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Oklahoma Self Balancing Scooter Guodong has eaten a simple dinner, during this time, in addition to his tea, toilet, almost always keep in front of the computer, concentrate on the translation of that document. Perhaps the spirit Oklahoma self balancing scooter of a high degree of tension, Luo Shaohua physical strength has come to the limit. In addition, he did not want to let Luo Ying once again to his excessive suspicion, so, after repeated consideration, Luo Shaohua decided to end today s surveillance. Opposite the corridor that the shadow has finally disappeared, the telescope lens reflection is also invisible. Lin Guodong slowly sideways, looking at the dark window of the window. Empty. He got up and walked quickly to the kitchen. Through that small window, you can see a road outside the district. He hid behind the shelves, watching Luo Shaohua a shake Sanhuang from out of the area, sitting on the roadside of a dark blue Santana sedan, launch, leave. Dark red taillights all the way sway, and finally completely into the night. Lin Guodong suddenly began to breathe, tight for a whole afternoon of the nerve finally relax. He leaned against the shelf, his chest up and down violently. A moment later, he wiped the fine sweat on his forehead, hob.ory medical treatment. City Council or which branch Du immediately asked. A branch of it. I can not remember the specific. Dr. Cao shrugged, back to check. However, the government still responsible for the treatment department, a police Oklahoma self balancing scooter officer every month to see Lin Guodong situation For more than twenty years, I have not stopped. what is his name Dr. Luo, called Luo Shaohua. Dr. Cao smiled, very rare name, it is easy to remember. Du Cheng suddenly stared. Immediately, his brain to run up quickly, it seems that there is an invisible line, fragmented fragments that are connected together, and ultimately form a complete puzzle. However, not allow him to see the whole picture of this piece of puzzle, pocket phone on the ring. Du into a cell phone, is highlighted. Hey Bright voice is very low, but also with the echo, seems to be hiding in the fire channel, Ma Jian commissioned our department to check a person s information, he called Lin Guodong. Du into blurted out, is not it I rely on, how do you know Highlights are very surprised, Ma Jian to the Council to get information, has been on the road. Ma Jian sitting alone in the East Branch of the conference room, drinking cups of.

re breathless, quietly watching him. A full twenty seconds later, the phone finally connected. Hey Mahone, just child darkslategray self balancing scooter Oklahoma self balancing scooter I am in the big fish bar, to send some goods over the chanting yellow hair and yawned a young man, could not stand OK, three hundred dollars of the child s bar. Phone hang up. He said half an hour later. Du smiled You kid acting good. Zhang Zhenliang pull the door, face expressionless said He is really addicted. He finished, he jumped out of the car, went straight to the 2 unit away. Du into seeing, but also hurried off, followed by. Go to the unit door, Zhang Zhen Liang back Why do Oklahoma self balancing scooter you come with Why Du into some baffling, arrest people ah. You pull it, old arm old legs. Zhang Zhenliang waved, Enter on it. Du Cheng s face sank, the heart that you a little bastard, I when the police Oklahoma self balancing scooter when your mother is still playing eggs it, then the mouth has become OK, you be careful. Little bastard straight into the corridor, Du turned Oklahoma self balancing scooter into bitterly, looked around for a moment, went to the floor corner, untie pants urine. Finished, Du made a shiver, and slowly the whole good clothes, walked back to the car side, opened the door to get the smoke. At this tim.isfaction, Ma Jian, before and after retirement is a branch deputy sanway smart self balancing scooter director, so dry is not it Little high, do you know what I was looking at the case Du asked him. How many know a little. Highlight to see Zhang Zhenliang, and see Du Cheng, more than 20 years ago, a case with Ma Jian I m not sure, so I need your help, said Du, clapping his bright shoulders, this case is very important to me, and I can not close my eyes and see if I can break it. Rely Oklahoma self balancing scooter on, you old guy. High muttered his mouth, but the mood has been loose. Liang son, Zhang brother usually how about you Zhang Zhenliang handed him a cigarette, did not speak to you The line of the line. Highlight lit cigarettes, waved his hand, I fucking you two. I wait for the news not to mention I did ah Du Cheng and Zhang Zhen Liang Lianlian nod. Highlight glared at them, skque self balancing scooter 10 wheels turned and left the staircase. See him go away, Zhang Zhenliang whispered Master, you really think Luo Shaohua and Ma Jian Well, they probably knew the wrong person very early, Du nodded, or your boy reminds me. Indeed, Zhang Zhenliang prompted him to pay attention to the 1992 10.28 rape murder case of the police handling the case, it is Ma Jian and Luo Shaohua.crying and condemning, almost all of the families of the victims are from the seat into the head down staggered Xu Mingliang. Despite the fact that the marshal, who was in charge of maintaining the order of the court, was prepared to do so, it was still a Kansas self balancing scooter struggle to restore quietness. Ma Jian noted that the entire court, in addition to him and Luo Shaohua, only two people have not moved. One is Du Cheng, the other is Ji Qiankun. The trial process khaki self balancing scooter is not smooth, when the prosecutor read out the indictment, Xu Mingliang began to cry aloud, kept innocence. In the cross examination stage, Xu Mingliang is to get rid of the two march of the block, took Oklahoma self balancing scooter off prison uniform, claiming that he was tortured by the police. Bony body, all over large and small bruises. The trial Indiana self balancing scooter judge to look to Ma Jian, venetian worldwide self balancing scooter reviews who just raised his chin slightly, staring at the dock Xu Mingliang, face expressionless. The trial lasted for more than four hours, Xu Mingliang is always crying, for all the charges denied. However, the presence of the people are clear, although the direct evidence is rare, but with his statement, at that time, conviction without hindrance. No verdict in court. The clerk announced that after t.

Oklahoma Self Balancing Scooter erce the plastic bag, surprised to find a person at the exposed foot, then the police. Early rushed to the colleagues have been pulled up at the scene cordon, probably because of the rain, the New self balancing scooter crowd is not much. However, the scene or leave a lot of footprints. Ma Jian frowning watching the mud was stepped on the pulpy, waved his hand to play it. Knowing that little sense, the exploration staff or in the observation site, paved several pieces of wood, and guide personnel to enter. A civilian police has always been holding umbrella squatting in the water tower, under his protection, with dead bodies of black plastic bags and the ground is still kept dry. Photographs fixed evidence, the police began to conduct on site investigation. Heavy rain and the stampede of the villagers to make progress in the exploration is extremely difficult, Oklahoma self balancing scooter more energy on the body of that bag. It is the human right thigh, right leg and right foot, has begun to rot. Ma Jian looked at his right foot on the silver white thin high heeled sandals, pensive. Luo Shaohua also came over Ho, the first extraction of the clothes on the body ah. Ah. Ma Jian turned around and asked Du Cheng, into the child, do not go hom.has been cleaned up, razor moved to his neck. This reason I understand. Ji Qiankun gently laughed, As long as the revenge, I do not care. at all costs At all costs. Ji Qiankun repeated, my wife s death, every second of my life, is for this matter. Razor slowly clean up the residue on the neck of the hawthorn, and finally, stay in Ji Qiankun Adam s apple above. So, you did not intend to take Lin Guodong from the beginning, right Correct. In other words, you just need to find Oklahoma self balancing scooter him, as to how to deal with Lin Guodong, you would have thought. Yue Xiaohui s voice began to tremble, You use Wei Jiong, Du Cheng, and me. Ji Qiankun was silent. For a long time, he struggled to say I know this is unfair to you.However, Xiao Hui, you believe me, as long as there is any point to Lin Guodong accept the opportunity of legal Oklahoma self balancing scooter sanctions, I will not use this self destruction.but self balancing scooter spain He can not go on, Yue Xiaohui is no longer open. Only the razor shining. A minute Oklahoma self balancing scooter later, the girl s voice re sounded in Oklahoma self balancing scooter the ears of Ji kun. Old Ji, you do wrong lightsalmon self balancing scooter thing Ah Ji Qiankun did not think she would ask such a question, Of course. Everyone who does something wrong should have a chance. The pressure on the neck suddenly d.

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