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Michigan Self Balancing Scooter idea. Lin Guodong is also security self balancing scooter a contact with Xu Mingliang people, and he is a middle school teacher, handsome face, talk about the text, easy to get women s trust and goodwill, in line with the police then the suspects portrayed. As for the grievances between Lin Guodong and Pan Xiaojin, although it is difficult to determine the details, but at least you can think of a possibility, that is, a class of women both admiration and hatred of the mentality desire Michigan self balancing scooter to possession, and hate. This type of women s common label, is used by Pan Xiaojin Lady Butterfly perfume. Wei Jiong to see Du into the face, tentatively asked Du police officers, do you think this Lin Guodong Well, Du thought, from the current point of view, his greatest suspicion. Then what are we waiting for Yue Xiaohui suddenly spoke, to the mental hospital. Wei Jiong was surprised to see Yue Xiaohui. All day, she is a depressed, depressed look. I did not expect that after lunch, her sense of excitement came back. Especially from the 45 secondary school out, Yue Xiaohui become emotional, is simply eager. No, Du said, raising his hand to launch the car. It s too late today and tomorrow. Now go. Yue Xiaohui look at the tim.been shot. Ma Jian Luo Shaohua quickly catch up with him, We are self deception Ma Jian suddenly stopped, bowed his head, his eyes closed, cheeks muscles chattering in the chug, seems to be trying to control their emotions. Colts, Luo Michigan self balancing scooter Shaohua look around, whispered, Maybe Du is right, we really catch the wrong No Ma Jian suddenly roared loudly, turned and grabbed Luo Shaohua collar, he firmly pressed on the wall, We did not catch the wrong person, is Xu Mingliang How do you explain this case Luo Shaohua desperately tearing, face Biede red, rape after West self balancing scooter the murder, mechanical asphyxia, black plastic bags, yellow tape A few passing policemen watched to the side, revealing or curious or puzzled look. Ma Jian look at them, release the hand, standing in situ, unable to breathe heavily. Is to imitate the crime. Ma Jian s voice also with a rapid breathing, Xu Mingliang case was the media rendering too outrageous, and inevitably someone will follow suit, so this time to block the message. Luo Shaohua hand to heal the crease of the collar, tightly staring at Ma Jian, the chest with a dramatic ups and downs. So, we darkorenge self balancing scooter have to seize him as soon as possible. Michigan self balancing scooter Ma Jian forked, looking.

out of 22 buildings, 4 units, Luo Shaohua bowed his head, through the floor of the open space, went straight to the opposite 14 buildings, back to Idaho self balancing scooter the 6th floor of the monitoring point, he was leaning against the wall, Michigan self balancing scooter breathing. Although only a false alarm, but, because of emotional tension and rapid action, Luo Shaohua feel extremely tired, he took a full half an hour after the resumption. The burglary lightyellow self balancing scooter search nothing, but can not make Luo Shaohua Lin Guodong assessment of any role in promoting. Luo Shaohua can do, can only continue to wait and surveillance. However, this, is the lanterns, the darkness. After nine at Delaware self balancing scooter night, Lin Guodong home window is still dark. His late return, and the recent laws of action is clearly inconsistent. Luo Shaohua do not know his whereabouts, but no way to verify. Wait for it is not the way, Luo Shaohua can only give up on this. After a little activity under the rigid limbs, he quietly down the stairs, driving home. Into the house, Luo Shaohua misses to see Lin Guodong visited the site, went straight to Luo Ying s bedroom. A push the door, first to see the homework of the grandson to Chunhui. He casually asked the sentence your mother Did not come not know what to do. Old Ji is still a look of security, but also lit a cigarette, and slowly suck up. For a long time, Zhang Haisheng slowly raised his head, tightly staring at the old discipline, the eyes full of despair and resentment. Ji Qian Kun He orchid self balancing scooter stood up, rushed old shouted hoarse shouted, I fuck your mother Lao Ji spit a cigarette, quietly looking at him. Why do you fucking my mother Zhang Haisheng has been completely irrational, frantically looked around and touched, You do not let me live, do not you fucking good He picked up an ink bottle on the table, sprang to the old discipline. Wei Jiong was shocked, instinctively got up to block him. However, the Michigan self balancing scooter old discipline of the following sentence, so that two people are stunned in place. These two videos, I did not give the police. For a long time, Zhang Haisheng first woke up to God. You He held the ink bottle, Michigan self balancing scooter the whole person is relaxed, What are you doing Old Ji to fingers close together, stay in front of his arms leaning against the armrest on the wheelchair, eyes staring at Zhang Haisheng. I ll tell you, but it s not the time now, said Lao to the door, somebody s coming. Voice hardly ever, the president to o.alf down, as if immersed in a memory difficult to extricate Michigan self balancing scooter themselves. Three people look at each other, are no longer open, quietly watching Ji Qiankun. A long while, Ji Qiankun finally recovered. He took a deep breath, looked up and looked at the remaining three, some embarrassed smile. This is the taste, yes. Ji Qiankun reach for wallet, Xiao Hui, how much money I give you reimbursement. No, I bought their own paint. Michigan self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui waved his hand, You just talk about I went to meet once again Yang Guiqin is Xu Mingliang Michigan self balancing scooter s mother. Du into the table of information, she gave me a list of the above and Xu Mingliang contacts more closely. In other words , That is, he may send the pork to the other person. Du Chengxiang Wei Jiong Yang Yang chin According to your speculation. Wei Jiong s face suddenly became red I just casually said. You have a good idea, Du smiled, if you can get rid of other possibilities, even then incredible, but also the final truth. He turned to Ji Qiankun These two children are quite competent. Yes ah. Ji Qiankun looked at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, eyes soft, I am very lucky. Wei Jiong increasingly embarrassed. Yue Xiaohui s attention has been in that data. Not too.

Michigan Self Balancing Scooter t a few days ah, too hot, or give you hanging outside the window bar, keep eating slowly. Then, he took out a note from his pocket, the above is crooked handwriting, looks like a bill. You have to give me seven dollars. He handed the note to the old discipline, fast New Year, and prices, the money is not enough. Old Ji took the note, did not see on the knead for a ball, thrown into skque self balancing scooter 8 wheels the bedside basket, directly out of ten dollars and handed Zhang Haisheng. Zhang Haisheng s face met with a smile, neatly pocketed the money into his pocket You talk, I m busy. When he finished, he opened the door and went out. Wei Jiong look at those plastic bags, which are mostly filled with frozen chicken, frozen fish and the like food. This is to Happy Michigan self balancing scooter New Year, and prepare Michigan self balancing scooter some New Year goods. Old Ji Hehe said, a person also had a good honeydew self balancing scooter year. Are not you going to have dinner in the nursing home Hey, that food, do not mention worth mentioning. Old Ji waved his hand, craft is not as good as me. Wei Jiong listened, the heart can not help but sadly. A person to do dinner, another person alone to eat I am afraid there is no more desolate than this thing. Nothing Nevada self balancing scooter ah. Old Ji read his look, smiled, Th.Feng Nan, the name of the night did not stop. Ten days later, C City Intermediate People s Court of Lin Guodong case made a verdict Lin Guodong guilty of rape, Michigan self balancing scooter was sentenced to death immediately, deprived of political rights for life committed intentional homicide, was sentenced to death immediately, Robbery, was sentenced to 3 years and fined 3,000 yuan. Decided to implement the death penalty immediately. Lin Guodong said in court not to appeal. The case has been submitted to the Supreme People s Court for review. By the mother of Xu Mingliang Yang Guiqin s complaint, J Provincial Higher People s Court decided to start the retrial procedure, and a separate collegiate panel according to the trial court. During the hearing, the collegial panel reviewed all the files of the case and related materials, and listened to the opinions of the complainant, the defender and the procuratorial organ. Michigan self balancing scooter The collegial panel reviewed and submitted to the judicial committee for discussion, and made the following verdict Criminal Code No. 199 and No. C Intermediate People s Court 1991 C No. 37 Criminal Sentence first sentence Second, the trial of the defendant Xu Mingliang innocence. The claimant Yan.

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