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Mintcream Self Balancing Scooter moment, then suddenly realized Fuck, our police are deployed in mintcream self balancing scooter the train station, State Road side of the clamp has been withdrawn almost However, he did not have money car. Even if the taxi, Destination, can not get the money, the same can not get off the body ah. Yes ah, Lin Guodong need money or vehicles, or else he is in the city wings are difficult to fly. Du into the thought, re thinking back to the starting point. Zhen Liang, blue self balancing scooter you let small high positioning Luo Shaohua phone, immediately. Hing Wah North Street and Dawang Road intersection. A few minutes later, a red taxi slowly docked at the TheOne cafe in front. Has been waiting at the roadside Zhang Haisheng immediately went up, but did not pull the door, but opened the trunk of the taxi. See him from the trunk out of a folding wheelchair, Wei Jiong has been aware of their guess has been confirmed. Wearing a black cotton dress, wearing a light gray wool cap, Messenger with a black bag of Ji Qiankun by Zhang Haisheng hold out the car, placed in an open wheelchair. Immediately, Zhang Haisheng to Ji Qiankun cover blankets, the wheelchair pushed to the door, his advanced coffee shop. Ji Qiankun waited at the door about f.ried to overturn the case, you offended a lot of colleagues and finally you were relegated to a remote county town. Hey, that belongs to the normal work transfer. Du waved his hand, not worth mentioning. Not the same. Ji Qiankun laments, I am a loved one killed. You do, check for more than 20 years also refused to mintcream self balancing scooter stop, just out of duty The old discipline, I was not so great. Du interrupted his words, look calm, I got cancer. Moment, extremely quiet interior. I became a policeman for more than 30 years, this is the only case without a knot. Du Cheng hanging eyelids, tone gently, my time is probably not much, so He shrugged and smiled, I do not want to go with regret. Ji Qiankun stared at him, a long while, whispered I I can help you This should I ask you Du smiled and best self balancing scooters on the market asked, he looked back at Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui, What did you find No progress. Ji Qiankun faint face down, Otherwise, the two children will not risk so much to steal the file. They are powerful enough. Du into Wei Jiong s pocket, he should take a lot. Wei Jiong expression embarrassment, Chong Ji heaven and earth mintcream self balancing scooter mintcream self balancing scooter nodded. Ji Qiankun eyes suddenly lit up, see, if not because of the presence of.

rape, murder and mutilated the scene. Ma Jian frowned, throwing the paper on the tea table What the hell is that leray self balancing scooter balance motion Some of the foreign sites, specifically for those psychopathic guy to provide stimulation. Luo Shaohua snorted, Do not underestimate the son of a bitch, out of a few months, even over the wall have learned. Ma Jian silent, staring at the cup in front of trance. For a long time, he sighed Fuck, I thought retired, you can corpuscles for several years. Ma, I do not mean to embarrass you. Luo Shaohua bowed his head, low voice, mintcream self balancing scooter I really do not know how to do. Is silent. When, Ma Jian Duanqi cup drained, got up to get a jacket. Do not worry, I ll figure it out. Ma Bureau Luo Shaohua quickly got up to stop him, Ma Jian is a determination has been the next look. So be it. When he finished, he put on his coat, opened the door between the rooms went out. Across the road opposite the restaurant, an old Paladin SUV closed the window. In its oblique front, Ma Jian is quickly through the road, jumped on a Honda CRV, driving away. A few minutes later, a look of distraught Luo Shaohua out from the restaurant, standing in the street for a while, stopped a taxi, in the opposite dir.uo Shaohua s voice resolute. Luo Ying looked inen self balancing scooter at him, gently exhaled breath. This is the image of her familiar father a few words, on the job tight lipped. An hour ago the eyes of love, gentle words, and even some of the old man has been stuck in a hard shell. She was well aware of the color, smell and texture of the shell, and knew that she could not pull her father out at the moment. Because of this, Luo Ying did not continue to ask, but took out the car keys on the table, then took the child out. Luo Shaohua sat did not move, hear mintcream self balancing scooter the iron door closed, the door closed click sound, he re picked up the phone, read the message repeated several times, and then slowly eat breakfast. Wash clean dishes, Luo Shaohua filled the thermos bottle, served Jinfeng eat the medicine, looked at her after sleeping, put on his coat out the door. Although has not touched the steering wheel for a long time, but almost instinctive skilled action, still let Luo Shaohua in the moment the car has a trace of excitement. When the dark blue Santana sedan into the early morning traffic busy, Luo Shaohua even habitually touch the waist, would like to check the holster is buckle. Empty. Luo Shaohua seems to have.heavy rain this spring. Chapter 31 The Secret of Two People 3 29 evening 10 am, in Tiedong Songjiang Road 117 8, Metropark Building under construction , 7th floor, a deliberate homicide case. C City Normal University law school junior Yue Xiaohui in late to be followed and hijacked to Victoria King Building, 7th floor. Suspects intent on rape killing Yue Xiaohui. Passing through the C City Public Security Bureau, East Branch of the former Deputy Secretary Ma Jian aware of the mintcream self balancing scooter mintcream self balancing scooter unusual circumstances, to rescue. Tussle, Ma Jian was pushed down the floor to save the victims, unfortunately, sacrifice. The investigation, Ma Jian body two knives, a fatal knife cyan self balancing scooter punctured the left ventricle, leading to hemorrhagic shock death. The suspect Lin Guodong at large, the arrest of his work is ongoing. Zhang Zhen Liang holding the phone, the pace hurried through the corridor, kept on the microphone issued an order. Small hotels, Internet cafes, bath center, give me a detailed search again. All can mobilize the power to start up He almost roared, train station, bus station, highway skyblue self balancing scooter cloth control, Son of a bitch to me firmly pressed death in the city Hang up the phone, Zhang Zhenliang also we.

Mintcream Self Balancing Scooter n the south bank of the South Canal No.3. The same day at 15 50 Xu, in the east of garbage incineration plant found in black plastic bag packaging head 4 and left thigh 5. The same day at 20 10 Xu, orthopedic hospital in the city south wall found in the black plastic bags under the human right thigh 6 and left leg 7. Site inspection At 9 20 self balancing scooter china on mintcream self balancing scooter November 9, 1990 Xu site survey in Tiedong District Songjiang Street and Democracy Road intersection of 200 meters south of the green belt found a black plastic bag, the handle was cross shaped cross tight, and with a transparent tape seal tie. There are human lower limb right calf, right foot and left and right upper limbs. In addition to a small amount of blood within the bag, no other content. There is no printed word on the plastic bag. In the plastic bags and transparent tape is not extracted mintcream self balancing scooter to the fingerprint. November 10, 1990 8 20 am Scene Investigation In the South Canal mintcream self balancing scooter River, near skque self balancing scooter fires the south bank of the side of the mud found in the black plastic bag packaging, here from the Bay Park about mintcream self balancing scooter 400 meters. Packaging for the two pairs of black plastic bags opposite, mintcream self balancing scooter the middle best self balancing scooter brand with a transparent tape banding. The bag has a female torso.ffice. In the retired office, Du into the 11.9 murder case of the victim Zhang Lan s husband Wen Jianliang has retired two years ago, residence is unknown, but can find his cell phone number. Du into the number copied in Notepad, thanks to leave. In the factory on the roadside stalls, Du Cheng bought a hand grasping Iowa self balancing scooter cake. He sat in the car, eating a big mouth, while dialing the Wen Jianliang phone number. A few seconds later, a deep male voice in the handset said Hey Hello. Du swallowed the mouth of the food, is Mr. Wen Jianliang it It s me, are you My name is Du Cheng, Tie East Branch. Wen Jianliang voice some hesitation, You are the police Correct. Do you have anything I want to find out about you. What is the situation Wen Jianliang asked again, Which aspect It s not business. It s my personal desire to talk to you. That s not necessary. Wen Jianliang immediately rejected, I do not know you, nothing to talk about. It s about your wife, he said, I m one of the people who handled the case. Well Wen Jianliang obviously feel very surprised, you want to talk about Can you see a face Wen Jianliang hesitated for a long time, finally said Well. Du into a sigh of relief, with the neck gri.

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