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Mediumvioletred Self Balancing Scooter he dossiers, but also in several locations apart from the other. Bai Xiaoyong kidnapping murder case. He immediately realized that in this file rack, the file is in accordance with the order of Hanyu Pinyin. This means that Xu Mingliang murder case files, must be in the bottom of a column. Wei Jiong immediately squat body, found on the bottom of the iron frame. When he took out the fourth volume of the file, see the cover was shocked to read Xu Mingliang rape murder case. He cheered in the bottom of my heart, quickly inserted in the hands of the file, sandwiched this file, walked back quickly. There are a few meters away from the table when Wei Jiong faintly heard the voice of the administrator came the corridor OK, then see at night. He did not neglect, almost run the remaining steps, the administrator s foot into the file room at the same time, Wei Jiong sat in a chair. Despite mediumvioletred self balancing scooter his head down, Wei Jiong still feel the administrator looked at their own direction. In order not to let him see the abnormal, Wei Jiongping lived this has been very rapid breathing, trying to make his body stable down. The administrator did not seem to notice, mediumvioletred self balancing scooter stared at him for a few seconds, and sat back.under the table, nodded to him to sit down, You did not admit. Lin Guodong stared I do not know you. The stranger smiled to the green bag on the table. Nu Nu mouth This is not what you want Lin Guodong thought, and slowly sat back to his opposite. Who are you Lin Guodong looked at the green bag, Luo Shaohua it He has gone. Stranger s eyes never left Lin Guodong s face, You want to see people today, is me. Half an hour ago. Zhang Haisheng standing in front of the coffee shop floor to the window, to look around some of the last turned to look inside the cafe. That s right. Sitting in the hall of the bronze self balancing scooter double deck, facing the door of the man, it is Luo Shaohua. Zhang Haisheng took out his cell phone, dialed a phone number. Hey, where are you Quick Yes, that is, Maryland self balancing scooter he What You crazy it He turned and looked at the coffee shop in Luo Shaohua the latter looking dignified staring at the desktop. Zhang Haisheng pacing back and forth in the door, tone anxiety. Your mother is mediumvioletred self balancing scooter trying to get me in. How much do you say He stopped, blinked quickly, his face showing a desperate look. Twenty thousand, a point can not be less Zhang Haisheng brown self balancing scooter added, the last time After you do not matter to.

minutes later, he closed the hands of the file, got up from the seat. The moment he lifted his foot to the archives, Wei Jiong s eyes caught the administrator s action he looked up and looked at himself. Wei Jiong did not turn around, strong for calm, step by step to the archives before the file back in the hands of the original position, and quickly scanned the archives on the index card 2010 2013 punishment. It seems that this row of archives is indeed used to file criminal files, and is the case concluded by the order of the year to arrange. He looked to the back of the archives there should be a case before 2010. Wei Jiong bite the bullet and went back, clearly feel the administrator s eyes fell on his back. Go to the next rack, he looked up to see the index card 2005 2009 punishment. It seems that his estimate was right Wei Jiong confidence greatly increased, was about to continue to look forward to, suddenly heard the administrator in the back shouted Comrade, what are you doing Well Wei Jiong shocked, hurriedly turned around, I I want to see other. Liu Tingchang to you which, you see what. The administrator stared at Wei Jiong, tone is quite severe, can not to be interested in everything around him. A few minutes later, he was in the main hall of a commercial vending machine attracted, up and down to study for a long time, carefully read the instructions, Lin Guodong took out a stack of cash, remove a five yuan notes into the coin mouth. Then, in a row of bottles and jars in a few back and forth to choose a lot, and finally pressed a button under the canned Coca Cola. Gudong sound, a can of Coke mediumvioletred self balancing scooter fell into the export port. He was shocked, did not seem to know where the sound came from, vending machines around a few laps, his face is still an unknown on the inside look. Next to the Kanto cooking stalls guarding a girl muzzled laughed, pointing to the vending machine below the export port. Lin Guodong This suddenly realized that out of the cans of Coke. He took the red jar, turned the circle looked, and take a look at the vending machine, a look of joy, as if a four sided magic side of the child. Immediately, he opened the can of coke, cautiously drank, first frowned, and then Zaza Zui, mediumvioletred self balancing scooter it seems that the taste quite satisfied. As a result, Lin Guodong carrying Coke, began shopping in the mall slowly, from time to time sip on one. The.ting the amount of his right hand, holding half a cigarette, in front of a spread mediumvioletred self balancing scooter out of the album. Jinfeng put the cup on the table. Luo Shaohua turned away, the face of the wet trace reflects a slight light. Jinfeng silently watching the crying wife, lightgray self balancing scooter hand Lanzhu his shoulder. For several days he is mediumvioletred self balancing scooter like this, kept looking at some old objects. The rank of the first officer, the police officer certificate, the key of the handcuff, the leather holster, the police dagger, and some old photographs. Non stop smoking, water springgreen self balancing scooter meters not into. Jinfeng holding Luo Shaohua, looking at mediumvioletred self balancing scooter a mediumvioletred self balancing scooter photo album. Ma Jian, Du Cheng, Luo Shaohua side by side, who is the olive green eighty style uniform. Ma Jian mediumvioletred self balancing scooter in the middle, his hands were riding on the shoulders of Du Cheng and Luo Shaohua, grinning big mouth smiled. Du into West self balancing scooter the shirt collar open, did not wear caps, is pointing to what the camera said. Luo Shaohua uniforms are straight, back straight, his face navajowhite self balancing scooter still with a shy smile. In another photo, drunk Luo Shaohua wearing a suit, chest also wearing red flowers, hair full of color confetti. Du standing behind him, will Luo Shaohua backhand his hands, his face grin. Ma Jian in front of Luo Shaohua, hold.

Mediumvioletred Self Balancing Scooter Yue Xiaohui to die. Is thinking, Wei Jiong s cell phone screen suddenly lit up, while a ringing tinkling pound bell sounded. He subconsciously looked down, is Yue Xiaohui sent a video chat request. Wei Jiong suddenly held his breath, did not want to want to press the answer button. The screen appears slightly shaking the screen, but do not see Yue Xiaohui s face. Most of the screen is occupied by a window and below the rows of heads. At the same time, the headset came a burst of not very clear voice, sounds like a female voice, flat, no ups and downs, a few figures mediumvioletred self balancing scooter faintly discernible. Wei Jiong suddenly realized hoverboard segway self balancing scooter that Yue Xiaohui in a bus. He eagerly at the microphone shouted Xiao Hui, Xiao Hui, where are you Yue Xiaohui did not respond to the screen display of the image is still maintained the original point of view. A few seconds later, the screen began to rotate rapidly, passing a few people after the face is unclear, fixed in smart self balancing scooter the compartment. Wei Jiong eyes suddenly stared. A man s upper body appeared in the screen, he looked directly at the direction of Yue Xiaohui, then turned away, while the Adam s apple in the rapid peristalsis. Although only a short span of two seconds, sit down, how to choose such a place Big four. Du into his tea, there is a child to open on the good. Is also. Zhang Zhen Liang laugh, push the large paper bag in the past. Du into the open paper bag, which is a good binding case mediumvioletred self balancing scooter files. He generally turned over, all about the 1990 series of rape murder case. Relative to their own information, Zhang Zhenliang to provide more details. In addition to public security files, the Procuratorate of best self balancing scooter brand the prosecution material and the Court s court record, a second trial verdict has. Have you seen it Ah. Zhang Zhenliang peeling a pistachio into his mouth, intermittent, free to look up. Du lit a cigarette, watching the old disciples What view to be frank nonsense. You then engage in the case Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, If according to the current standards, that mediumvioletred self balancing scooter is mess. In fact, Xu Mingliang was highly suspicious of the task force, not without reason. First of all, from the residence of Xu Mingliang point of view, in line with Du Cheng according to the general framework of the dead bodies framed. Moreover, his career and driving white wagons and the panel s speculation is basically the same. As for his anti detection capabilities.

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