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Oldlace Self Balancing Scooter okshelf. Said that the bookshelf, in fact, oldlace self balancing scooter just a ride between the bed and the oldlace self balancing scooter end of the bed between the wood, above some of the neatly placed all kinds of books, both sides of the fixed by the iron chartreuse self balancing scooter book. Wei Jiong swept again and found that the reading range of Ji Qiankun more special almost no novel class of leisure reading materials, all legal, criminological and criminal investigation of teaching materials and monographs. This old man very strange. Wei Jiong whispered in the heart I do not know why the past, such a great age, the body is not good, but why these things interested. A sigh to pull his thoughts back. Wei Jiong turned his head, see Ji Qiankun to close the book heavily, frowning. No content of the 1979 Criminal Law Ji kun suddenly a wry smile, is, 97 years of criminal law applied for almost 20 years, who will study this Why do you want to find out this Wei Jiong could not help but ask, You do not want to go to the judicial examination, right Ha ha, of course not. Ji Qiankun laughed, interested in it. impossible. floralwhite self balancing scooter Wei Jiong heart question mark greater. Only interest dictates, will not let such a rich experience of the oldlace self balancing scooter elderly so eager and gaffe. Wei Jiong, Ji Q.med to be interested in everything around him. A few minutes later, he was in oldlace self balancing scooter the main hall of a commercial vending machine attracted, up and down to study for a long time, carefully read the instructions, Lin Guodong took out a stack of cash, remove a five yuan notes into the coin mouth. Then, in a row of bottles and jars in a few back and forth to choose a lot, and finally pressed a button under the canned Coca Cola. Gudong sound, a can of darkhaki self balancing scooter Coke fell into the export port. He was shocked, did not seem to know where the sound came from, vending machines around a few laps, his face is still an unknown on the inside look. Next to the Kanto cooking stalls guarding a girl oldlace self balancing scooter muzzled laughed, pointing to the vending machine below the export port. Lin Guodong This suddenly realized that out of the cans of Coke. He took the red jar, turned the circle looked, and take a look at the vending machine, a look of joy, as if a four sided magic side of the child. Immediately, he opened the can of coke, cautiously drank, first frowned, and then Zaza Zui, it seems that the taste quite satisfied. As a result, Lin Guodong carrying Coke, began shopping in the mall slowly, from time to time sip on one. The.

he dossiers, but also in several locations apart from the other. Bai Xiaoyong kidnapping murder case. He immediately realized that in this file rack, the file is in accordance with the order of Hanyu Pinyin. This means that Xu Mingliang murder case files, must be in the bottom of a column. Wei Jiong immediately squat body, found on the bottom of the iron frame. When he took out the fourth volume of the file, see the cover was shocked to read Xu Mingliang rape murder case. He cheered in the bottom of my heart, quickly inserted in the hands of the file, sandwiched this file, walked back quickly. There are a few meters away from the table when Wei Jiong faintly heard the voice of self balancing scooter at walmart the administrator came the corridor OK, then see at night. He did not neglect, almost run the electric self balancing scooter hover board remaining steps, the administrator s foot into oldlace self balancing scooter the file room at the same time, Wei Jiong sat in a chair. Despite his head down, Wei Jiong still feel the administrator looked at their own direction. In order not to let him see the abnormal, Wei Jiongping lived this has been very rapid breathing, trying to make his body stable down. The administrator did not seem to notice, stared at him for a few seconds, and sat back.the bath again in a circle or not see Ma Jian trace. His mind secretly strange, what this guy doing This morning, a strange number dialed Jinfeng phone. She answered, the other has to and Luo Shaohua call. Luo Shaohua confused took the phone, only to find that familiar voice from Ma Jian. Subsequently, he asked Luo Shaohua in the bath and meet him. Luo Shaohua returned to the Ministry of men, took the waiter handed the bath clothes, ready to open the locker, to call Ma Jian. Just remove the key on the wrist, he found his locker inserted a small piece of paper. Open to the top of the writing is Ma Jian lounge area, jade bath room. Rest area of a total of four jade bath room. Each bathroom are lying in disorder in a few bath. Luo Shaohua one by one view, went to the fourth time, still did not see Ma Jian. Just as he was about to leave, a passenger lying on the door suddenly lifted his foot and stumbled on him. Luo Shaohua a stagger, just to attack, I saw the bath off the lid in the head off the towel Ma Jian s face exposed. You are Ma Jian made a wink at him, motioned him not to speak out, then climb up from the jade couch, went straight to the bath room, a small compartment. Bath.morning market around 9 30 on the market, if Lin Guodong not come back before 10 00, the basic can be sure he has to leave home to work for the translation of the company. Luo Shaohua put down the telescope, slightly depressed. oldlace self balancing scooter However, the past few months to track, so he learned one thing, that is Missouri self balancing scooter patiently waiting. oldlace self balancing scooter He reached out to remove venetian worldwide electric self-balancing scooter the heating pipe on the food bag, which has six meat buns, but also exudes a slight heat. Luo Shaohua oldlace self balancing scooter took out two, leaning against a bicycle, and slowly eat up. Eat breakfast, he removed from the backpack mug, drank two hot water. Stomach burning burning hunger has been relieved, who also warm over. Luo Shaohua lit a cigarette, open the self balancing scooter segway notebook, take note of their start today to monitor the time and Lin Guodong situation. Looking through the previous records, nearly a month, Lin Guodong out of the situation significantly reduced, it seems that things outside can not cause his interest. It seems that he has fully adapted to the life after the restoration of freedom. This process takes much less time than Luo Shaohua envisioned. Moreover, Lin Guodong began to find a job, and the work is quite intentions, does not seem to intend to self destructi.

Oldlace Self Balancing Scooter gh, you say with a small paragraph, I go first. Ma Jian folder into the armpit, thought, and asked Road, Do not let this person know, after all, is a private matter, Ok Highlighted again and again promised, his eyes kept aiming at the door of the conference room. Ma Jian patted his shoulder, got up and went to the door. Just opened the door, and a hurry came in the face of a person hit. Come gasping, seems to be trot all the way over. Ma Jian looked pale, puffy, full of sweaty face, suddenly smart balance wheel start stunned. The child Du into the sleeves wipe oldlace self balancing scooter his sweat, tired face filling a trace best electric self balancing scooter of a smile. Ma, long time no see. Yes ah. Today passing Bureau, on the look. Ma Jian quickly returned to normal, I heard you sick, serious Hepatocellular carcinoma, late. Du is just a short answer, did not see Ma Jian suddenly surprised expression, a rare trip, sit down and talk. He pulled over a chair and sat down and took the cigarette case and placed it on the table. Ma Jian did not move, but frowned and looked at him, softly asked When found Do surgery In that moment, Du into his eyes to see the concern from the heart. This look has not been twenty three years. Those days, such as water and fire, as if by a bad.d to the left and right, and finally decided to go right. After a few steps, he found himself already can not see the toes. Are hesitant to open flashlight, Luo Shaohua heard a strange sound came not far from the front. Tom Tom He immediately stopped, hold your breath, listen carefully. Sound from the front of the right side of a building, it seems that someone oldlace self balancing scooter in the cut with a heavy oldlace self balancing scooter object. Tom Tom Distinctively, it was also mixed with splitting, breaking and tearing voice he was trying to something from a larger object separated. Luo Shaohua heart rate began to accelerate, his mouth has suddenly become very dry. He quickly changed the patrol route and followed the strange sound. Do not know who he is, but to be sure, it is sharp cutting the voice of the flesh. Luo Shaohua open flashlight, that building in the dark emerged out of the fuzzy contours. He stared at the front, speeding up the pace. A lot of things brushed his trousers, hit his leg. Perhaps weeds, perhaps the trash, perhaps the cement flower bed he was unintentional to oldlace self balancing scooter research, there is no time to figure it out. who s that person What is he doing Cut what is cut Only a few meters away from the building when th.

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