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Mediumspringgreen Self Balancing Scooter you money. Ji Qiankun back by sitting in a wheelchair, his hands crossed, meaningfully watching Zhang Haisheng, You do not worry, fast. Moreover, you should be able to guess what I want to do At that time, you do not say, I do not say, no proof of death, who take no way you. Dead mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter without a permit, the four words did not let Zhang Haisheng have the slightest sad expression, on the contrary, but some relief. He stood in thought. I m leaving. Ji Qiankun is the demolition of a roll of wire, without looking up to ah a cry. That, transportation and meals mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter Ji Qiankun pocket money out of three hundred dollars thrown in the past three days of the cost, first with. Zhang Haisheng pick up the money, stuffed into his pocket, turned to the door, hear Ji Qiankun and stopped him. Listen, said Ji Qiankun, taking off his glasses, his eyes mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter shining. He only needs to go out, dress, dress, and belongings, and report to me understand Zhang Haisheng suddenly feel inexplicable flustered. He nodded casually, hastily opened the door, went out. Wei Jiong went to the yard of the mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter nursing home, back to see Ji Qiankun room windows, thick cloth curtains close together, completely do not see the indoor situ.ent wearing wheat self balancing scooter a dark blue cotton jacket, black sweater, black pants, brown boots, short black hair the third victim is called Topaz, 29 years old, Wearing a red short sleeved T shirt, black shorts, white sneakers, brown long straight hair. Du Cheng gostwhite self balancing scooter went on to say, apparently all the victims of the situation are clear in the heart, the fourth victim is called Feng self balancing scooter importers Nan, Floral dress, silver gray high heeled shoes, long black curls. In common, they all have the same good figure, and they are murdered in the middle of the night alone, Wei Jiong said, but there is no resemblance in wearing and appearance. He drove in the middle of the night wandering around, should meet a lot of late return to a single woman. Ji Qiankun bowed his head, the sound dejected, I do not know why he would choose my wife. This is what I have been thinking about. Du Cheng Jiqian Kun s shoulder patted forward, the time of the incident across the winter, spring and summer, ranging from victims of height, long hair color is also different what exactly is Stimulated him Sexual desire Wei Jiong inserted one, while some embarrassed to see Yue Xiaohui, mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter desperate to go out when hunting for prey, and then choose a random ta.

Yue Xiaohui to die. Is thinking, Wei Jiong s cell 2 wheel self balancing scooter wholesale phone screen suddenly lit up, while a ringing tinkling pound bell sounded. He subconsciously looked down, is Yue Xiaohui sent a video chat request. Wei Jiong suddenly held his breath, did not want to want to press the answer button. The screen appears slightly shaking the screen, but do not see Yue Xiaohui s face. Most of the screen is occupied by a window and below the rows of heads. At the mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter same time, the headset came a burst of not very clear voice, sounds like a female voice, flat, no ups and downs, a few figures faintly discernible. Wei Jiong suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui in a bus. He eagerly at the microphone shouted Xiao Hui, Xiao Hui, where are you Yue Xiaohui did not respond to the screen display of the image is still maintained the original point of view. A few seconds later, the screen began to rotate rapidly, passing a few people after the face is unclear, fixed in the compartment. Wei Jiong mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter eyes suddenly stared. A man s upper body appeared in the screen, he looked directly at the direction of Yue Xiaohui, then turned away, while the Adam s apple in the rapid peristalsis. Although only mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter a short span of two seconds, Wei.n Highlight wide eyed, You should not let me find it up layer by layer, 15 layer ah We two go up the elevator, from the roof down search. Du Cheng pat bright shoulder, homeopathic half pack of cigarettes into each other s pockets, Big Brother to accompany you up if that kid hidden in 15 House, tired of you. Mouth talking, Du mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter has been coaxed to drag to drag into the elevator highlighted. Bright face unhappy, the elevator door closed, could not help complaining You are this age, but also so hard ah Du into the press 15 , turned and laughed Big Brother also can not do a few years, and when Banggemang. Highlights looking at Du into the police over thirty years into the police, the body springgreen self balancing scooter has a little fat, gray old jacket tightly stretched on the body, protruding in the waist at a ridiculous semi circular. Grizzled hair chaotic, wrinkled face is a pleasing look, the heart is also some can not bear, whispered a few will no longer speak. Du Cheng stood up straight, staring at the changing figures on the LCD screen. The lift rises to the 15th floor. Two people have out of the car, highlighting pull out the locator probe, just to start testing, Du Cheng a pull him, raising his hand off the loc.e topic of privacy, the administrator looked up and looked at Wei Jiong, got out of the archives. Wei Jiong initially also feel funny, but he soon realized that the opportunity came. He immediately got up, sandwiched files to the file rack behind the trot, walked with nervous planning from the file display of the mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter law, a shelf can probably go home four years or so files, then Xu Mingliang murder case Of the file to at least five file racks after he must seize the time. Crossed between the two rows of archives, his eyes glimpse mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter of a man sitting in another column table, is flipping the files, want to just come from his crashed sound. In a hurry, Wei Jiong only saw the man s gray hair, bloated body and gray black and white down jacket. He had no time to give too much attention to men, but do not expect the other side after exposing their behavior. Went to the fifth file rack, Wei Jiong looked up at the index card 1994 1999 punishment. His heart a hi, hurriedly rushed to the sixth file mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter rack before, really 1989 1993 punishment. He rushed to the iron rack, starting out from the top of a file, look directly to the case. An Jiarong intentional injury death case. Wei Jiong hastily back to t.

Mediumspringgreen Self Balancing Scooter Du, I am afraid he will immediately request Wei Jiong the phone out. However, he just looked at the volume 1. Du into the thought, it seems that trade off within the heart, and finally, he pulled out from behind his own bag. Look at this. Du into a bag from the bag out of a few thick files, and handed Ji Qiankun, This is all. Ji Qiankun only look at a few pages, his hands shaking up, it seems incredible to this surprise. This Nothing. Du into Ji Qiankun, again turned to Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, In this matter, we are on the same side. Chapter XIX Lin Guodong recent life is very regular. In nearly a week of continuous tracking, Luo Shaohua Virginia self balancing scooter gradually identified the fact that Lin Guodong did find a job, and with his line of work have a relationship. Every two or three days, Lin Guodong will go to the morning to buy some food or daily necessities, and then almost at home. In most of the day, he would sit right in front of the computer, serious translation of a certain manuscripts this point, from time to time where to buy 2 wheel self balancing scooter he needs access to English Chinese dictionary can be verified. Occasionally got up from the seat, not to the bathroom, is to add water to the cup. At noon he would briefly the vaguely sound came bang, self balancing scooter samsung battery then, the platform also slightly blue self balancing scooter trembling up. The passengers began to gather together before the plastic Weidang, the next subway station is about to stop. Soon, the white car subway roared. Docked on the platform, the plastic enclosure on the electronic control door open, a large number of passengers from the car down, darkblue self balancing scooter waiting for the passengers on the platform waiting, occasionally impatient, has been upstream and into the car. Luo Shaohua was bustling crowd had to stand instability, the eyes are always on both sides of the door back and forth patrol. However, still not seen Lin Guodong or Luo Ying traces. He looked down at the phone again, neither phone calls nor short messages. This son of a bitch want Do not let me on the platform silly Platform ringing sound, cars closed, the plastic enclosure on the electronic control door is also slowly close. Benban subway station. Luo Shaohua standing in situ, helplessly watching the train in front of their own slowly, my heart is anxious and doubts. With the speed increase, the window of the countless faces quickly swept away, gradually turned into a towing away the spot. The last carriage flashed mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter before h.

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