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Palegreen Self Balancing Scooter procedures, in the Tiedong Chunyang farmers market leased a booth, began to do individual business. Since then, Xu Mingliang home economic situation greatly improved, and in early 1990 purchased a white liberation of small trucks. In Yang Guiqin persuasion, Xu Mingliang follow his mother to operate meat stalls, and in June the same year to obtain driving palegreen self balancing scooter qualifications. Whether in Yang Guiqin, or neighbors and the eyes of the surrounding vendors, Xu Mingliang is a obedient, introverted, helpful, very diligent young man. During the course of business, there is no conflict with customers and other vendors situation. At the time of his arrest, no one believed that he was the perpetrator of several rape and murder cases. This shows that no problem. Du thought that a considerable number of murderers, before the crime was exposed, and ordinary people is no different, even more meek, more polite. Does he have a history of love What The old woman stared at him. Is there a girlfriend before the incident. Should not do not know. Elderly woman thought, staring leray self balancing scooter at the table, fingers gently paddling in the above, moment was too busy to collect pigs, often a few days do not go home. Twenty year.mind had palegreen self balancing scooter a later California self balancing scooter life. The weather was sunny and sunny. C City, the temperature reached zero on the second day, a record since the city recorded the highest temperature over the same period. Spring seems to be a little earlier than in the past. Because it is a rest day, combined with warm weather, North Lake Park, visitors are more than usual. Silence of a winter park finally ushered in the first lively day of the year. Visitors, with the whole family travel mostly, there are young men and women come together to play. At this time and place, that outing is too early. Because the dry branches have not bloom new green, most of the ground is still a yellow, and even covered with snow is not completely ablation. However, this did not affect the interest of tourists, the vast park, the frolic loudly, put on a variety of shapes and posed for pictures of men, women and children everywhere. The center of the park is an artificial lake. North Lake in the name that comes from this. A stone bridge across the lake, there are a number of corridors and pavilions decorated on it. Here you can rest, you can also enjoy the lake, therefore, has always been a relatively concentrated tourist areas. We.

on the car next to the back door. Immediately, he palegreen self balancing scooter opened the door, leaned into the body, picked up a gray haired old man, put him in a wheelchair. Old man sitting palegreen self balancing scooter in a wheelchair, the middle aged man off the door, the taxi quickly away from the cemetery. Middle aged man pushing the old man into the cemetery, and gradually come into the crowd to worship. Bypassing the remains of several farewell hall, the two went straight to the ashes hall. At the door of the shopping, they stopped. Middle aged man from the hands of the elderly took a few notes, turned into the shopping. Then came out, his hands more than two bouquet of flowers. The elderly to hold flowers in his arms, pushed by the middle aged man into the ashes. Soon, a middle aged man came out, leaning against the door, first looked around a bored look around, then took out the cigarette smoke. The old man stayed in the palegreen self balancing scooter ashes for a long time. Middle aged man gradually become anxious, from time to time to peep from the door to the ashes, the face of the expression has become increasingly impatient. A full hour later, the old man slowly came out of his wheelchair. His head hanging, face tragic, the whole person seems a small circle.nt to the office door. He hesitated a little, pushing the door in. Indoor light palegreen self balancing scooter dim, smoke filled. In addition to Du Cheng, the office empty. Zhang Liang Liang gently walked around, pulled over a chair and sat down. Du into his footsteps, but did not look back, still facing the computer monitor, staring at a video. That is from Yue Xiaohui s phone to take out the video, a complete record of what happened that night. His left hand on the chin, his right hand sandwiched a burning half of the cigarettes, scheduled to be looked at the picture was turned ninety degrees Lin Guodong semi volts in the back of Ma Jian, his hands hold down the handle, Under the press. Ma Jian s legs twitch. Computer speakers, the girl kept shouting let go ah, electric self balancing scooter unicycle segway quick to let go ah Zhang Zhenliang lift up the mouse, turn off the video screen. Du Cheng is still staring at the monitor. A long time, he bowed his head to the amount of hand, cheek hidden in the arms, the body trembling slightly. Zhang Zhen Liang got up a cup of hot water, but also from Du into the bag pulled out of the bottle, placed in front of him. The arrest warrant has been dispatched, and the place where it is dispatched has been arranged.aohua ran quickly, straight toward the woman on the bench, can not wait to pull up her head yes, it is Luo Ying. At the same time, he felt a breath of hot and darkturquoise self balancing scooter humid spray in the hand, but also with a thick wine taste. Luo Shaohua suddenly lost the strength of the body. She s still alive. Luo Ying body covered with a blue Yurong Fu, upper body with Self Balancing Scooters Product his father s action unable to shake. Luo Shaohua suddenly remembered that blood fingerprints, hastily opened Yurong Fu, would self balancing scooter in walmart like to see whether she suffered a trauma. I just looked briefly, all right. Zhang Zhenliang came, he was only wearing a sweater, is holding his shoulder to shiver, but people are still in a coma.It looks like it is drunk. Luo Shaohua do not trust, or look up and down a lot. Indeed, Luo Ying clothing is complete, the body is not blood. He stood up and saw a few men standing, in addition to Du Cheng and Zhang Zhenliang, the other few are the criminal team of the young man. That man Well. Zhang Zhen Liang squat to the man triumphant chin, to find Luo Ying, this bastard is her touch Soso. Luo Shaohua with a flashlight according to him. The man s hair is dirty and chaotic, wearing a broken cotton jacket does not palegreen self balancing scooter see the.

Palegreen Self Balancing Scooter ei Jiong from time to time to see the dark sofa, the man only a vague outline, did not wake up the signs which makes him slightly rest assured. In the fear of how to introduce yourself Yue Xiaohui see his mind, tell the truth chanting, my classmates. That d. Wei Jiong some embarrassment, But, uncle probably do not want me blending in Nothing. Yue Xiaohui clip a chicken wings and handed him, Even if he woke up, do not remember just now. Wei whitesmoke self balancing scooter Jiong Oh cry, continue to immerse Grilled palegreen self balancing scooter rice. A few seconds later, he suddenly realized that Yue Xiaohui has been looking at himself, unconsciously raised his head, just met the girl s eyes. Hey, I said, Yue Xiaohui eyeful smile, You are afraid of being my father misunderstood my boyfriend, right Wei Jiong with a meal, face Teng to red. After dinner, Yue Xiaohui remove the chopsticks, sent to the kitchen cleaning. Wei Jiong feel sitting dry tea very embarrassed, but also with the help go. One scrub dishes and one with a towel. In the cooperation of two people, the kitchen will soon be a new look. Yue Xiaohui again all the rags and wipe clean cloth bowl, dry in the balcony. Wei Jiong to the toilet convenient, came out, see Yue Xiaohui also leray self balancing scooter balance motion 6.5 two wheel hoverboard stood.ithout a trace. At the moment, the night has come, pedestrian street was mediumpurpul self balancing scooter bright neon signs against the background as palegreen self balancing scooter the day in general. Flow is still not seen, after get off work here, young men and women wandering around in the streets, it seems even more lively than during the day. Night of the black, with colored light and palegreen self balancing scooter shadow of the human voice, ambiguous atmosphere in the street slowly flowing. For Lin Guodong, the night is opium, fascinating but full of danger. Luo Shaohua thought. He lit a cigarette, quietly watching the restaurant Lin Guodong. The latter has begun to eat French fries, but also learn the way other customers, the tomato sauce on top. He ate very slowly, very attentive, that Coke jar is still placed in his hand, as if a reluctant to discard the treasures. darkcyan self balancing scooter In fact, Lin Guodong already drunk the Coke. But he seems to regard it as a symbol, in order to narrow the distance between themselves and the world, even though palegreen self balancing scooter it makes him look more like a picking up palegreen self balancing scooter bottles of scavengers. About forty minutes later, the long dinner was finally over. Lin Guodong to eat all the food is palegreen self balancing scooter clean, even the drinks are chewed up in the ice to swallow. After wiping his mouth, he.

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