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Mistyrose Self Balancing Scooter , her daughter is trying on a beige V neck cashmere sweater, the bed also stood a coffee mistyrose self balancing scooter colored sheepskin coat. See the father came in, Luo Ying quickly put the black bra strap into the clothes. Dad, do I look good in this Look good. Luo Shaohua to look into his wife, I went out, you remember to take medicine. Well, rest assured. Jin Feng is looking at Luo Ying, You pay attention to safety. Luo Shaohua should be a cry, turned self balancing scooter for sale and went out. And mistyrose self balancing scooter Luo Ying s conversation let him delay some time, open to half the distance, Luo Shaohua completely into traffic congestion in the morning peak. Although he continued to dodge in the traffic maneuvers, but still can not break the encirclement, and ultimately can only give up, a little bit to the destination. Finally arrived at the Green Bamboo Court area, Luo Shaohua lock the car, all the way into the park trot. Now close to 9 am, he has mistyrose self balancing scooter been unable to track Lin Guodong hope. Sure enough, when he came to 22 units of 501 units in front of the door, clearly see the security door and the door frame of the transparent tape has been opened. It seems Lin Guodong has to go out. But, Luo dodgerblue self balancing scooter Shaohua in my heart still have some small expectations if he jus.the same time, took out his pocket from the bus card. Although Lin Guodong does not intend to take the 249 bus, but the smell of the girl who seems to have magic in general, pulling him to the site of the bus to go. It seems that the girl immediately followed behind her Lin Guodong did not notice, attention is still on the phone, while walking to open the micro letter, select a contact, click to send a video. Subsequently, she mistyrose self balancing scooter put the phone into the bag in front of the grid strap. At this point, she just step onto the bus pedal, credit card, into the crowded compartment. Lin Guodong also followed on the train. The doors closed behind them. Wei Jiong sat in the library, in front of a turned to page 177 of the College English six teaching materials. He had at least stared at the page for two hours, but not at all on those English words. He turned to look out the window, the campus lights dotted in the gloomy night sky. Hum of the wind vaguely discernible. Wei Jiong inexplicably feel distraught, it seems that something to happen. He looked at the table on the back of the ramp, a small greasy hair boy is hard to read an advanced mathematics problem set. That is where Yue Xiaohui used to.

ely not old friends as simple as that it is even more strange. What mistyrose self balancing scooter do you think about the case of the year I do not know, but Luo Shaohua was certainly doing something we can not let us know. I noticed, too, that he had a telescope in his bag as if he were monitoring someone. Zhang nodded, And it was a dangerous guy, or he would not have a retractable baton. Yes, he said, he should know a lot of old colleagues, why look for me Du Cheng frowned, We both almost broke off. Is it to deal with the former son in law Do not. Du into music, but also affect the pain of the abdomen, old Luo to clean up the sun, but also need us to help Zhang Zhen Liang also think their own assumptions untenable, hehe laughed. Immediately, he found Du Cheng s face getting worse. Master, feel uncomfortable Zhang Zhenliang stepped forward to hold onto Du Cheng, go to my office take a break. Do not. Du Cheng barely smiled at him, there is something to smart-self balancing scooter do it. Take your time, I ll run for you. You are busy with 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier you, in the bureau to help me stare at the point highlighted on the line. Du into the expression is quite helpless, Today you can not help me, I have to pick up two little guys. Half an hour later, Du the driver did not agree. This time he did not insist, pay off after slategray self balancing scooter getting paid. Lin Guodong walk through the silence between the farmhouse, a person did not encounter. The villagers here also maintained the habit of sunrise and sunset. Especially in the winter, nothing to do them, at most, play a few laps of mahjong after the early to bed. At the moment, the whole village is sleeping. No sound, no lights. Even if he heard his footsteps, those dog housekeeping care too lazy to come out and take a look. North self balancing scooter Lin Guodong s body out of the sweat, mouth exhaled heat condensed into the mistyrose self balancing scooter frost on the eyelashes. best self balancing scooters on the market He had to wipe his eyes from time to time to make sure he could see the foot of the road. Ten minutes later, he crossed the village, stepped on a bumpy path. Without the shelter of the building, the winter wind suddenly violent up. Lin Guodong face sweat was quickly dried, began to dull. His eyes always concentrated in the open field around, from time to time to stop, silently estimated distance. Finally, he stood in a piece of corn covered with mistyrose self balancing scooter mistyrose self balancing scooter snow next to the south looked. However, the sight of the Department is still dark. He tried to open his eyes, trying to pull the night in.uo Shaohua s voice resolute. Luo Ying looked at him, gently exhaled breath. This is the image mistyrose self balancing scooter of her familiar father a few words, on the job tight lipped. An hour ago the eyes of love, gentle words, and even some of the old man has been stuck in a hard shell. She was well aware of the color, smell and mistyrose self balancing scooter texture of the shell, and knew that she could not pull her father out at the moment. Because of this, Luo Ying did not continue to ask, but took out the car keys on the table, then took the child self balancing scooters out. Luo Shaohua sat did not move, hear the iron door closed, the door closed click sound, he re picked up the phone, read the message repeated several times, and then slowly eat breakfast. Wash clean dishes, Luo Shaohua filled the thermos bottle, served Jinfeng eat the medicine, looked at her after sleeping, put on his coat out the door. Although has not touched the steering wheel for a long time, but almost instinctive skilled action, still let Luo Shaohua hotpink self balancing scooter in the moment the car has a trace of excitement. When the dark blue Santana sedan into the early morning traffic busy, Luo Shaohua even habitually touch the waist, would like to check the holster is buckle. Empty. Luo Shaohua seems to have.

Mistyrose Self Balancing Scooter of the body into the cab, this is called Wei Jiong waving with a man over. Taxi drivers have no time to slip away, so always along the way with a straight face, and repeatedly stated that if a man spit in the car, we must pay the fare increase. In order to pull this trip as soon as possible unlucky job, the driver drove the car fast. However, in the emergency stop and high speed turn, the man finally could not control, spit a mess. Finally to the destination, Wei Jiong dragged unconscious man has taken out a sour smell of the taxi. The driver side loudly scolded, while the window ventilation, and finally more than fifty dollars to the fare, only angrily left. Yue Xiaohui lives in the 4th floor. This distance, for the arm of a drunk Yue Xiaohui and Wei Jiong, is a long and difficult journey. Finally get him to the 4th floor, the door, placed on the sofa, Wei Jiong has been tired and whole body soft, sweating. Yue Xiaohui is also out of breath. She let Wei Jiong break a break, he went into the kitchen burning water. Then, half pot of water tea, half pot of boiling water for hot towel, to wipe his father s face full of vomit. Her deft movements, looking calm, it seems to take mistyrose self balancing scooter care of d.ike a knife like angular edges and corners, eyes lifeless, no feelings, no soul. Luo Shaohua secretly clenched fist, feeling heavy burst of cold like a while is slowly invading the body. Soon, an old bus parked at the roadside, the man picked up the bag on the train. mistyrose self balancing scooter Bus exhaust pipe black smoke, squeaky to drive away. Luo Shaohua turned his head and found that the body has been stiff like a piece of iron. He started the car and leray self balancing scooter followed the bus. The cab is as cold as the outside. Luo Shaohua trembling, reluctantly holding the steering mistyrose self balancing scooter wheel, tightly staring at the front of the bus. Suddenly, he raised his hand and looked at the watch. January 7. 9 01 am. Demons return to earth. Bus into the urban area, a man in the Xinhua Book Building, the car, and transfer to another bus. He did not seem to notice the tracking of Luo Shaohua, just sitting in the window, silently watching the streetscape. Half an hour later, the man in the Hing Wah Street North once again to get off, walk about seven hundred meters east, into the green bamboo monosodium glutamate factory gate. Luo Shaohua parked the car not far from the factory gate, sitting in the cab watching his every move. In the duty room, th.

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