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Pennsylvania Self Balancing Scooter retched out her hands rather than the shape of a cylinder, there are two large chimneys across from my house. Out of the window Yes, smoke, nothing can not see. Elderly woman tilted his head, staring at the window of lead gray sky, Ming liang often sitting on the bed, facing the two chimneys daze, do not know what good of. Du Cheng nodded, around the end of the bed, pull out the chair, sitting at the desk, quietly looking at a photo frame on the table. That is Georgia self balancing scooter Xu Mingliang and the family van van photo. Xu Mingliang wearing dark green half sleeved shirt, blue jeans, a hand on the waist, the other hand to the door, his face is both shy and excited expression. This van is Xu Mingliang confession in the murder scene. He said that the grounds of free riding to lure the victim on the train, while it is not spare hammer slammed the victim s head, the car opened to secluded place, the rape and murder and divided into Pennsylvania self balancing scooter dead bodies. Wrapped in black plastic bags body pieces, the traffic to the city scattered around. That makes sense. The black plastic bags were the same as those used by Xu s meat stalls. Van Van was usually used to transport pork, parcels body pieces mixed with pig hair is als.e topic of privacy, the administrator Pennsylvania self balancing scooter looked up and looked Pennsylvania self balancing scooter at Wei Jiong, got out of the archives. Wei Jiong initially also feel funny, but he soon realized that the opportunity came. He immediately got up, sandwiched files to the file rack behind the trot, walked with nervous planning from the file display of the law, a shelf Pennsylvania self balancing scooter can probably go home four years or so files, then Xu Mingliang murder case Of the file to at least five file racks after he must seize the time. Crossed between the two rows of archives, his eyes glimpse lime self balancing scooter of a man sitting in another column table, is flipping the files, want to just come from his crashed sound. In a hurry, Wei Jiong only saw the man s gray hair, bloated body and gray black and white down jacket. He had no time to give too much attention to men, but do not expect the other side after exposing their behavior. Went to the fifth file rack, Wei Jiong looked up at the index card 1994 1999 punishment. His heart a hi, hurriedly rushed to the sixth file rack before, really South self balancing scooter 1989 1993 punishment. He rushed to the iron rack, starting out from the top of a file, look directly to the case. An Jiarong intentional injury death case. Wei Jiong hastily back to t.

erdict to Xu Mingliang was executed, there is always Pennsylvania self balancing scooter a man in the running for his injustice. However, the strength self balancing scooter of the individual is insignificant, even if he is a part of the machine, in the face of a mechanically rigid judiciary. This person is Du Cheng. He insisted that it was a wrong case. To this end, the Du and had been as close as brothers, Ma Jian and others against each other. Board can not accept this is a high degree of praise of the iron case there are any flaws. In the repeated trade offs, Du Cheng was transferred from the original post, went to the province of a more remote county, was transferred back in 1993. I was in F City. Du into the thought, how Zhang Zhen Liang from the carry bag and took out a portfolio, and handed Du into. I did not guess wrong. Zhang Zhenliang look solemn, Since you have to do, then you should look at this. You fuck even told me to hide the goods Du Cheng Xiao Xiao Road. However, he saw the expression of Zhang Zhenliang, realized that this is not a joke. Portfolio is still a criminal case file. Du turned to see the first few, his face suddenly changed, the faster the faster Pennsylvania self balancing scooter turn the hand. Shock beam, Du into the file, tightly staring at t.ffice. In the retired office, Du into the 11.9 murder case of the victim Zhang Lan s husband Wen Jianliang has retired two years ago, residence is unknown, but can find his cell phone number. Du into the number copied in Notepad, thanks Pennsylvania self balancing scooter to leave. In the factory on the roadside stalls, Du Cheng bought a hand grasping cake. He sat in the car, eating a big mouth, while dialing the Wen Jianliang phone number. A few seconds later, a deep male voice in the handset said Hey Hello. Du swallowed the mouth of the food, is Mr. Wen Jianliang it It s me, are you My name is Du Cheng, Tie two wheel electric self balancing scooter East Branch. Wen Jianliang voice some hesitation, You are the police Correct. Do you have anything I want to find out about you. What is the situation Wen Jianliang asked again, Which aspect It s not business. It s my personal desire to talk to you. That lightseagreen self balancing scooter s not necessary. Wen plum self balancing scooter Jianliang immediately rejected, I do not know you, nothing to talk about. It s about your wife, he said, I m one of the people who handled the case. Well Pennsylvania self balancing scooter Wen Jianliang obviously feel very surprised, you want to talk about Can you see a face Wen Jianliang hesitated for a long time, finally said Well. Du into a sigh of relief, with the neck gri.ected. Du put down the cover of the paper kraft paper, reach for cigarettes. Dusty fingers and light can be rubbing the table with the people, issued a slight rustling sound. He rubbed his hand so sneakily on the body that he had a cigarette. The young archivist had a cough, got up from the seat and opened the window. Cold wind pouring in, the files placed on the table was blown crash. Female administrator of the body shiver a bit. Du into seeing, hastened to put out cigarettes, again and again after Pennsylvania self balancing scooter the apology from the archives. Came to the corridor, Du into the thought, heel to the Interpol Brigade Office. Pennsylvania self balancing scooter Zhang Zhen Liang is sitting at the desk to Pennsylvania self balancing scooter eat instant noodles, see Du into, hastened to get up and say hello Master when you come, eat it No, Du put the bag on the table, give me a bubble. How can you eat this. Zhang Zhenliang picked up his coat, go, we Yeliang out to eat a little good. Do not have to. Du into a chair sitting on the back, then the cigarette lit, instant noodles on the line Pennsylvania self balancing scooter to talk to you. Ten minutes later, an old and a little two men sitting at the table, head to meet, big mouth swallowing the hot noodles. After eating, Zhang Zhenliang pick up the barrel, Du.

Pennsylvania Self Balancing Scooter ly a pair of gloves from top to bottom, almost undisturbed Lin Guodong quietly through the living room, carefully fell on the door, listening to the movement outside the door. Xu Mingliang knocked a few times after the door, no longer speak. After a burst Pennsylvania self balancing scooter of rustling sound, he heard his footsteps in the corridor gradually disappeared. It seems he has left and left something at the door. Lin Guodong leans over the door mirror, the corridor has been empty. He opened the door and looked at the ground floor a bulging black plastic bag at the door. Lin Guodong probe hand to carry the plastic bag, quickly lock the door. Plastic bag is quite heavy, probably is sent by Xu Mingliang pork. Opened a look, is really split into small pieces of ribs. He liked the boy very much. Although introverted, inarticulate, but very polite, but also willing to say something and their own heart. Supplementary fees are paid on time every month, but also often send some pork over to express gratitude. More importantly, they have a similar experience the father died early, the mothers have their own other loved ones. But, Xu Mingliang s mother also know to avoid the child, and his mother, and the man living in.Wei Jiong with body shaking gently swinging the body, on the knees of the black plastic shopping bags issued rushing friction. Old Ji in looking forward to these two cigarettes Do not know why, Wei Jiong think of smart self balancing scooter amazon these, the mind is the emergence of a group antiquewith self balancing scooter of cats toward the cat. Today s volunteer service is to Pennsylvania self balancing scooter clean up the nursing home. The ponytail girl divided the work for the volunteers. Girls are mainly responsible for wiping tables and chairs, windows and the like, the boys were assigned to do some physical work, such as mopping the floor, garbage collection. Wei Jiong and several other boys are responsible for cleaning the ground floor. After receiving the mop, he did not rush to work, but went to Ji Qiankun s room. Indoor still bright and clean, sunny. Care workers Zhang Haisheng is rubbing, Ji Qiankun is the same as the last, sitting at the window reading. See Wei Jiong came, the old Ji smiled at him, took off his glasses. You came Wei. Wei Jiong looked Ji Qiankun, his mouth a little dry, he picked up the plastic bag, Uncle Ji, this is what you want. The last time is not to say it, call me old on the line. Ji Qiankun reach out, I look. Wei Jiong handed the plastic shopping.

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