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North Self Balancing Scooter was knocked dizzy, surprised and angry. Honda CRV driver s seat on the airbag has bounced, do not see the driver s appearance. However, the Du i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews Cheng think this car looks familiar, a huge ominous premonition suddenly hit the heart. Honda CRV front cover has changed shape, a large North self balancing scooter group of steam from the cracks emerge. Suddenly, the driver s door opened, a tall figure shaking North self balancing scooter down, walking and rubbing his neck. Du into the eyes suddenly stared. North self balancing scooter That man is Ma Jian. Du Cheng suddenly aware of each other s intentions he must also know that Lin Guodong is in this building, the impact is just to own trapped in the car. The Ma Jian next 2 wheel self balancing scooter amazon thing to do, can be imagined. Suddenly, a variety of emotions into the hearts of Du into. Fear, anger, worry, hatred. This allows him to lose the ability to organize the language, can only stared at Ma Jian, and issued a beast like roar. Ma Jian just looked at him, pulled out a retractable batons, turned and ran to the building. His quick action so that Du Cheng recovered. He instinctively to promote the door and oldlace self balancing scooter found that in the Honda CRV under the aegis of the door rooted. He turned and looked to the co pilot seat, see the car window after the brick wall.same time, a part of his body, but also gradually restless. Some water marks began to appear on the windows, then become more and more dense. Soon, a large raindrop beat in the body, issued a regular sound. The first rain this spring, and finally came. The ground is slippery, slow. Every station has a passenger get off, more people come up. Damp atmosphere spread in the carriage open, involved North self balancing scooter constantly, ambiguous. Lin Guodong felt wet and cool on his face, and some sticky touch. This makes him more and more excited. Taking advantage of body shaking and crowded, he quietly to the girl a step closer. The girl s body was pushed to the pole, the upper body are tilted in the past. Lin Guodong even feel the shape of the items in the shoulder bag. The girl did not immediately respond, but took out the bag in the cell phone, press a few times, and plug back. Immediately, she turned, hands covered in net bag before, saw North self balancing scooter Lin Guodong one. This is the first time two people see. Lin Guodong quickly turned away. But at a glance, the hearts of restlessness increased rather than increased. Girls look the same good, delicate skin. North self balancing scooter Especially the exposed part of aquamarine self balancing scooter the neck, white and smooth. His hear.

Wei Jiong feel that they should help the old discipline. But, in front of the old man made him feel strange. Once that laid back, aloof, gentle and humorous old man, now like a ready made Falcon. In particular, when he used Zhang Haisheng Henla, Wei Jiong that almost know before the old discipline is another person. however He thought of that woman named Feng Nan, think of that one less leg of the incomplete body, think of that woman died the night. Thought of this trapped in the cage twenty three years old. Think of the murderer who is still at large. Wei Jiong turned, watching the old discipline, word by word, said Ok. Chapter 16 The Ghost On the Spot Analysis of the North self balancing scooter 10.28 Case of Murder and Brief case October 28, 1992 cornsilk self balancing scooter 7 25 Xu, Dongjiang Street and Yanbian Road intersection at the center of 200 meters green belt found in black plastic bags of human right thigh compiled as 1, the same below. At 8 30 on October 28 Xu, in the urban construction garden near the main wheat self balancing scooter entrance of the 150 meters near the grass found in black plastic bags of female torso 2. At 10 50 on the same day, at the junction of Nanjing North Street and Stone Bridge, the trash cans Road East were found with black.y seven or eight back, sick of me. Ji Qiankun and carefully to a cigarette butt, and slowly spit out a smoke, staring at the crowd in the yard of trance. Lao Du, we two are dead people. Yes ah. Du into the bench leaning on the North self balancing scooter bench, just the action seems to let him run out of strength, Fortunately, obsession has been, and no regrets. Lin Guodong was executed yesterday Ah. Du into the eyes half open half closed, the sound has become increasingly low, injection. Ji Qiankun nodded Laodu, there are things, would like to ask you a favor. Oh Du Cheng reluctantly lifted his eyes, You say. Yesterday at the time of the hearing, Yue Xiaohui home without mentioning civil action. Ji Qiankun paused, I think, must give the child and her father a little compensation.I have written a will, and all property left to her. If you slategray self balancing scooter have a chance, you persuade her, please her must accept. Good. Du into the head slowly down, the sound subtle, almost not heard. I have always owe her family too much, although the money does not make sense of compensation, but Ji Qiankun eyes suddenly widened, tone all of a sudden high spirited, You see, olivedrab self balancing scooter these two children came to say. On the other side of the coat, sitting opposite Luo Shaohua, just looked at each other, he stunned, I rely on, how are you this North self balancing scooter Luo Shaohua hair disheveled, eyes blue, his eyes full of bloodshot, his face like a knife like deep lines, the image of a drug addict. You kid, it s not fucking suck powder, right Where are you going to pull Luo Shaohua sad smile, Ma, how are you, very good North self balancing scooter OK. Ma Jian s good color, hair a little longer, neatly comb to the North self balancing scooter back of the head, he patted the stomach, is fat every day idle. Luo Shaohua glanced at him, got up in his i1 hover self balancing scooter reviews cup filled with inen self balancing scooter tea. Would you like something to eat Do not, just eaten. Ma Jian looked Luo Shaohua, You last time middle of the night call me, I feel strange.Well, what can I find Luo Shaohua sighed, North self balancing scooter back down on the sofa, hand over his face. Said ah Ma Jian look at his depressed look, and my heart quite impatient, how do you still so mother in law Luo Shaohua silence for a while, it seems that I do not know how to speak. You say Ma Jian some irritation, aspiring to get up North self balancing scooter and dress, do not say I m gone. Old horse, Luo Shaohua finally summoned the courage, Xu Mingliang remember the case Of course, remember. Ma Jian got up and stopped half of the action, a.

North Self Balancing Scooter ater, Metro Line 2, Chunyang Road Station, to Century City direction, a person. Having said that, the man hung up the phone. Luo Shaohua cursed loudly, and then call, the daughter of the phone has been shut down. He did not dare to delay time, got up and rushed to the door, just opened the door, and Jinfeng hit a full. What Jinfeng looked at Luo Shaowa, who was staring at her eyes. I just heard you yelling. Luo Shaohua pushed Jinfeng, only said the sentence at home waiting for me out of the house. At the moment has been close to 10 30 in the evening, the road on the small vehicles. However, Luo Shaohua still feel that their speed is not fast enough. He sat in the cab, holding the hand of the steering wheel has been knot section is completed, red all the cars in front of him pressed the horn, as the red light, has long been in his eyes. Daughter, my daughter All the way bolted, open to the mouth of the station when the subway station, from the other designated time there are five minutes. Luo Shaohua lock the car, picked up the backpack burst into the subway station. Before going to the subway line schematic diagram, he hastily browsing 2 line across the city north and south of a sub.hostages, in the face of explosives pack kidnappers This is not escape. Du into the mouth slightly up. Death is not terrible. He died twenty three years ago. For him, it is a long awaited way home. Into the classroom, Wei Jiong pick a humble position to sit down, secretly come up with a cup of still warm milk to drink up. Eight o clock just, the stout, comb with short hair female teachers to the podium. Wei Jiong dangling from the backpack out of the land law teaching materials, see the cover of the moment, suddenly remembered one thing. He looked around the classroom in a circle, really did not find Yue Xiaohui. Really skip class ah. Wei Jiong smiled. Professor of land law Professor Wang was the students dubbed the land grandmother is a law school name catch one of the students not only linked to the ruthless, and each lesson will be named, three absences directly to students was canceled Qualified for the examination. Sure enough, land grandmother, drank tea, to slowly come up with teaching manuals, began to name. Acknowledgments in the classroom one after another, Wei Jiong inexplicably tense. Yue Xiaohui once said to help his roommate to make a cover, do not know this cover.

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