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Navyblue Self Balancing Scooter . His implication is that the reason why the case is not detected, because once the murderers arrested, is likely to prove that the previous series of murder cases are the people. The direct consequence is that the case of Xu Mingliang case is wrong. This is a result of all can not afford, so, as the navyblue self balancing scooter case will be shelved. Of course, this inference is based on the premise of only one murderer. In this regard, Du Cheng is still holding a reservation. In his view, the 1992 10.28 murder case there are too many doubts, it is difficult and the previous series of rape and murder case together. Moreover, he can not believe that the two old friends because they can not bear the responsibility to let the murderer free. However, Du Cheng insisted on Luo Shaohua and Ma Jian to investigate, there are other reasons. I was a guess. Zhang Zhenliang waved his hand, Then I checked a bit, then the overall situation are engaged in a drug case, no time to spare may also. Investigate to this stage, all the possibilities can not let go. Du into the wall, trying to stretch the pain is the abdomen, Luo Shaohua that night navyblue self balancing scooter to find me, I find it very strange. Jian Jianmian, chatted for a long time, and definit.minutes later, he closed the hands of the file, got up from the seat. The moment he lifted his foot to the archives, Wei Jiong s eyes caught the administrator s action he looked up and looked at himself. Wei Jiong did not turn around, strong for calm, step by step to the archives before the file back in the hands of the original position, and quickly scanned the archives on the index navyblue self balancing scooter card 2010 2013 punishment. It seems that this row of archives is indeed used to file criminal files, and is the case concluded by the order of the year to arrange. He looked to the back of the archives there should be a case before 2010. Wei Jiong bite the navyblue self balancing scooter bullet and went back, clearly feel the administrator s eyes fell on his back. Go to the next rack, he looked up to see the index card 2005 2009 punishment. It seems that his estimate was right Wei Jiong confidence greatly increased, was about to continue to look forward to, suddenly heard the administrator in the back shouted Comrade, what are you doing Well Wei Jiong shocked, hurriedly turned around, I I want to see other. Liu Tingchang navyblue self balancing scooter lightslateblue self balancing scooter navyblue self balancing scooter to you which, you see what. The administrator stared at Wei Jiong, tone is quite severe, can not easily.

eng straight up the elevator, careful to avoid acquaintances, so again the Kansas self balancing scooter mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter disease statement again, listen to a bunch of comfort people. Half an hour later, Du Cheng returned home. Open the door of the moment, a musty mixed with smart-balance wheel ash group blowing. Du into a small whisper, sucking the nose, went straight to the kitchen. Gas stove on the pot, the half pot egg noodles have been born Lvmao. Du into the noodles into the trash, the pot and clean brush. Subsequently, he opened the leray self balancing scooter navyblue self balancing scooter refrigerator, took out a withered green onions, cut a little chopped green onion, the pot heat, put oil, put the green onion two wheels smart self balancing scooters into the pan of the moment, sound, smoke, filled with There was anger in the dusty little house. Du fried a few times, add water, cover the lid. Waiting for the water to open the work, Du into the rag to pick up the cleaning began, just clean the table, the liver began to dull pain. His face met with sweat, managed to draw a picture frame on the chest, wipe clean, put a wiping cloth, sitting at the table breathing. Sitting for a while, gas stove on the iron pot came a gurgling sound, big steam from the edge of the lid to emerge. Du into the refrigerator from an egg, knock open, thrown into.i received their parents home New Year. This makes Luo Ying very happy, obviously not the amount of alcohol, or and Luo Shaohua drank half a catty of liquor. The results, a meal did not finish, Luo Ying to spit unconscious. Luo Shaohua side cursed former son in law is not reasonable, while helping Luo Ying clean up, arrange her to rest. Good dinner made this way, Luo Shaohua s heart blocked badly. Jinfeng d calm and collected, his face always with a tranquil smile. One to eight, she sat in front of the TV to see the Spring Festival Gala, when not laughing out loud. Luo Shaohua know her mind, but also understand that Jinfeng is doing a woman the greatest ability to maintain this home in the New Year s Eve of the quiet and joy. The only thing he can do is to accompany her, honestly watching TV. However, whether it is dance, or crosstalk, comedy, can not let his heart down to calm down. Peeling peanuts thrown into the trash, Luo Shaohua holding navyblue self balancing scooter navyblue self balancing scooter a half chip peanut shell, stared at Shen Tang in the tangled help. Jinfeng has been happy together, look around the silent wife, smile gradually stopped. She pushed the cigarettes and the lighter, and whispered, Go, smoke a cigarette. Luo Shaohu.Lin, I like you, but also willing to be your friend.Although we than usual friends to Chen Xiao unnatural smile, to be a little intimate, but I do not want how I m sorry, you know. Having finished, Chen picked up the coat on the sofa, walked toward the door. Lin Guodong standing in silence, looked at her. navyblue self balancing scooter Chen noticed his eyes, the hearts and some could not bear, barely smiled You will go to the company tomorrow, right Lin Guodong without a word, his face gradually cloudy. Chen looked at this seem to navyblue self balancing scooter suddenly lose the temperature of the thin man, inexplicably feel flustered. She lowered her head, said the phrase see tomorrow to hurry to open the door, left. Lin Guodong maintained the original position, tightly staring at the deserted foyer. A long time, he put his hands into his trousers, slowly turned around a week, looking around the living room. Finally, he put the line of sight to the bathroom. You and her, is the same. Wei Jiong look at the room number navyblue self balancing scooter on the ward, gently open the door. Du lying in bed, his eyes closed, his face sallow. Another house in Ji Qiankun saw the police at the bedside, to see him come in, immediately cast a puzzled look to the Wei Jion.

Navyblue Self Balancing Scooter I was less than one year old when she left, so no impression on the mother, not to mention much grief. She stood up, Are you hungry I ll cook. Not so much trouble. Wei Jiong cautiously picked up the cat from his knees, I should go back. You sit down honestly. Yue Xiaohui hold down his shoulders without any explanation, a while like today, you helped me, reward you treat you. The kitchen is rattling. Wei Jiong sitting from the green self balancing scooter location, just to see the busy Yue Xiaohui. Girls move quickly remove all kinds of ingredients from the refrigerator, thawing, peeling, sorting, washing. Her face focused, face slightly red because of labor, gradually, the tip of the nose also Qin out of the fine sweat. A lock of hair hanging from his forehead, from time to time by her tuck to the ear. Then, with her movements fall in the cheeks. Occasionally, she would turn his head, red sitting in the living room Wei Jiong smiled. Every time, has been watching the girl Wei Jiong will panic to remove the line of sight, pretending to touch the kitten on the knee. Ten minutes later, more and more strong flavor came from the kitchen. Small beans suction nose, opened his eyes. It self balancing scooter china was in Wei Jionghuai greatly stret.gate, took a deep breath, then turned down the stairs. A door across the other side, Lin Guodong put down the instructions, the eyes there is a trace of excitement could not conceal the light. He rubbed his hands, carefully put the computer out from the carton, gently on the desktop. Subsequently, the other parts were also removed from the carton. Well power cord power jack. Lin Guodong gently talking about the power cord and the computer is connected, and then socket. The computer opens. He picked up the mouse USB port. The first insertion failure, that flat small metal leray self balancing scooter balance motion connector in any case can not be inserted into the computer. Lin Guodong not hard to, for fear of breaking this spent him more than 4000 pieces of baby. Thought, he carefully looked at the mouse line, turn the direction success He snapped his heart, pondering the next step, only to find that they have forgotten. Patted his head, he picked up the manual, best self balancing scooter 10 inch navyblue self balancing scooter find some, press the power button on the computer. Hardware starts, along with several non audible buzzes. The display lights up and the music starts to sound, and a row of icons appears on the screen. Lin Guodong excited, he picked up the mou.

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