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Navy Self Balancing Scooter ad intersection, River Bay Park, waste incineration plant, the city orthopedic hospital. Du picked up a black marker suspects should have a car, if you have to go self balancing board news to these places, then the driving route is roughly this. When he finished, navy self balancing scooter he painted a few twists and turns on the map of the black line. Ma Jian white find the intersection On the slide mediumseagreen self balancing scooter labeled 3.14 , navy self balancing scooter the same number of black lines were attached 2 wheel self balancing scooter $100 to navy self balancing scooter the place marked with the red mark, and then it was overlaid on the first slide. Two transparent film overlap together, can see the corpse to disperse their own, but that the traffic route of the black line there are cross and overlap. This is a good idea Ma Jian excited, got up and greeted a colleague, go, get a city map, the bigger the better. A few hours later, a large map of the city hanging in the office wall, the desk was removed, chairs placed in a row against the wall. Police officers stood in front of the map, looking at the above marked more than a dozen red spots, analysis of the murderer may be driving through the route. Gradually, a few tortuous thick black lines appear on the map. Immediately, the analysis of ideas into a push his starting point. After some deduc.in Guodong has been silent in a sudden opening, You and I are the same Surprisingly, Ji Qiankun did not refute him. After thinking for a few seconds, he nodded instead. You re right, you and me, damn it. Wen Ji, Xiao Hui, met you, do not know fate, or robbery number.Anyway, first of all say sorry to you, say thank you. He nodded slightly to Yue Xiaohui You and Wei Jiong leave here. Then, his line of sight down, fell Lin Guodong face, while lifting the hands of the remote control detonator, We two damn people, is Time to be a broken. Wei Jiong was shocked, about to open to stop, I heard behind a burst of rapid footsteps Du into the run. Old, you do not impulse Du has been sweating his face, holding a charred edge of the kraft paper portfolio, I got the evidence. This sudden turn of events so that the presence of all people are shocked. Especially Lin Guodong, his face suddenly became pale, tightly staring at the portfolio. Du into the portfolio of things out, on the table is a yellowing paper and navy self balancing scooter a mass of non woven. These can prove that Lin Guodong in each time period of the incident, are driving a white pickup truck in the night looking for start goal.Moreover, this car has one of.

ector of Personnel to see Du Cheng, Some personal resume what should still, you I want to see, replied Du immediately, Thank you. Personnel Director is clearly regretting his mouth, reluctantly got up to the file room. Half an hour later, he shook a few dusty papers back to the navy self balancing scooter office. Here, find them. Paper age, has been yellowed, brittle, were transferred to prove that personal resume, a copy of teacher qualification certificate and reserve cadre registration form. Du carefully turned to look at, and gradually sort out navy self balancing scooter the personal situation of Lin Guodong. Lin Guodong, male, born in 1961, university culture, graduated from the C City Normal University Foreign Languages Institute Department of English. Teaching level is good, and colleagues can still. During his tenure in office won the title of an advanced teacher, there is no record of punishment. Personal resume is also attached to a color certificate, although the color has subsided, but still can see Lin Guodong year can be classified as handsome category. Standard thirty seven open separately, face thin, face lines, forehead wide, eyes bright and piercing, beard navy self balancing scooter also scrape clean. But his brow slightly wrinkled, coup.little longer. Lin Guodong lips rolled up, teeth bite creak. Well, you say. Ji Qiankun narrowed his eyes, upper body forward Why do you want to kill my wife Lin Guodong thought I can only say that she was in the wrong time, appeared in a wrong place, met a His tone was slow, his eyes wandering, his eyes kept Piaoxiang Ji Qiankun hold the black plastic box right hand. At the same time, his hand on the table a little closer to each other. You d better sit still Ji Qiankun immediately aware of his intentions, the whole person to sit back, while the arm to the iron table to push him in the past. Lin Guodong the back to withstand the column, under the chair and legs are stuck in the iron table, a time can not move. go on The sound of low Dr for Lin Guodong where to buy leray self balancing scooter not act recklessly, but also to the waiter who came is startled. Two, he repeated hesitantly, or went to the table, What would you like to drink something What do not. Ji Qiankun s eyes for a moment refused to leave Lin Guodong, go away His tough attitude to the waiter very dissatisfied Sir, if you do not consume, please Go away Ji Qiankun waved, Let everyone leave, I have a bomb Surprisingly, the waiter did not fear, b.s, quite angry waving. Luo Ying Bai a father, with Chunhui to go out. Home only Luo Shaohua and Jinfeng. Wash a good chopsticks, clean up the kitchen, the Luo Shaohua served Jinfeng to eat the medicine, gave her hot water navy self balancing scooter bottle, put the bed in the mug and radio. Quietly accompany her to sit for a while, Luo Shaohua to see Jinfeng has closed his eyes, breathing steady and long, he lowered the radio volume, got up out of the bedroom. The house is very quiet, Luo Shaohua in the living room in the two laps, did not know what best self balancing scooter reviews to do. Thought, he took out a tool from the bathroom, began to engage in health. Sweep again, and carefully dragged twice. Rub the furniture, wipe the stove. Water the large and small pots. After all this, he smoked two cigarettes, began to pondering the next how to pass the time. Get ready for lunch. Luo Shaohua helpless clap your hands, glanced at the wall clock mother, only nine. What is he doing The idea suddenly jumped into the mind of Luo Shaohua. In the days after discharge, Lin Guodong s life is fairly regular the morning stay at home basically, around 1 pm to go out, wandering in the urban areas, buy some newspapers and magazines, evening to buy food to go.

Navy Self Balancing Scooter he dossiers, but also in several locations apart from the other. Bai Xiaoyong kidnapping murder case. He immediately realized that in this file rack, the file is in accordance with the order of Hanyu Pinyin. This means that Xu Mingliang murder case files, must be in the bottom of a column. Wei Jiong immediately squat body, navy self balancing scooter found on the bottom of the iron frame. When he took out the fourth volume of the file, see the cover was shocked to read Xu Mingliang rape murder case. navy self balancing scooter He cheered in the bottom of my heart, quickly inserted in the hands of the file, sandwiched this file, walked back quickly. There are a snow self balancing scooter few darkorchid self balancing scooter meters away from the table when Wei Jiong faintly heard the voice of the administrator came the corridor OK, then see at night. He did not neglect, almost run the remaining navy self balancing scooter steps, the administrator s foot into Self Balancing Scooters Useful Hint the file room at the same time, Wei Jiong sat in a chair. Despite his head down, Wei Jiong still feel the administrator looked at their own direction. In order not to let him see the abnormal, Wei Jiongping lived this has been very rapid breathing, trying to make his body stable down. The administrator did not segway self balancing scooter fails seem to notice, stared at him for a few seconds, and sat back.Jian eyes wide open, desperately tearing Luo Shaohua holding his hand, Shaohua with him for twenty two years You How long can you fuck your mother Everybody s living in peace is not it You fucking fart Du into the park outside, It is a personal A living person You to achieve the purpose, let the girl Do not say Luo Shaohua roared loudly, then wept together. Entangled between the three, an old man crying bleak look very abrupt. Du no longer shouted abuse, Ma Jian also stopped struggling. You do not hit Luo Shaohua face has tears, blame me, is my fault Around the waist in Ma Jian weak hand to fall. Ma Jian straight up, silently watching the body twitching Luo Shaohua crying, stretched out a hand, according to his shoulder. Du navy self balancing scooter is also speechless, looking at self balancing electric scooter walmart the two had been tough as a lion in front of the moment, but as fragile as the old dog police, the hearts of sadness to be added. You go. For a long time, Du Cheng long sigh, Today s thing, when not happened. Ma Jian navy self balancing scooter turned to see him, expression complex. Finally, he nodded, leaning on the still more than crying Luo Shaohua, staggering to the SUV went. Looked at the Honda CRV disappeared in the dark, Du Cheng.

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