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Paleturquoise Self Balancing Scooter . Ji Qiankun open the bag, from which rummaging after, took out a few smart balance wheel start binding good printing paper. cheap smart self balancing scooter Wei Jiong, do you have lessons in the afternoon No. Wei paleturquoise self balancing scooter Jiong shook his head, how Ji Kangkun handed over a few sheets of paper, apologetic paleturquoise self balancing scooter face, trouble you to help me run a trip. Du turned the steering wheel, just into the West Park County area, saw a few police cars parked in front of Building 4. There are uniformed police in maintaining order, in their periphery is dozens of residential tenants, curiously to the front of the building. paleturquoise self balancing scooter Du into the car parked, thought, took out a file from the bag, looked at a few pages, wry smile shook his head. Get off and lock the door. Du Cheng went straight to Building 4, Unit 2. Just squeezed the crowd, a uniform police stopped him. Du Cheng was digging documents, but saw the police standing next to smoking Zhang Zhenliang, quickly shouted to him. Shock beam Zhang Zhen Liang Xun sound turned, see Du Cheng, walked over. Master Zhang Zhenliang waved, indicating uniformed police release, their own people. Re survey site or identified Du asked. Identify. Zhang Zhenliang short answer, how do you come This matter we handle on the line. Check the other.bled back to the room. Indoor lighting soft, floating in the air with a taste of instant noodles. That was the dinner he had just eaten. Think of their own face to eat serious, pretend nothing had happened, Lin Guodong secretly feel funny. Subsequently, is the deep resentment. He sat back in front of the computer, stared at the monitor on the document, which arranged paleturquoise self balancing scooter in chaotic characters, both in English, but also Chinese. Whatthefuck The son of a bitch When do you want to force me to This is Lin Guodong on the computer work for a whole afternoon and night, he tried to keep looking calm, action soothing, but completely unable to focus on the translation of this manuscript. In the chest gushing out of paleturquoise self balancing scooter the vices are turned into a vicious words, by his percussion in the document. He sighed, not saved to close the page, re open a new blank document. This is his first job after getting discharged. In the morning of the interview, the translation of the company s boss has repeatedly looked at the hair gray, dressed in shabby, his eyes filled with ridicule and questioning. Brand name undergraduate degree is still useful, although only in exchange for first translated a try tomorro.

Wei Jiong s knees, his face out of a strange expression of faint smile, as if to comfort each other, the eyes are thrown in tears. Wei Jiong could not bear to look at him, lowered his head. August 5, 1991, she went to attend a colleague s wedding banquet. Lao Ji looked out of the window, as if to himself, more than five in the afternoon to go out, wearing blue and white floral dress, buy And Madame Butterfly, I brought a friend back from Japan, and as a result, she did not come back all night. And then Her friend said that after ten o clock in the evening she was gone, but I found a place in all the places I could think of, and I could not see her. Early, I got a call top self balancing scooter paleturquoise self balancing scooter from the police. Wei Jiong could not speak, stared at him. She was raped, strangled, the body was cut into ten, thrown in every corner of the city. Old Ji s eyes gradually spread out, the sound becomes mechanical, no emotion, as if in a narrative I had not seen the entire right leg when I saw her, he said. Wei Jiong is no longer difficult to own, he jumped up, seize the old Ji s shoulder, hiss asked The case is broken The murderer caught no Old Ji s body with the movements of Wei Jiong to shake, he turned his head, lo.sappeared. Luo Shaohua puzzled, he threw away the cigarette butts, looked around, watching the silence of the building stands, a dark hole in the window. There is no wind. No sound. He relied on the solitary lamp, as if the whole world the only light Maryland self balancing scooter source. What is this place Luo Shaohua suddenly realized that he came here, how come no impression. He felt inexplicable tension, instinctively put his hand to his waist. Light flashlight, retractable batons, handcuffs Finally, he touched the four four pistol grip. This makes him a little peace of mind. Nothing to fear, I am the police. I have to face, is the night, and suddenly saved from the dark monster. Luo Shaohua put the cigarettes into their pockets, re wearing caps, stretch the body s uniform, ready to continue patrolling. Just step paleturquoise self balancing scooter footsteps, his mind has appeared in a question mark. patrol Yeah, I m patrolling. However, my partner Luo Shaohua once again looked around, however, in addition to the side of the street lights on the ground projection of the halo, the vision of the Department, is still thick dark general paleturquoise self balancing scooter dark. It was a strange night. Luo Shaohua whispered. Regardless, the first to leave here to say. He, Where are you Handset is still only the wind, gradually, Luo Shaohua distinguish among them there is a slow and calm breathing. Was about to ask questions, ears suddenly heard a chuckle. Oh. Then, a deep male voice self-balancing scooter battery charging sounded, Luo police officer, hello. Luo Shaohua holding the phone s hand shaking a bit, as if the heart was severely grasps, and stunned for a few seconds before he lost his voice asked Who are you You know who I am, said the man in a hurry, to find your daughter Yingying where Luo Shaohua bass to stand up, snapped asked, What do you do to her She s afraid I can paleturquoise self balancing scooter darkgreen self balancing scooter not pick you up now, the man laughed again, do you paleturquoise self balancing scooter really want to know what I did to her I warn you, Luo Shaohua s voice trembled, his cell phone was creaking creaky, If you dare to hurt my daughter My hand on her chest, more than 30 Massachusetts self balancing scooter year old woman, maintenance was not bad. Men do not seem to care about the threat of Luo Shaohua, still self serving said, Black underwear. Of the type, it is sexy Do not touch her Luo Shaohua finally roar up, or I kill you The other side of the handset suddenly plunged into silence. A few seconds later, the man s voice again, the tone becomes cold Twenty minutes l.

Paleturquoise Self Balancing Scooter for Lin Guodong no doubt. 3.29 murder task force immediately held an emergency meeting, arrangements for the deployment of Lin Guodong arrest. First of all, continue to Internet cafes, bath centers, individual hotels and other places to strengthen investigation, especially the use of Zhou Fuxing ID card location Second, close cooperation with the Railway Public Security Bureau, in the station, ticket office, security check, waiting hall Finally, in view of Lin Guodong plan to abscond to the destination is located in the Sino Korean border in Dandong City, do not rule out the possibility that gray self balancing scooter he will not be able to do so, Will sneak out of the possibility. Task force immediately and border and border inspection departments to get in touch, prepared in advance response measures. Old leaders were killed, all the young men of the sub bunches, and actively participate in the war. Only Du has always been silent, thoughtful. The meeting ended, the various units in full swing action. At this point, from Lin Guodong boarded the train there are four hours. Luo Shaohua back to the bedroom, Jinfeng look puzzled to follow him, but he was shut in the door. He sat at the bed for a few minutes, an.wn the side of the side connected to the phone, Zhang Zhen Liang s voice immediately spread out. A person, less than two grams of cargo. No drug manufacturing tools. Zhang Zhenliang also with severe asthma, Lao Du, how is it Du Cheng went to the fire door on the 10th floor, carefully opened a crack, the elevator, the man has to change the shopping bag to the left hand, right hand stop poking down the key. Du Cheng whispered 10 floor, fast up to help me. When he finished, Du hung up the phone, opened the fire door and went out. Hear the footsteps, the man suddenly turned around and saw the Du into the keys of the action more frenzy. You put things down, turned paleturquoise self balancing scooter around. Du carefully close, one hand pointing to the man, the other hand holding the waist of the gun handle, hands Baotou The man ignored paleturquoise self balancing scooter him, just turned his head, tightly staring at the elevator door. Du into the wound, walked over quickly, his fingers just touched his shoulder, the elevator door opened. The man suddenly burst, the shopping paleturquoise self balancing scooter bags to throw into DU, sideways squeezed into the elevator. Du Cheng raised his hand silver self balancing scooter to protect his head and face, drew a man pointing to smart electric self balancing scooter the point Immediately give me out, hurry up Man b.

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