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Orange Self Balancing Scooter hesitated, and finally pressed the 10. Du into his hand from behind, press the 15. The man s breath was clearly paused and the elevator began to rise. Narrow confined space, a variety of strange taste transpiration. Du into the hands of men to look down at the shopping bag, two polyethylene boxes are braving the heat, the inside of the shopping bag has been covered with a thin orange self balancing scooter layer of water vapor. Du into the suction nose, raising his hand to his waist, quietly open the holster. Elevator line to the 8th floor, suddenly heard a noisy sound, the human body entangled tussle sound, a security door hit the wall of the blunt ring, but also hear someone shouting Do not move. Du into a slight frown, also heard the car also has a voice men s plastic shopping bags issued by the rushing sound of friction. Man finally looked up, tightly staring at the LCD panel, breathing suddenly rapid. 10 figure just appeared, he immediately conspire in front of the door, just a door to squeeze out. Elevator to continue up, Du immediately press the 11. When the elevator door opened again, he rushed out of the walk, down the fire along the channel. Just go to the slow platform, Du into the phone rang. He do.aohua ran quickly, straight toward the woman on the bench, can not wait to pull up her head yes, it is Luo Ying. At the same time, he felt a breath of hot and humid spray in the hand, but also with a thick wine taste. Luo Shaohua suddenly lost the strength of the body. She s still alive. Luo Ying body covered with a blue Yurong Fu, upper body with his father s action unable to orange self balancing scooter shake. Luo Shaohua suddenly remembered that blood self balancing scooter cheap fingerprints, hastily opened Yurong Fu, would like to see whether she suffered a trauma. I just looked briefly, brown self balancing scooter all right. Zhang Zhenliang came, he was only wearing a sweater, is holding his shoulder to shiver, but people are still in a coma.It looks like it is drunk. Luo Shaohua do not trust, or look up and down a lot. Indeed, Luo Ying clothing is complete, the body is not blood. He stood up and saw a few men standing, in addition to Du Cheng and Zhang Zhenliang, the other few are the criminal team of the young man. That man Well. Zhang Zhen Liang squat to the man triumphant chin, to find Luo Ying, this bastard is her touch Soso. Luo Shaohua with a flashlight according to him. The man s hair is dirty and chaotic, wearing a broken cotton jacket does not see the.

fighting but let him calm down. Alone on his own, apparently can not save his daughter. All the concerns in orange self balancing scooter the life of Luo Ying are worthless in front of. That blood, whether it is Luo Ying Luo Shaohua did not dare to orange self balancing scooter think, while running out of the phone, dialed a number. A few seconds later, Du Cheng s voice came from the handset Old Luo Where are you, son Home. Sounds, Du mediumspringgreen self balancing scooter orange self balancing scooter into his call quite unexpected, something Luo Shaohua has rushed into the opposite site, look around, no one stands on the platform, he cursed loudly, to the Du Cheng reported a bunch of phone numbers, there is news immediately notice me. Du hesitated a moment, but quickly replied Yes, I ll call the shock beam. Luo Shaohua hang up, turned and ran to the exit. Not to go out of the gate, to see several security guards are around to try to stop him. Out of the way Luo Shaohua roared loudly. Perhaps by orange self balancing scooter his face vicious face scared, it is intimidating his menacing momentum, security guards who have flinched. While they hesitated, Luo Shaohua leaped from the gate, ran straight to the station. Coming to the street, Luo Shaohua quickly to the surrounding glance, the road only a few scattered pedestrians, very few vehi.took out his car keys handed him. The door opened, Luo Shaohua sitting on the deputy driver s seat, before and after the view up. According to the police on the reduction of the criminal process, the murderer will deceive the victim in the car, will take advantage orchid self balancing scooter of its non spare blunt orange self balancing scooter hit the head, causing loss of resistance and then to a rape killed. If the victims of the head to form an open wound, then the car may leave blood. After a look, in the right side of the windshield near the ground, doors, seats and headrests are not found any traces. Luo Shaohua did not feel strange. The murderer is a careful and careful man, after committing the crime will certainly check the cab, or even cleaning. However, it really will not leave a trace of it He got up and moved to the driver s seat, turned his head, staring at the helpless co driver s seat. Gradually, a vague shadow appeared in front. A long hair, face orange self balancing scooter unclear woman clutching the bag, quietly sitting in the passenger seat. Luo Shaohua raised his right hand, virtual fist into the fist, waving in the woman s head a bit. The invisible hammer pierced the air. The blurred shadow is moving. Long hair as if into the water of ink gener.ward. Wei Jiong puzzled, only holding hot tea, honestly behind her. Walked to the south side of the square in a promenade, Yue Xiaohui sat on a wooden bench, without a word to drink tea, eyes aimlessly in the square with Wisconsin self balancing scooter a glance. Wei Jiong sat beside her, do not know how to ask. With his understanding of Yue Xiaohui, now the best attitude is to accompany silently. Drink half a cup of tea, Yue Xiaohui apart cigarettes, out of a lit. At the moment, the weather has gradually dark down, the residents of the square after occasional, all in a hurry. No one to pay attention to this pair of silent men and women. More and more thick in the night, Yue Xiaohui silhouette slowly become blurred, only the flickering lips of the mouth has become particularly eye catching. Today, cornfloewrblue self balancing scooter Yue Xiaohui extinguished cigarette butts, long breath out, Do you think I am very surprised To be honest, a little bit. Wei Jiong look at her, your mood from time to time how Yue Xiaohui smiled, bowed his head playing with the milk cup on the straw Do you know why I want to help the old record of this case Wei Jiong does not speak. This brass self balancing scooter is what he has always wanted to know. Yue Xiaohui of Ji Qiankun care and help, probabl.

Orange Self Balancing Scooter c security organs orange self balancing scooter that part of the file is very detailed. Looked at, Wei Jiong actually into the gods, eyes as if slowly launched a picture. late at night. Close to zero temperature. A small white van traveling in the dark. Songjiang Street. Democratic way. River Bay Park. Waste incineration plant. Orthopedic Hospital. Small trucks stop and go. Each docked at the roadside, there will be one or several black plastic bags were thrown out of the car. Those plastic bags full of bulging, exudes bloody gas. In this way, orange self balancing scooter a beautiful woman has been thrown into the beautiful in every corner of the city. The same incomplete soul from wandering in the night, silently crying their grievances. A mixture of fear and resentment gradually diffuse in the chest of Wei Jiong, his brow slowly Kusu, his hands also pinch fist. What kind of person is this person who can only abduct the innocent women in order to satisfy their evil desires, defile their bodies, deprive them of their lives, and dismember those beautiful bodies without any precaution Into 2 wheel self balancing scooter supplier pieces of minced meat He finally began to understand the old discipline, to understand why he is still in twenty years later tragedy of the year to heartue. However, being investigated for wrong cases, dismissal, and even imprisonment, so full of honor from the heroes who bear the shame of life the price, affordable Horrible silence, lying in the hearts of two people who cherish the hearts. A kneeling on the ground, disturbed to wait for sentencing, the hearts of both hope and despair. A leaning on the shoe, struggling to justice and peace between the choice of landing. This is two Minnesota self balancing scooter diametrically opposite paths, each pointing to a different outcome. Is there really no third way optional On the police school, the criminal law teacher said, punishment, is a deprivation of pain. Deprivation of liberty, deprivation of liberty until deprivation of life. Is deprivation of life really more painful than deprivation of liberty He needs a reason to convince himself. Luo Shaohua s head gradually lifted, visual front, teeth bite. orange self balancing scooter The third orange self balancing scooter way, found. I ll give you two choices. Lin Guodong all of lavenderblush self balancing scooter a sudden straight from the body, eyeful looking at Luo Shaohua. Luo Shaohua did not rush to open, but lit a cigarette, after a few mouthfuls of deep suction, look at the impatient Lin Guodong. First, I ll catch you back, what will be the results, you kn.

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