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Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter elaxed body, almost at the same time, whining cry from the thick long hair down. mini smart self balancing scooter Blame me all my fault girl s whimper intermittently. Wei Jiong soon felt his chest a hot and humid. He did not know how to comfort Yue Xiaohui, can only hold her more and more tightly. A full five minutes later, Yue Xiaohui cries began to stop. After a while, she raised her head from Wei Jionghuai, gently pushed him. Sorry. Yue Xiaohui long exhaled breath, the mood has been stable. She wiped her tears from her eyes with her sleeves, pointing to Wei s chest, get your clothes wet. It does not matter. Wei Jiong raised his hand and wiped his clothes on the random, You take good rest, do not think. I can not think. Yue Xiaohui s eyes and red, the voice choked again, I am too self righteous. Otherwise, the police will not save me He s smart-self balancing scooter Ma Jian. Ah. Yue Xiaohui forced nodded, I will remember him. Police, Ma Jian. Wei Jiong silently looked at her Xiao Hui. Ok Why did you do that It is also used to say Yue Xiaohui some surprised to raise eyebrows, I want to seize Lin Guodong. mini smart self balancing scooter I asked not this. Wei Jiong out of the phone, you sent me the video said, if given the opportunity, you will As he passed through the living room, his peripheral light caught a glimpse of the new electric pressure cooker on the gas stove in the kitchen. Then, he went to the bathroom door, pushed the door and went inside. The mini smart self balancing scooter toolbox is on the sink. Seat back, hand saw exposed Nevada self balancing scooter wooden handle. He went to the bathtub, opened the shower curtain, staring at the bottom covered with translucent plastic film. Suddenly, his breath quickly, his hands clenched into the fist, as if the chest has a drum the greater the balloon, palegreen self balancing scooter almost to his chest up broken. Lin Guodong pulled a plastic film, in the hands quickly kneaded into a ball, mercilessly thrown to the wall. Small cab smoke filled. Ma Jian first cough lightgreen self balancing scooter out loud, then, Luo Shaohua also began to cough. Two old people cough in the cab one after another. Finally, Ma Jian curse a fuck, opened the skylight. It is estimated that the son of a bitch is busy living it will not pay attention to downstairs. Luo mini smart self balancing scooter Shaohua fell to the window, reaching out the cigarette butt out, looked at the watch. Fast for two hours. Luo Shaohua turned around and asked Ma Jian, also continue to wait Kansas self balancing scooter Ma Jian look at the mini smart self balancing scooter mini smart self balancing scooter window, thought Otherwise, mini smart self balancing scooter to explore the actual situat.

ersonal communication Basically you can say that reclusive. Zhang Zhenliang pointed to the table of tablets, you first drug to eat in addition to shopping, basically do not go out, but he seems to find a mini smart self balancing scooter job in a translation company. Du Cheng nodded, picked up the pills, drink, swallow, and then holding the glass half empty thinking for a moment. Shock beam, from the existing technical point of view, can collect enough evidence You really think Lin Guodong is the murderer Zhang Zhen Liang took Du into the hands of the cup, continued full of hot water. What do you think I think that is pretty close. Zhang Zhenliang pondered a moment, from your external transfer situation, what are the motives of the match, and, that day in the bureau and your Ma Jian noisy, from his reaction point of view , If not a ghost, Ma Jian will not be so easy to serve soft. Now the most troublesome is evidence ah. Difficult. Zhang Zhen Liang Pie Piezui, the evidence of the year d still keep, but no one is related to him. Yes ah, there are many things to be checked. Du into the hands of the cup, he used the car, rape the location of the body, weapons The car and the weapon can not be implemented. Zhang.e to go to the High Court, right I think so, the Court will have concluded some of the major or difficult cases, more representative. Would you like to study the practice and see if the file is useful It is. Wei Jiong quickly turned to look at the hands of the notebook, the above is Yue Xiaohui handwriting, However, to see the files in the trial transcripts, learning efficiency is higher, not too many opportunities to listen to trial, may not be able to encounter typical case. He read the sentence almost word by word, after the breath of waiting for the teacher s response Meng. Well, a little bit of truth. Your kid is also very studious, rare. Meng teacher thought, Well, you come to my office tomorrow morning, I ll give you a letter of introduction.I have a classmate in the High Court , You directly to him on the line. Wei Jiong quickly thanks, the relieved hung up the phone. You can really do it. He handed the notebook back to Yue Xiaohui, You compiled these words really let self balancing scooter store the teacher believe. Of course. Yue Xiaohui quite proudly put the notebook into the bag, Lao Meng s favorite students, law school all know. She made careful preparations for the telephone call. The dialogue bet.i received their parents home New Year. This makes Luo Ying very happy, obviously not the amount of alcohol, or and Luo Shaohua drank half a catty of liquor. The results, a meal did not finish, Luo Ying to spit mini smart self balancing scooter unconscious. Luo Shaohua side cursed former son in law is not reasonable, while helping Luo Ying clean up, arrange her to rest. Good dinner made this way, Luo Shaohua s heart blocked badly. Jinfeng d navyblue self balancing scooter calm and collected, his face always with a tranquil smile. One to eight, she sat in front of the TV to see the Spring Festival Gala, when not laughing out loud. Luo Shaohua know bisque self balancing scooter her mind, but also understand that Jinfeng is doing mini smart self balancing scooter mini smart self balancing scooter a woman the greatest ability to maintain this home in the New Year s Eve of the quiet and joy. The only thing he can do is to accompany her, honestly watching TV. However, whether it is dance, or crosstalk, comedy, can not let his heart down to calm down. Peeling peanuts thrown into the trash, Luo Shaohua holding a half chip peanut shell, stared at Shen Tang in the tangled help. Jinfeng has been happy together, look around the silent wife, smile gradually stopped. She pushed the cigarettes and the lighter, and whispered, Go, smoke a cigarette. Luo Shaohu.

Mini Smart Self Balancing Scooter eems only the last resort. Luo Shaohua got up and shut the blinds, but also return to the door, close the doors. Bathroom suddenly a dark, indoor display items can only show a fuzzy profile. He opened the backpack, removed the mask to wear, and from the carry out of a watering can, began in the walls, bathtubs, the ground and the hand saw and hammer evenly sprayed up. The smell of luminol solution rises. Spraying is completed, the indoor mini smart self balancing scooter humidity greatly increased. Luo Shaohua feel some oppressed, he put down the watering can, turned to the door, opened a gap through the breath. Breathing a little smooth, he re wearing a mask, shut the bathroom door, turned an instant, his eyes widened. Just still a dark room, at the moment has been all over the blue violet fluorescence. In the wall, bathtub, on the ground, like a blossoming color strange flowers, quietly blooming in the dark. However, this flower is not a regular flake, but different shapes spray like, drip like, stream columnar, rub rub like, piece of Park like At the same mini smart self balancing scooter time, this flower has not exuded refreshing fragrance, Luo Shaohua smell, but more and more strong sweet fishy. He bent over to pick up the hand saw, of the dispute. What is more, the assertion is outside the greenyellow self balancing scooter terrorists sneak into the city to engage in sabotage. At this time, the rapid siren from far and near. Soon, several police cars and ambulances, fire engines and rapid. Zhang Zhenliang jumped from a police car, while commanding colleagues to block the scene, while running to the cafe. A door, he saw the dignified look of Du Cheng and Lin Shugong is unable to live bran. Master Zhang Zhenliang walked quickly to the table, immediately discovered Jiqian Kun hands of the remote control initiator. He without hesitation to pull out the pistol, the head of Qi Qiankun at the same time look at Du into. What s this Block the street, evacuate the masses. Du did not answer him, directly issued an order, Let the team, fire and emergency on standby. Good. Zhang Zhenliang put down the gun, eyes and detonators in the remote control for a few seconds, Do you want someone to talk to him Useless. Du into a frowning, I come. Zhang Zhen Liang nodded Master, you be careful. Then he turned to the door. Just a few steps, Zhang Zhenliang eyes suddenly stared. An old man in black cotton padded clothes staggered through the broken glass door, sh.

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