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Papayawhip Self Balancing Scooter you can judge for yourself. Du smiled, suddenly thought of one thing. You just asked me is not the inspectorate department. best self balancing scooter brand Du Cheng watched Dr. Cao look, papayawhip self balancing scooter and this matter Cao hesitated This is also my guess.First of gainsboro self balancing scooter all I need to declare that I do not deny Lin Guodong is a mental patient, but he was admitted to hospital for 22 years, is not because he had committed something , As a substitute for this punishment Oh I papayawhip self balancing scooter ll give you an example. Dr. Cao came over, voice down, papayawhip self balancing scooter be mentally ill this word, you should have heard it Du Cheng of course heard. It refers to the number of normal people were sent to the mental hospital for isolation treatment, and then disguised deprivation of personal freedom. Hospitals tend to be responsible only to those who treat people or provide medical care, without taking any treatment for so called patients. However, with the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, in recent years, this mental illness has been very rare. Dr Cao is very clear that this is illegal, so careful reply. However, he asked whether Du Cheng is a police inspector of the department, let Du into a new question. Who brought him Public security organs. Dr Cao sat upright, once Lin Guodong know Luo Shaohua secretly sneaked into his home, downtown will be up, I am afraid that the scene is not good to clean up. It seems the only option is to wait for him after the door, a blow to its tipped, disembowel to leave. Luo papayawhip self balancing scooter Shaohua made up his mind, raising his hand to pull the sweater collar, cover your nose and mouth, while pulled out from the bag in the retractable batons, posture, waiting for Lin Guodong come. However, a few seconds later, Luo Shaohua expected jitter key and twist the door lock sound does not appear. On the contrary, just outside the door came the subtle sound of jitter bags, footsteps renewed, more papayawhip self balancing scooter and more light, and orange self balancing scooter finally disappeared. Luo Shaohua heart doubts, but not frivolous, still maintain the papayawhip self balancing scooter original position, trying to moccasin self balancing scooter capture the door of any trace of the ring. A full half a minute later, the corridor was still quiet. He could no longer remain patient and decided to take a papayawhip self balancing scooter peek at the door. Hastily glanced, corridor has panoramic view empty. Luo Shaohua relieved, it seems that just downstairs residents only. He gently opened the door lock, first stuck his head to look around to determine the safety, quickly dodge out. Quickly.

c security organs that part of the file is very detailed. Looked at, Wei Jiong actually into the gods, eyes as if slowly launched a picture. late at night. Close to zero temperature. A small white van traveling in the dark. Songjiang Street. Democratic way. River Bay Park. Waste incineration plant. Orthopedic Hospital. Small trucks stop and go. Each docked at the roadside, there will be one or several black plastic bags were thrown out of the car. Those plastic bags full of bulging, exudes bloody gas. In this way, a beautiful woman has been papayawhip self balancing scooter thrown into the beautiful in every corner of the city. The same incomplete soul from wandering in the night, silently crying their grievances. A mixture of fear and resentment gradually diffuse in the chest of Wei Jiong, his brow slowly Kusu, his lightyellow self balancing scooter hands also pinch fist. What kind of person is this person who can only abduct the innocent women in order to satisfy their evil desires, defile their bodies, deprive them of their lives, and dismember those beautiful bodies without any precaution Into pieces of minced meat He finally began to understand the old discipline, to understand why he is still in twenty years later tragedy of the year to heartis is more than 20 years, I have got used to. Wei Jiong was trying to comfort him, he heard the pocket phone ring. Is the mother called, and asked him when to go home. Wei Jiong papayawhip self balancing scooter do not want too much to stimulate the old discipline, hastily said a few put the phone hung up. Old Ji did not care, is still a smile. Your mother Anxious, right Laoji patted his knees, it s getting late, you kid go home, give your parents a good. Wei. Wei Jiong some embarrassed to get up, picked up the backpack, old discipline you take care of themselves, New Year s Eve give you New Year. The smile on his face is still in the bitter taste is getting thicker, you have to accompany parents, a family, the most important thing is round and round, you can not help me, Neat. Early in the morning, Du was knocked on the door was awakened. Clothes get out of bed, rubbing his eyes open the door, the results of a sudden influx of hula a lot of people. Headed by Duan Hongqing, behind Zhang Zhenliang, highlighted and a few Interpol boys. Every portable shoulder, everyone is not empty handed. Du is still in a daze, Duan Hongqing has pushed him, yelling to arrange things home. For a time, fish oil eggs, rice veget.. Middle aged man seems darkblue self balancing scooter eager to leave papayawhip self balancing scooter here, immediately stepped forward to hold the handrails, pushing him to the exit brisk walking. Behind them, a young man dashed out from the side of the column in the corridor. He looked at silence stood up to the ashes of the Church, and take papayawhip self balancing scooter a look at the two lines gradually farther back, expression complex, pensive. C City Normal University, Library. Yue Xiaohui out from the bathroom, while Shuaizhuo the hands of the water, while walking to the reading room. After a square table, her peripheral vision seems to capture what, and turn back, staring at the table a shoulder bag look up. After the backpack is next to the cup. Yue Xiaohui raised his head, in the reading room glanced around, turned and walked out. Continuous view of a few reading room, she was looking for that person is still missing. Yue Xiaohui standing in the top floor of the corridor, papayawhip self balancing scooter thought, again looking to the roof leading to the door. She went up the steps, tried to push the door, the door is empty. Yue Xiaohui opened the door, a wide roof rooftop in front. A boy turned to her, standing on the rooftop fence, as if looking downstairs. So you are here Yue Xiaohui heart of a.

Papayawhip Self Balancing Scooter ot ask why the Du Shou help. The key moment, or old folks are reliable. Luo Shaohua no time more emotion, patted into the shoulder Du, thanks to the sentence, ran into the park. Luo Ying s cell phone has been shut down, but still can determine its approximate location through technical means. Then, there are three possibilities, one phone Lin Guodong body, the second is in the Luo Ying body, the third has been Lin Guodong discarded elsewhere. The first possibility can be ruled out basically, because Idaho self balancing scooter the phone is positioned, the position has not changed. Lin Guodong can not stay in place such as Luo Shaohua come to the door. Therefore, the latter two possibilities are relatively large. Luo Shaohua more inclined to the second possibility, because just from Lin Guodong and Luo Shaohua call situation, it seems that he lives in an open outdoor space. Bayi Park self balancing motorcycle is indeed in line with this feature. Moreover, Luo Ying is also likely to be in the park, papayawhip self balancing scooter because if she is outside the park, should soon be found. Zhang Zhenliang they apparently also thought of this, so the first choice in the park search. But, Luo Ying even if found, will be alive Luo Shaohua not dare to think more, open the fla.on the board, a good check, casually check, check I do not care.I die brother injustice, to his vindictive day, Remember to tell me Er Yi, I invite you to drink Du smiled Good. From the farmers market in Chunyang out, has been almost one o clock in the afternoon. Du Cheng Wei Yue and Yue Xiaohui went to a beef noodle shop. When eating, Wei Jiong asked Du police officers, do you think Wang Xu suspect it I do not think he is, he said, and he did not eat much. Wei Jiong nodded I think so, if he is the murderer, should be anxious Xu Mingliang for his crime, that you want to review the case, I think he was very happy. Yes ah. Du into the bag from the pills, swallow on the water, they picked up a facial tissue, wipe the slategray self balancing scooter sweat of his face. Wei Jiong and Yue Xiaohui invariably stopped chopsticks, silently watching him. Du noted that their eyes, feel a little embarrassed to come up with Napal information. Besides, the taste is not right. Well. Wei Jiong look at Yue Xiaohui, He does not seem to care about Xiao Hui. Yue Xiaohui hanging eyelids, there is no sound. I am not talking about this. Du turned to look at the information, Wang Xu was to sell fish, and will certainly be covered with fish.

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