I m surprised, how do royalblue self balancing scooter you bring her. Do not hide in the side that I am ill ah. Yue Xiaohui Lengde Ding openings, eyes but always staring at the phone screen, I can listen to it. Ji Qiankun and Wei Jiong are laughing. What dare. Ji Qiankun smiled off his glasses, more than one person on the multi strength. She is quite capable. Wei Jiong pointed to the pile of information, There are a lot of things she found. Then thank myself. Ji Qiankun turned to Yue Xiaohui, So, Xiao Hui students have any ideas Yue Xiaohui put down the phone, his face appeared in a rare look serious. Old discipline, do you really think that catch the wrong person mediumseagreen self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun looked at her for a few seconds, to determine Yue Xiaohui not joking, nodded his head Yes. Ah. Yue Xiaohui also nodded, So, you sure the murderer is still alive it Ji Qiankun stunned, first look at Wei Jiong, the latter with the same puzzled look back at him. Thought, L.ked a small supermarket, to see the nursing self-balancing scooter specification home where the lights. Strangely, the yard is no longer silent, but mediumseagreen self balancing scooter with a faint noise, and that lights are flickering, but also mixed with crackling sound of deep fried. Wei Jiong more lightyellow self balancing scooter and more puzzled, could not help but speed up the Wisconsin self balancing scooter pace. Just mediumseagreen self balancing scooter went to the nursing home front, the scene just let him stunned. Most of the three story small windows are open, the old people head out of the window, watching the yard is a pile of fireworks. Laughter, applause heard. A girl dressed in white down jacket around the fireworks, giggling to avoid the attendant. The two fireworks in her hand were dazzlingly sparking. The attendant has been in a huff Where are you, how come in Wei Jiong leaning on a wheelchair, and old stunned watching two people chasing non stop. The girl just went to the door, a black hair on the shoulders. She stopped. Wei Jiong, the old discipline. Yue Xiaohui s smiling face was a fireworks red, Happy New Year Chapter 14 Falsification Half a cup of tea, you see Zhang Zhenliang Du carrying a large paper bag came in. He waved his hand, looked skque self balancing scooter reviews around Zhang Zhenliang see him, walked over. Master New Year. Zhang Zhenliang pull the chair.

tee that Lin Guodong will be due punishment. You do not need to What kind of punishment Intentional homicide Ah, yes, he killed a police officer. Ji Qiankun interrupted his words, emotional excitement, but then what My wife The court mediumseagreen self balancing scooter even her name is not Will mention Ji mediumseagreen self balancing scooter Kung kun sat up straight So, it s up to me to judge him, he poked at his chest, in my court. For a time, the coffee shop quieted down. The judge was solemn. The defendant sitting opposite sanway smart self balancing scooter him stuck in his seat, shaking like a leaf. Du into his face livid. He bite the bullet, pull out the pistol from the waist, Kacha soon as the pull down hammer. Old discipline, you do not force me This is something between me and him, has nothing to do with others.You leave immediately, I do not want to hurt the innocent. You do not want to hurt. Du into a cursed, pulled Wei Jiong to recede outside the door. Wei Jiong followed him a few steps and found Yue Xiaohui still standing still, motionless. He immediately broke free into the hands of Du, Yue Xiaohui back to the side. Dense colored vehicles ranked in the big Wang Road and Anhua Street intersection, waiting for the traffic mediumseagreen self balancing scooter lights in front of the green. A minute later, th.The doctor came round. The police acted quickly to open the window and toss the cigarette butts. Less than half a minute, the doctor went into the ward. A door, he sucks nose, brow wrinkled up. How so many people He dissatisfied with the ward of the police, also smoking, Du into you do not kill it Duichou a. Du Cheng Hei hei smiled, Chong Zhang Liang made a wink. Zhang Zhen Liang Xinling get up, got up and put that cigarette butts hidden behind the bottle seagreen self balancing scooter of mineral water. All out, all out. The doctor waved impatiently. Duan Hongqing stood up, the doctor lost a smile Doctors bother you. When he finished, he turned to Du Cheng You have a good rest dare I will shut you off. Du rolled up his sleeves, ready to allow nurses to blood pressure I am in the hospital and closed what is the difference ah Duan Hongqing do not speak, put out a little bit of Du Cheng, a great warning. Done into a helpless, I listen, became, right Duan Hongqing slightly relaxed face, turned around and motioned everyone self balancing scooter reviews 2015 out. The policemen said mediumseagreen self balancing scooter goodbye to Du. Zhang Zhen Liang came over and said Master, tomorrow I ll see you again. Do not come. Du into waved his hand, first deal with the case say, get out of it. the driver did not agree. This time he did not insist, pay off after getting paid. Lin azure self balancing scooter Guodong mediumseagreen self balancing scooter walk through the silence between the farmhouse, a person did not encounter. The villagers here also maintained the habit of sunrise and sunset. Especially in the winter, nothing to do them, at most, play a few laps of mahjong after the early to bed. At the moment, mediumseagreen self balancing scooter the whole village is sleeping. No sound, no lights. Even if he heard his footsteps, those dog housekeeping care too lazy to come out and take a look. Lin Guodong s body out of the sweat, mouth exhaled heat condensed into plum self balancing scooter the frost on mediumseagreen self balancing scooter the eyelashes. He had to wipe his eyes from time to time to make sure he could see the foot of the road. Ten minutes later, he crossed the village, stepped on a bumpy path. Without the shelter of the building, the winter wind suddenly violent up. Lin Guodong face sweat was quickly dried, began to dull. His eyes always concentrated in the open field around, from time to time to stop, silently estimated distance. Finally, he stood in a piece of corn covered with snow next to the south looked. However, the sight of the Department is still dark. He tried to open his eyes, trying to pull the night in.

Mediumseagreen Self Balancing Scooter he map. Soon, the murderer in the night of the dead body road map gradually clear. Red River Street, No. 163 Provincial Architectural Design Institute family area along the 177 Highway Sheep Township under the Village. Du marked with a red marker on the map in the order, Ma Jian touched his chin, watching the map is full of markers, pondered for a while, slowly said So, the murderer most likely departure, or iron East. Luo Shaohua to see him first Tiedong area as a key investigation range Ma Jian nodded I see the line, as your son This son of a bitch should live alone, and a car. Du thought, the taxi driver Or business, the organs of the full time driver. Luo Shaohua said, self employed households, are likely ah. First look along this line of thought. Ma Jian mediumseagreen self balancing scooter pondered a moment, other things are put together, we must seize him as soon as possible. Investigative tasks one by one down, all the troops are urgent action. Ma Jian to find a brief briefing the Secretary of the situation, and then back to the office and found that only Du into a person. He sat in front of the map, his hand sandwiched cigarettes, a thoughtful look. Chengzi, why, homesick Du into the recovered, smiled No. Call.efore the same, Lin Guodong complete and complete the whole line to sit on the 1st line, about three in the afternoon, get off at the Medical University Station. Luo Shaohua has generally guessed the idea of Lin Guodong he is still familiar mediumseagreen self balancing scooter with this new city life, and strive to narrow the gap between themselves mediumseagreen self balancing scooter and this era, and try to thoroughly integrate into the general population. Moreover, Lin Guodong next trip, verify his inference. Medical University is adjacent to the city s largest electronics market. Lin Guodong in this full of modern science and technology atmosphere of the street back and forth in a circle, and finally entered a franchise of the brand of electronic products commercial. Into the store, not to mention Lin Guodong, even Luo Shaohua also feel confused. Color desktop computers, notebooks, tablet PCs and hardware and software, copiers, scanners dazzling. Countless monitors at the same time playing audio and video, mixed together, it is full of eyes full of dazzling images and clutter of sound. Lin Guodong standing in front of the shops, a time it seems a bit helpless. Customers of this age, it is difficult to arouse the interest of the clerk, but lazily recom.

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