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Orengered Self Balancing Scooter t them heat the dishes soon. Wei Jiong grabbed a wheelchair arm No, old discipline, I brought you dumplings, we eat this. Dumplings Old discipline a look of surprise, good good. Wei Jiong self balancing scooter price open insulation boxes, opened the lid, braved the hot dumplings in front of him. Try it, my mother s craft. Old Jihao already took chopsticks, can not wait to pick up a stuffed into his mouth. How is the taste Elder brother big mouth eating dumplings, oil juice down the mouth down, delicious delicious Hey, you slow down, said Wei, laughing, and got up to get a napkin. Then turned around, he was shocked. Old discipline back to himself, head down, his hands orengered self balancing scooter holding a heat lunch box, shoulders slightly twitching. He was electric self balancing scooters for adults crying. In this silence of the night, in countless people orengered self balancing scooter with blessing to sleep, the first ray of sunshine in the New Year before the arrival of a lonely old man, crying in silence. Tenacious, optimistic, such as the old discipline, and finally a box of hot dumplings relieved all the armor. When he calmed down a little, Wei Jiong only put a hand on his shoulder, while handed from behind a napkin. Old Ji shook a moment, quickly took the piece of paper, wiping his face in the random. orengered self balancing scooter Oh.he indoor. Room is not large, but placed very few items, in addition to a single bed, the wardrobe and a set of tables and chairs, the idea is also spacious. All the furniture is old style, and twenty three years ago is no different, with pillow covers and quilts are outdated fabric and color. The only room with a modern atmosphere is the desk of the computer and printer. Luo Shaohua leaned over and found that the surface of the mouse has been worn light, it seems that this guy on the computer utilization is very high. He thought, raising his hand to open the laptop, press the power button. Computer silently to run up, and soon, Windows start up sounded, XP operating system, the blue sky green desktop also emerged. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems Lin Guodong do not know how to set the power on password, otherwise they have to spend some effort. He checked the hard drive in the file, nothing found, then open the orengered self balancing scooter IE browser, view the history. Lin Guodong in the last few days, mostly for news, online translation and professional vocabulary query website. Luo Shaohua patience, daily view down and found that orengered self balancing scooter he visited the website during the Spring Festival up, it appears that the Interne.

d up things, ready to Luo Shaohua out of the cafe on the roadside taxi, followed him to return home or go to another location. However, five minutes later, Luo Shaohua still did not go out. Yue Xiaohui no longer tempted, Huo Ran stood up. No matter, I d like to see him in the end what the hell Wei Jiong hastened to pull her. The girl was resolute attitude, a throw off his arm, big step to the door. Wei Jiong helpless, only followed her out of the Kentucky Fried Chicken. When they crossed the road, Lin Guodong drank the last cup of coffee, took out a card from his pocket, looked downstairs corner of the coin operated telephone booths. Business card is from a hotel door to get, you can make an appointment on behalf of the driving business. Lin Guodong slowly downstairs, out of the Kentucky best self balancing scooter 10 inch Fried Chicken restaurant, walked to the phone booth. He has confirmed that there is no police ambush around the cafe. Moreover, Lin Guodong clearly know that most of the city police are waiting at the train station at the moment, waiting for him to cast themselves. In the national highway set up cards to intercept the police have been very few. He only needs a person orengered self balancing scooter to drive him out of the city, he.n a small high. He reluctantly Zaza Zui, raised his sleeve to wipe his forehead, felt a sweaty back, cool shirt attached to the body very uncomfortable. Fuck the son of a bitch. Du into a low voice cursed, You can fuchsia self balancing scooter not catch the absolute spare Two days ago, the branch of Interpol Battalion in a bath center for surprise checks, the spot caught several crowd drug addicts. After digging, a drug addicts account of the ice by a man named fourth sold to him. The police believe that the so called fourth is likely to both drug and drug trafficking, and through the acquisition of mobile phone number to his nest in the West County Park lock. This location, must be accurate, otherwise difficult to catch people in the arrest and be stolen goods. Du slowly adjust the breathing, the body segway self balancing scooter relax, the abdomen began to dull pain. He put his hand on the stomach and rubbed a few random, pain orengered self balancing scooter seems to alleviate some. People old, the parts are not used. But do not trouble me tonight. Is thinking, Du Cheng heard the stairs came subtle hush sound. He looked through the sound, a shadow from the fire door stuck half of the body, is washed himself waved. Lao Du, orengered self balancing scooter orengered self balancing scooter come here The eighth floor Yes, 8th floor, No. 3.isappeared. Ji Qiankun realized that the razor has been arrived in their own pipe. He opened cheap skque self balancing scooter his eyes, just to see the ceiling, in front of another Mongolian Yue Xiaohui orengered self balancing scooter towels to re cover in his face. Wait a few orchid self balancing scooter days. Yue Xiaohui s voice becomes distant, you want, we want, will come. Ji Qiankun lying in a wheelchair, waiting for her to go on, or have action. However, the surrounding is always a silence. A moment later, he took down his face towel, stood up. The room was empty. Chapter 30 Awakening Lin Guodong out of the gate, the plastic bag thrown into the trash. Tonight the wind is a little big, the air has a moist flavor. He looked at the clouds rolling over the night sky, it is estimated that the first spring of this year will come. Lin Guodong put his hand in the jacket down jacket, tight collar, walked outside the orengered self balancing scooter area. Since the night away Chen Xiao, Lin Guodong for several days did not go out. He is very clear that the original translation company can no longer go to the. However, before getting the meager salary does not allow him to support for a long time, he must find a job as soon as possible. After a dozen lightblue self balancing scooter online resumes, no one responded. Which makes him in a depress.

Orengered Self Balancing Scooter pour a small glass of water, placed in front of him, when the right ashtray. Du into a mouthful of two to suck out most of the cigarette. He pinching the cigarette butts, take a look at Wei Jiong Well, boy, what are you looking for me Ok You do not just look at me so orengered self balancing scooter simple, otherwise Yue Xiaohui will come. Du into the door to the mouth of Nu Nu, So I Xiangliang expenditure. Wei Jiong blush, and my heart whispered the sentence the old fox. Du officers, you bring us the files not all Oh Du Cheng raised his eyebrows, reaching for the action of smoking also stopped, Why do you ask At the end of darkorenge self balancing scooter October 1992, there have been a rape murder case. Wei Jiong orengered self balancing scooter courage, look into the eyes of Du into, and before the series murder is very similar. Du stared at him for a few seconds, frowning How do you know the case Internet search information to see when. Wei Jiong decided to spread a lie. I think the murderer in two cases is not a person, no information to the old discipline do you think Du Cheng hanging eyelids, and from the cigarette out of a cigarette. I also think is not a person. Wei Jiong blurted out, immediately regret it. Because Du immediately turned his attention, his face al. $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);

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